By Babs Bartelle

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It is late, and you can finally see your destination ahead. Only it looks like there aren't very many lights on. You wonder if you made a wrong turn somewhere, but decide to check before climbing back in the car. As you approach the house, you see a sliding glass door, and it appears that there are a bunch of flickering lights inside. As you start to climb the steps to the door, you look inside and see that the flickering lights are caused by a bunch of candles that surround a hot tub. As you pause, you hear what sounds like water bubbling, and looking inside, you think the hot tub is going.

You realize you must be in the right place, when a feminine voice inside says "Come on in. I have been waiting for you."

So, inside you go .... "If you want your hug and kiss hello, then you will have to come and get them." Needing no second invitation, you strip and climb into the hot tub. As your body adjusts to the warm temperature, you slide across the tub and I lean forward and give you a nice big hug, and a long wet kiss. You wonder just what else do I have planned for this magic weekend. "Please make yourself comfortable", I whisper as you adjust a nozzle so the spray hits your back perfectly and you relax and let the stress of the long drive slowly wash away with the bubbles.

After a few quiet, peaceful moments, you open your eyes to see what I am doing. I have just been sitting across from you with a little smile on my face watching. You ask, "Why the smile?"

"I have been waiting for this moment for a while, and now it is here, so I am enjoying it."

"Oh, so where do we go from here?"

"Where ever you want to ... Baby!"

"Why don't you come over here and join me then, instead of sitting so far away", you answer. I move over so that I am sitting next to you.

"Is this better", I ask.

"Much! Now at least I can touch you." You lean over and kiss me, running your hands up my arms to my shoulders. As I kiss you back, my hands run over your chest, enjoying the silky feel from the water. We slide closer to each other as we deepen our kiss. Our hands don't stay still for very long, as we explore each other, and get to know the feel of each other. You push me back into the corner of the tub, and slide up, so that you are almost lying on top of me. I don't struggle, so you correctly assume that I am enjoying this as much as you are. As we continue to kiss, our hands also continue to explore.

Your hands slowly slide down my arms, and start to massage my breasts. Before long, the nipples have become very hard. You cannot resist playing with them, and you discover that the more you play, and twist them, the shorter my breath gets, and the more I start to twitch, and jerk.

My hands have finally finished playing with your chest, and have found your cock. You are nice and hard, and I can feel you pulsing in my hands.

"Please, I want you", I whisper. You move your hands further down, and find that I am indeed, shaven clean. I spread my legs showing you my present as you softly rub the clean pussy-lips. You also find that I am hotter than the water around me, and am ready for you. You move completely over me, and hesitate ...

"Please, don't stop now", I say.

"What do you want, Babs?"

"Please, I want you inside me."

You tease me for a few minutes, enjoying the look of anticipation on my face. Finally, you cannot stand it anymore, and you slowly start to push your stiff prick into my hot cunt. My hips buck up to meet yours, and you whisper, "Slowly! I want to enjoy this moment." I try and quiet down, but my body is fine tuned and ready to go off.

You have finally pushed your cock as far as you can. You stay there for a minute, and tell me to wait. When you have finally regained some of your control, you slowly start to withdraw. My hips follow you up, and you just grin. "Don't worry, baby. You will get everything your little heart desires. You just have to be patient." And then you pick up the pace. I start to make little sounds deep in my throat, and you can tell that I am about to fall off the edge. You pick up the pace, saying " ... wait for me baby."

The hot water has added to the feeling, and soon we both go over the edge.

"I love feeling you deep inside me", I whisper.

"I love feeling you all around me."

We stay that way until we start to feel a little cold. I suggest getting out, and taking a shower.

"Lead the way", you answer as we grab the towels, and head for the bathroom.

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