Iced Strawberries

By: TDeeZ and Zena

Hello, my name is TdeeZ ... My lady, Zena, and I met and fell in love at TalkSex. In that room, we had a chance to share our fantasies as others watched. We would like to do the same for you, our readers. Please enjoy the fruits of our imagination. May it spark your own thoughts and experiences. By the way ... Zena is the one with the writing talent. I am just twisted.

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I am awakened from my daydream by the sound of the front door closing. You worked late tonight and the extra hours had been spent thinking of you ... the ways to please your mind and body ... and my own.

I had deliberately refrained from physically touching my body, preferring instead to caress my flesh with my imagination. In the past few hours, you made love to me in my mind a dozen times, in a dozen ways. Each time my orgasm was deeper ... more intense ... as if building to the moment when one living touch .. your touch .. would cause my body to shatter with a pleasure too great to bear.

"I'm upstairs in the bathroom", I yell, " ... come up!" I smile to myself, surveying the stage I had set for my next and most vivid fantasy.

I listen to the sound of your steps on the stairs ... the sound of your shoes hitting the floor as you kick them off ... the door to the bathroom is flung open ... you stride in ... you stop dead still ... looking around the room when a sudden wicked grin breaks out on your face.

The lights are off in the room, but lit candles are everywhere, casting a soft, warm glow. Our large whirlpool tub is swirling with warm water ... and beside the tub is an open bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice. A plate of sliced chicken anda bowl of ripe strawberries are on the edge of the tub. I motion you to join me as I recline against the edge, water beading on my well-rounded breasts which glisten in the candlelight.

You step into the water, your already erect cock bouncing as you settle yourself against the opposite end of the tub. I pour you a glass of champagne.

"What's the occasion ... Z", you ask? "Our anniversary is the 11th, isn't it?"

"I just missed you", I whisper, looking at you from under my lashes as I sip my own glass of sparkeling wine.

"Last time you missed me this much, I cybered bowlegged for a week", you say laughing.

As I watch you take a bite of chicken, I inch my foot up your leg and begin to press the arch of my foot against your tightening balls. Moving my foot in circles, I begin kneading them, pressing lightly at first ... then more firmly ... then using a lighter touch again. You squirm as your swollen cock hardens. I lay back and look at you, feeling the moisture begin to gather in my pussy at the sight of your hard prick which breaks the surface of the water and making its way to your belly button.

Unable to resist, I lean over in the tub and begin to crawl up your body ... my breasts swaying as I move ... my long nipples already stiff and ridgid. I move up your body until I can reach your mouth with my lips as I sit, straddling your lap. I touch my tongue to your lips ... tasting champagne and chicken.

"Mmmmmmmm ... baby ... are you going to share", I question?

"I will share dessert, my love", you say softly, reaching over to pluck a single ripe strawberry from the bowl. you teasingly hold the berry next to mty lips as you whisper, " ... but you forgot the cream ... baby."

You put your hand on my waist and motion for me to raise up on my knees. I gasp as you rub the strawberry back and forth between my labia and pop it into your mouth. My body trembles at your long awaited touch. You chuckle ... whispering ... "Much better with cream!"

I reach over and grasp an especially ripe berry and raise it slowly to my mouth ... bite the very tip off ... allowing its juices to linger on my lips. Then, smiling wickedly, I rub the juicy berry across the top of your tumid cock ... lean down ... crush the berry against your purple cockhead with my tongue. As the luscious red pulp threatens to run down your shaft, I rub your stiff cock against the sore nipple of my breast ... then I lower ... I lick your prick helmet clean and suck it gently to make sure I don't miss a drop.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, you're right... much better with cream!"

"Ohhhh, that worked", you groan as your cock twitches in my hands ... your need for my touch building.

