How to Write a Fucking Story!

By Mistress Monica

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I'm up early and Dungeonmaster is still asleep. I tie him gently but securely to the bedposts with velvet ropes. His cock is soft and innocent so I gently stroke his prick until it is hard.

He wakes up, confused, realizing he is restrained. "Hello ... Master ... ", I whispers as I brush my mouth back and forth over his lips. He responds to my kiss by sticking his tongue in my mouth. I suck it gently as I pull away, dangling my tit ring in his face. I let him lick and suck my nipple ring. A deep tickle begins to run up inside my pussy and my juices begin to moisten my cunt-lips ... I pull my tit away as he holds my ring between his teeth. My nipple stretches as I pull against his hold. Then, I let him suck it back in as I watch his cock get harder.

"Let me up so I can fuck you", he whispers softly, pulling at the restraints.

"Not a chance", I say, I pull my nipple from his mouth and bite my way over his body until my dripping pussy is just over his mouth. He raises his head but I keep my cunt out of reach as I stick my fingers inside my wet hole. I fingers fuck my juicy pussy, playing with the rings. "OOOWW", I whimper, as I cum for the first time ... I cum soooo easily ... my cum is running over my rings and drips into his mouth. His tongue, trying to reach me, sticks straight up like a cock as I lick his balls before I slide my tongue up and down his cock.

Slowly I lower my swollen pussy until he is fucking me with his tongue ... "Oh, God", he says, "untie me ... let me up. Let me at you ... Slave!"

"All in good time ... sweet ... man", I whisper, looking down at his cum drenched mouth as I suck his cock deep into my throat. My head bobs as I lip-fuck his stiff prick. He reaches with his tongue toward my moving cunt without success.

"Monica ... Damnit ... you are in fucking trouble. I am going to fuck ... you ... slave bitch ... fuck you ... so hard", he yells. The thought of Dungeonmaster's cock ravaging my pussy while his tongue licks my clit drives me over the edge as I orgasm for the second time. Cum runs from my cunt and drips into his mouth.

"You want Monica's pussy", I whisper, moving so that his prick slides over my cunt rings. "You wanna fuck me ... AH!"

"YES ... ", he screams, " I'm gunna fuck you ... untie me ... or else!"

"Or else ... WHAT", I whisper, allowing the head of his cock to feel the steel pussy rings as I slip just out of his thrust. "What'll you do ... that I don't want you to do ... AH ... ?"

"You'll see", my Master yells, pulling wildly at the ropes and screaming ribbons of fuck words into the air.

I am getting a little scared as he pulls and thrashes. I know the ropes aren't very strong so I decide that letting his go is better than his breaking loose. I lower my cunt over his cock as I reach down and untie his ankles. With his feet free and his cock inside my Master quiets a little. I pump up and down on his stiff prick as I playfully I turn around without removing his cock. Dungeonmaster raises his hips as I reach out and pull the slipknots holding his wrists.

"Your wish is my command ... Master", I whisper as he throws me over, ramming his cock into my wet cunt making me cry and scream with pleasure.

"I should hang you by your rings", Dungeonmaster yells, "You want that?"

"When you're finished", I answer. receiving his thrusting cock as I orgasm for the third and forth time. "God ... I love it when you're mad."

Dungeonmaster pulls his cock out, turns me over and pushes me forward until I am kneeling with my head against the wall. "You deserve this", he says, as he works his slippery cock into my ass. He sticks his fingers in my pussy rings and pulls me to him as he reams my ass. "Anal Sex", He yells as he rams in and out, pulling on my rings as my cunt-lips stretch.

"YES ... FUCK ... ME ... ", I yell, pushing against the wall as his balls flap under my cunt and he bottoms in my asshole. He fucks harder and harder as he stretches my cunt-lips, holding me as his cock pushes deep inside.

"God ... it hurts", I yell, but it hurt so exquisitely that I reach back and grab his ass, my forehead against the wall. "Fuck me harder", I scream as I gasp, trying to catch my breath. "YES ... FUCK ... fuck me until I disappear." My eyes roll back in my head and I see nothing but black ...

Dungeonmaster flexes as he cums in my ass. I reach between my legs, holding his wrists as I cum for another glorious time and we both slowly fall to the side. His cock slips from my ass and I roll over, kissing my way down his body until I slowly take his soft member into my mouth. I suck slowly, drawing his limp prick down my throat until I feel life in the old cock. My Master starts growing as my lips suck his cum from the tip. His hips start to move as he stiffens inside my mouth, pushing into my throat. I pull away and his cock flips up as it leaves my lips.

"You should be ashamed of yourself ... ", I whisper, " ... fucking me like that. You should be ... ashamed ... but ... would you do it again? ... fuck my ass ... again."

Dungeonmaster reaches for me but I jump from the bed, laughing as I run into the other room.

Our home computer is set up by the couch in front of the TV on the table. I like to type as I watch a show or video because that's when I get ideas. I get to the back of the couch and lean over as Dungeonmaster catches me. I reach forward, placing my fingers on the keyboard and I start to type my story.

Here I am, leaning over the couch, typing away, as Dungeonmaster closes in on my ass. My fingers dance on the keys as he pushes his now stiff cock into my butt-hole.

I type as he pushes his cock in slow rhythm. Typing ... fucking ... creaming ... thinking ...

"Fuck ... I missed a stroke", I yell ... punching keys as I type the notes for this story.

I didn't get much done ... just an outline of my thoughts.

I did, however, get a good fuck.

I hope you did too!

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