"The Wonders of Ice"

By Mistress Of The Lair

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What would you do if?

I made you lay down, in all your naked glory, then I tie each of your wrists to the bed, so you cannot touch me. Then I walk into the kitchen, and come back with a bowl full of ice. I set the ice down on the floor, and then I pick up a piece of ice and show it to you. As I gaze deeply into your eyes, you see me stick my tongue out and lightly lick the piece of ice, until it is nice and wet and starting to melt.

As it melts I take the cube of ice and run it around my nipples and then I bend my head down to lightly lick the water trails. The coldness of the ice makes my nipples stand out nice and erect. I am standing so you can see my every move, every flick of my tongue, my teeth closing over my nipples lightly biting, then I turn towards you and gaze deeply into your eyes, which are begging for release.

I start walking towards you. As I reach the bed you notice that I reach down and get some more ice. This time I place the ice against your lips where I make you lick on it and suck on it for a split second. Then I take the ice from your questing lips, and make a trail from your lips to your male nipples, where I bend my head down to flick my tongue along with the ice over your erect nipples. Hearing you moan in pleasure I swiftly bite one of your nipples.

I bite them just enough to remind you who is in charge here. After you control your moans, I continue on with the ice down to your belly button. At your belly button I dip the ice in and out quickly, and follow likewise with my tongue. I can feel your stomach muscles tighten as my fingers and the ice move across them. Noticing that the ice is almost melted, I place the small piece into your mouth so that you can taste the cool, melting liquid.

As you suck slowly on that piece of ice you try to forget the burning desire pulsating in your hard cock. You and I both can see it standing at attention, begging to be touched, and stroked. Wanting release from this sweet agony I reach down and grab some more ice. I can see your cock bobbing in anticipation of what you hope comes next. Once again I bring the piece of ice to your lips, and before you can open your mouth I pull back and you feel me shift my weight on the bed.

Now you notice that I am once again even with your face. As I gaze deeply into your eyes, I place the ice between my lips, and hold the other half as an offer to you. Just as your lips close around the cube, you feel my lips move to meet yours. As you gasp in astonishment, I make my move to place the cube between both of our lips, and I allow my tongue to caress yours around the piece of ice creating an exciting mix of cold, yet hot.

As our two tongues mesh and mingle together you can feel my hands slide down your chest. You feel my nails lightly trace every contour found on your chest and stomach. As the ice melts in our mouth, I get up off the bed, and reach down for more. This time I place the cube in your mouth, and let you suck it. Then I trail the ice back down your chest, to your stomach, while my tongue licks not far behind the piece of ice.

This trip south I don't stop at any scenic routes. The ice and my tongue are headed on a one way trip. But ... I don't stop at your bobbing cock. First; I pass right over it to your balls. Once at your balls, I run the ice over them, while my nails follow lightly behind. By now I can feel you trembling, and I hear your soft moans that you are trying desperately to conceal. As I let my nails and the ice, tease you gently, I allow my tongue to caress the inside of your thighs.

I leave no spot untouched by my tongue. Then ever so slowly you can feel my hands lift your hips. You hear me whisper, more to myself then to anyone else, "Ah yes, there it is!" As you wonder what I am about to do next, you feel my tongue flicking out to lick the drops of water that the ice is leaving behind. You feel my tongue as it continues to move farther south.

I hear your audible sigh as you feel my tongue reach its destination ... your asshole. Fervently my tongue licks and laps at your asshole. You can feel me push my tongue in and out in quick motions. I can feel you pushing your hips down to my face, as my tongue attacks your asshole. I grab your hips to hold you still, so that I can tantalize you even more. Suddenly I stop. You wonder what I am going to do next. But ... you don't have long to wait.

You hear the last of the cubes being placed into my mouth. You hear the soft crunching of the ice between my teeth and you wonder if I am going to swallow it all. By now I have the ice to a slushy consistency, and to give you a taste of what it is like, I place my lips on yours and feed you a small amount. You notice that the ice is not sharp, and that there are chunks still there, but not overly big chunks.

Then with my eyes holding your eyes captive, I lower my head to your cock, and this time, you know that you are finally going to get that release you have been wanting ... needing. Or ... are you? Very carefully I let a small amount of the slushy ice trickle out of my mouth onto your cock making it spring to painful attention. Finally you see my head descend towards the tip of your cock.

As my mouth closes over the head of your cock, you feel my hands reach out and grasp you're your hips, to keep you from bucking me off of you. I hear your sharp intake of breath as the icy yet hot mixtures and sensations overwhelm you. Ever so slowly I let my lips slide down your prick's full length. Engulfing all of you in a cold yet hot sheath. Ever so slowly, I allow my head to move back up towards the tip of your cock, and back down again.

As soon as I get the feel of the motions, I am able to move my head at a faster pace, without having to worry about losing the melting ice. As the ice melts I swallow the water along with your rich pre-cum as I increase the speed a little more. I hear your moans, they are louder this time, and you have stopped trying to conceal them. I have stopped caring if you conceal them or not since my main concern is making you cum.

As my head moves in it's bobbing up and down rhythm, my left hand grabs your cock and lightly strokes it to match the pace set by my mouth. My right hand reaches up and pulls the bonds free that are holding your arms captive. As my right hand reaches down to cup your balls, I feel your hands cradling my head against your groin, and your hips moving in time with my mouth.

I eventually allow your thrusting to take over and I let you fuck my mouth at your own rhythm, which by this time is a frenzied pace. But ... I don't mind at all. In fat, I love it when you get so worked up that you have to have a frenzied pace to make yourself cum.

Finally I feel that the time is arriving. I can feel your cock expand and swell one last time. I feel your hands move to their favorite position, round my neck so that you can feel my every breath, my every move, and my every swallow. I feel your body going tense, hear your labored breathing, your hips slowing down as if you cannot move another muscle.

This is where I come into play again. As I feel your salty-sweet nectar pouring forth into my mouth, my tongue is busy, running circles around the head of your cock. I can feel the muscles as they push out your life force into the back of my mouth and down my throat. Your hands can feel my throat expand and restrict as I swallow every precious drop.

Then I use my tongue to clean off your now drained cock.

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