You reach over for another berry ... bite the end as I did ... and slowly begin to rub the juices on the aureoles of my full, aching breasts. As a drop forms on the end of my nipple, you lean over to catch it with your tongue before it falls into the swirling water. Opening your mouth wide to take as much as you can as you suckle at my breasts ... alternately blowing hot, moist air on my nipples and flicking one with your tongue while fanning the other hard nubbin with your fingertips.

"T, I want you", I moan, as I grab the back of your head to pull you closer ... my body melting into yours.

"This water's getting cold ... time for bed", you whisper ... grabbing the ice bucket ... the champagne as you take my hand to lead me to the bedroom. Still dripping wet I lay on the bed and watch as you pour another glass of champagne ... raise it to your lips ... take a sip ... look at me ... my legs spread wide on the bed ... auburn hair fanned out above me ... grinning wickedly I toung the strawberry still in my mouth. "Would you like some more ... baby?"

I nod my head as my eyes stray to your magnificent cock ... "Yes ... but there is something else that I would like even more!"

"All in due time ... my love ... but first ... a toast to friends, lovers and guests!" You lift the champagne and shake it vigorously ... holding your thumb over the end the bottle ... parting my labia with the bottle ... inserting the end. As you lean over to kiss my lips you release your thumb and the champagne explodes inside my pussy ... dusching me with foaming bubbly intoxicant. I moan as I feel the cold gush of liquid hitting my womb ... splashing against the walls of my vagina. I grab the sheets in my hands to keep from screaming.

"And most of all ... a toast to us", you whisper as you plunge your cock in my wet pussy ... groaning with pleasure as you feel the tingle of the bubbles against the head of your shaft. I wrap my legs around you ... you pump fast and hard inside me ... already we are on the verge of cumming.

I cry out with pleasure as I feel the familiar touch of your cock. My pussy contracts around your stiff member, squeezing the champagne. I can feel the bubbles flowing between my legs ... dripping down to tickle my ass. Unable to hold back, I scream with the overload of sensations ... my body trembling with the force of my orgasm.

You grab my legs, put them over your shoulders, and continue pumping deep into my pussy .. your breathing and the tightening of your balls telling me you are ready to explode. Leaning over to the bucket I grasp a few cubes of ice. Reaching down between us I begin to rub them on your balls. You curse in my ear ... then moan .. then sigh ... your movements slowing down.

"I will get you for that", you declare, laughing softly. as you pull out and move down to plant your open mouth on my pussy. You suck my engorged clit between your and press it against the roof of your mouth.

"Ahhhhhhhh, God, that feels good ... more ... I want more", I cry as you flick at my clit with your tongue.

"Want it bad, baby", You ask, looking up from between my legs? "How bad? Bad enough to beg?"

"Yes, " I grind out as I arch into your mouth.

"If you want more ... turn over."

I roll over and you grab a couple of pillows, placing them under my stomach ... my knees pulled up and touching my breasts ... hips high ... ass hole open. You press your thumb against my anal ring ... and press harder ... until ... it reluctantly gives way and you slide inside.

"Still want it, baby", you ask, pushing another finger into my ass ... turning your hand over ... reeming the tender flesh twisting your fingers in my butt ... relaxing the clenched circular muscles at the opening.

"Yessss", I answer as I buck against you and feel your cockhead pressed against my brown hole. "Yesssssss ... Please ... Yes."

Holding my hips with one hand, your stiff cock plunges into my anus to the hilt. At the same instant you press a cube of ice to my clit. I scream and buck with shock, pain and pleasure ... My orgasm is instantaneous. My world explodes into tiny crystal shards as I fall limply to the bed.

You follow me immediately ... exploding in passion ... shooting a huge load of hot cum inside my ass. As your shouts of pleasure subside, you collapse on top of my spent body.

You wrap your arms around me ... kissing my shoulder ... tracing the edges of my ear with the tip of your tongue. "Working late every day this week", you whisper? "Gonna miss me?"

I smile to myself ... "Mmm ... hmmm ... already planning tomorrow night's fantasy."

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