By Nancy Slave

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My fingers fumble as I unbutton my shirt ... looking down at the valley between my breasts I admire how good they look. My mind faintly imagining a cock sliding between them. Throwing my shirt to the corner I quickly work to remove my bra ... sliding out of my panties ... eager to start my assignment for my Master. The coolness of the bedroom on my skin... my hands absent-mindedly run over my hips ... up my sides ... cupping my breasts. I walk over to my dresser and remove my collar from the drawer ... fastening it around my neck ... feeling the coolness of the metal ... reminding me of my Master and how much I want to please him.

Lighting a candle and placing it on my bureau I wonder at the sight of the flame reminds me of the hot wax. A soft smile spreads over my face as I pull out the necessary toys from the drawer and lay them on the foot of my bed. My nipple clamps, a large butt plug, lubricant, and my variable speed bullet vibrator attached to a heavy cock shaped vibrator. Pausing to think for a moment I retrieve a long silk scarf from my lingerie drawer. Satisfied that I had located everything I would need I turn off the overhead lights and work with only the candlelight as instructed.

I take in a deep breath ... feeling how excited my body is at the very thought of what I am about to do. Running my fingers between the lips of my pussy ... softly parting the swollen lips ... feeling the moisture already collecting there I bend over the edge of the bed, pick up the tube of lubricant and coat my finger. I reach between my legs and circle the tight puckered ring of my ass with the lubricant and slowly press my finger into my hole. Applying more lubricant I work two fingers into my ass ... swirling them inside, working them in and out... pressing against the tight muscles ... working to relax them ... stretching ... swirling with my fingers ... enjoying the sensations. Reaching over I pick up the large butt plug ... generously coating it with lubricant I press the plug against my ass enjoying the coolness of the plastic on my hot skin.

Slowly and cautiously I pressing the plug into my ass ... working it a little way in ... anxious from the size and width of the plug ... pulling it back out as my muscles began to hurt from stretching. Fucking my ass with the plug ... each time pressing it a little deeper ... holding it there a little longer. Every nerve in my body focused on my ass ... experiencing every sensation ... the pain ... the delight ... the pleasure as the plug stretches my ass further. I glow in the pleasure as the plug moves in and out of my sensitive asshole.

My fingers brushes against the cheeks of my ass as the plug is almost all the way in. Taking in one deep breath ... pressing the last bit of the plastic cock into my ass ... feeling as the widest part of the plug as it moves past the tight ring and holds deep. I let out that breath and slowly stand up. I clench my ass muscles tight to hold the plug as I get accustomed to the feeling of fullness in my ass, which excites my entire body. The plug shifts inside me as I move and the heat from my pussy is intense. I can already feel my juices on my thighs ... my odor mixing with the scent of the candles that fill my bedroom.

I reach out for my clamps as I run my finger around my nipple easily teasing the hard tip. Carefully I open the clamp and place it on one nipple ... taking in a deep breath ... biting my lip as the clamp digs in ... then ... repeating the process for my other nipple. My nipples sting with the pain but the feeling of warmth spreads directly to my clit. My cunt aches to be touched. My ass clenches the plug ... the muscles adjusted to the size ... allowing me to enjoy the fullness ... the pressure. I adjusted the clamps slowly until I can no long stand any more pain. Satisfied with the results ... so far ... my body is aroused ... ready to complete my assignment.

I pick up the vibrator and hang the heavy cock shaped part over the chain, which I have connected to the clamps. Slowly I release the weight and breath in as the pain, caused in my nipples, accelerates. A very intense pain ... demanding my attention as my nipples ache ... sting ... burn. "OOOhhh", I whisper, feeling that I have just the right amount of weight on the chain.

I pick up the vibrator and pressed it against my clit ... the vibrator feels cold against my hot ... swollen clit. I pick up the scarf and tie it so that it holds the bullet tight against my clit. The fast lunge for the scarf causes the weight to swing on my clamps ... intensifying the pain ... the pleasure ... once again. I reminded myself to move more carefully ... slowly as I finally finish preparing myself properly.

I turn on the vibrator to the low setting as instructed, jumping at the intensity, of even the lowest setting, has on my well primed body. Slowly I adjust the speed as I relax into the pleasant hum of the vibrator, which sends heat and pleasure through my pussy. I drop my arms to my sides and look up at the ceiling. I can feel the stretching of my nipples as I arch my body.

"MmMMmm", I whisper, concentrating on the pleasure from the vibrator, letting my body relax. Each time my body really relaxes and I feel the intense sensations of a building orgasm. I feel the plug move slightly in my ass forcing me to concentrate on my mission as my orgasm move further away. The pain in my nipples peaks and diminishes with a cycle of their own. Struggling to keep my ass tight and my pussy relaxed I allow myself to cum. My body sways with each cycle of the swinging weight and pulling clamps. My skin becomes covered in a soft sweat as the combination of sensations racks my body. My breathing grows rapid and my tits swell with every breath.

Concentrating hard on my ass ... my clit ... my tits as I move the vibrator, which works my body into a frenzy. Each time I get a little closer to climax the sensations grow more intense. My toes start to curl ... my legs begin to shake under me ... I am looking up to the ceiling ... watching the candles flicker ... my nipples feel intense pain from the movements of my body ... but ... I cannot stop. I want to cum ... I need to cum ... now ... "Ohhhh ... yesssssss", I scream ... " ... I am cumming!"

My body jerks violently with the spasms ... each one stronger as the bullet humms ... driving me further ... faster ... harder.

"Ohhhh ... Yesssssssssss."

Six ... seven hard spasms in my hot cunt ... my ass ... my muscles clench the plug ... pulling it deeper ... tighter. My pussy clenches and relaxes hard enough to shake my body ... fourteen ... fifteen spasms of my orgasm.

My hands tense and shake as I reach for the control of the vibrator ... sixteen ... "OOHhhh", I moan ... so intense ... my body writhes ... I am unable to stand anymore ... I turn the vibrator off ... quickly remove the clamps ... touch my sore ... tender nipples ... seventeen ... eighteen ... finally the intensity diminishes and I regain my breath.

The last bolt of pain as the blood returns to each nipple sends me into convulsions as a deep sigh escapes my lips as I finally control the pain . I bend over the bed ... slowly I pull the plug from my ass ... my body feels empty ... drained ... alone ... as I lie down on the bed to think of my Master. I want to thank him for filling my body with such intensity ... suck complex sensations.

I want to thank him for ultimately showing me incredible pleasure.

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