By Mike Linton

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I hope this letter finds you as horny as I would like for you to be! I would like to tell you about a wonderful time I had at Kingswood.

My brother was in hospital and I was visiting. One of his other visitors's was a beautiful lady. She walked in the door and I noticed her, as she looked horny, if you know what I mean. Ten seconds later, my cock noticed her too and by the time she reached the bed I had a fat cock that one could knock a building down with. My brother introduced us and I offered her a chair. Her name was Julie, she was thirty-four, a great and a sensual mouth you would like to kiss ... or fuck. When I took her hand as she sat down, touching her nearly blew me away.

My brother had told me about this Julie sometime before and he had said that she hadn't had a fuck for eight years. She sat there, legs crossed, just rubbing her knee, talking and laughing. She caught my eye and when I was looking straight up her legs she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs revealing her skimpy panties. She smiled at me, moistening her lips with the tip of her tongue.

We eventually had to leave as visiting hours were over and I was going to take my brother's wife to a dance that night. Julie and I went for a drink. While we were talking Julie asked if she could join us and, of course, I agreed since I had nothing going with my brother's wife. We all got to the dance and after a few dances and drinks Julie grabbed my cock, rubbed her tits on my arm and asked if I liked eating pussy.

I was surprised, but, I answered, "Yes ... I do!"

"Good", she said, leaving it at that. After the dance I took the two ladies' to my brothers flat and my brother's wife went to bed. Julie and I were alone, she undid her hair and we danced. We held each other close and she kissed me with lots of tongue. As we talked she told me that my brother had said a lot of nice things about me and that she was ready to stop her tenure of sterility. Julie was a little tipsy from the liquor so I undid her dress. I let it fall and we both got naked without breaking the kiss or stopping dancing.

Julie had a nice pussy with not much hair so her pink lips were showing in the soft light. She told me about her X-husband and how he had left her and she didn't go out for a long time and how horny she was so I let her dribble on as I fingered her as we danced. It wasn't long before we sank on the couch and I straddled her, shoving my cock between her soft tits. I love to tit-fuck so I gently held her breasts and slipped my cock between the soft mounds. I twisted her pert nipples as I slid my prick slowly through her tits until I moved forward so that my ample cock was in her mouth. Julie chewed and sucked with much hunger until I turned around and sucked her cunt. Se were in sort of a 69 position, me eating and her sucking, and I got so hot that I blew my load of cum all over her face. She licked up the juice and sucked me hard again as I continued to eat her wet pussy. Julie kissed me all over the chest, stomach, inside my legs and then got on the floor. She was on all fours so I slid my stiff prick into her tight cunt and fucked her doggie style as she walked across the room on her hands and knees. I followed behind her, driving my cock deep into her pussy until she met head on with the couch and could go no further. She half-lay on the couch as I drove deep until she cried, cumming in one tremendous orgasm.

Afterwards we curled up on the floor and slept through the night. In the morning, I was awakened to the feeling of having my fuck horn sucked. When my eyes opened she had mounted me and started to ride my cock like a plunger. We didn't notice that my sister-in-law was standing in the doorway.

"Good Morning", she said as Julie continued humping my stiff cock without missing a beat. Julie kept the rapid pace, rooting her pussy on my cock, until she and I shuddered into a mutual orgasm. Julie stood up and I felt her cum drip from her wet pussy-lips onto my stomach and chest. She then gathered her clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up. I wiped the cum off my chest, wiped off my cock and got dressed.

Julie helped cook breakfast and left. We only fucked once more after than and she went religious.

What a waste.

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