By Mike Apthorp

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I got home from work early and left a note on the kitchen table:

My Dearest:

Go to the bathroom and open the door. As you do you can smell the
scent of peach as you walk in the bathroom there are six peach scented
candles burning and a chilled bottle of wine. There is a glass just
for you and the hot bath is filled with peach scent bubble bath."

The note continues:

Take your time. Tonight is your night. After you get out of the tub,
go to the bedroom. As you enter the bedroom there will be more lit
candles and I will have the soft music playing. I will be sitting on
the bed with nothing on. I will motion you to the bed. I will lay you
down and pour massage oil on your back, rub your butt, your thighs,
your tits and your whole body. Not missing a spot, I will start to
do your inner thigh and you will start to moan. I will rub your
tender pussy lips, your clit, your ass and you will be wet down there
because you will have fingered yourself in the tub and I made my self
cum at least two times. I am waiting to suck on your cum soaked pussy!"

I left the note, undressed, showered and put on some of her favorite cologne. I lay down on the bed and drifted off to sleep:

I awoke to as your hands softly traced the outline of my back muscles.

I kiss your neck very softly and rub your nipples. They are so hard, as my tongue dances with your tongue and you smell so good as I am kissing you. You reach out and grab my hard cock and start to play, making me even harder. "Oh ... baby ... I am so hard right now", I think as I start to lick and suck on your nipples. I am rubbing your pussy, making you so wet. You moan at the feel of my fingers on you clit and my lips around your nipples. You are squirming so much and you beg for me to eat you. So, I get between your legs and start to lick your thighs, I run my lips softly over your wet cunt and then I stick my tongue deep in your pussy. Flicking my tongue in and out of your cunt as you are so wet, so hot and you taste so good. You cum several times as I am licking your clit.

I slide two finger in your pussy as I bite your clit hard and long. "Oh", you whimper as you start to moan louder and louder as I flick across your hard clit. You beg me to fuck you so I tell you to get on all fours as I slap your ass. You reach behind and, grabbing your ass, you spread your cunt and I slide my cock into you from behind and fuck you doggy style. You are so wet, yet, so tight. "Oh ... God you feel so good", I whisper as I pound you, my balls slap against your ass. I can feel your juices mixing with mine as I pound you harder and harder. You cum again and again you beg to let you ride me. So, I lie on my back and you slide right on top of my cock and start riding me hard and fast. Griping my cock and never letting go, you ride me like a bronco.

"Oh ... God ... if you keep this up I am going to fill you with my hot cum", I whisper as you bounce on my stiff cock. Your pussy muscles are massaging my prick as you slide up my stiff member and then slam back down on my shaft. "Oh ... God ... I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming ...", I yell as you pump the cum from my cock. Deep inside your lovely pussy ... I cum

We lay there. We hold each other all night ....

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