Veronica North is a web site designer and writes wonderful adult stories freelance. She lives on the East Coast and submitted these stories . . . with more to cum . . . we hope.

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Horse Play

By: Veronica North

You step into the darkness of the barn you've just put up for sale and the smell of sweet hay, leather and something more earthy overtakes you. It takes your eyes a few moments to adjust after the mid morning sunshine so you walk seeing with the memory of a thousand visits here and not with your eyes. The horse you are leading whinnies and you smile, telling it to "shush" It has been a hot morning and you are sweaty from your ride and horny from hours of bouncing up and down, your clit rubbing against the inside seam of your jeans. You lead the big stallion into his stall and remove his saddle and bridle, preparing him for a well deserved brush down. His fur is warm to the touch and he smells vaugely of "Main and Tail," a horse shampoo. As you brush him down you become increasingly horny, stoking his firm, taught muscles, now bulging from hard excersize. You consider heading back to the house, climbing between your sheets and making yourself cum but its a 15 minute walk back there and you're already soaking your jeans. The horse seems to sense your frustrated urgency and nuzzles your hand as you brush his forehead. You hurry through the brushing and walk to the barn "office" which is really just a stall that has contains a table, a light and wooden boxes containing first aid supplies for horses and for humans, horse blankets, shampoo, a change of clothes and some other odds and ends. You dig around in the boxes until you find what you're looking for: a large hair brush with an exceptionally friendly handle.

You wriggle out of your tight denims and hop up on the table, cool on your bottom from the shade of the barn. Leaning your back against the rough wooden stall partition you spread you legs wide and finger your clit, letting your eyes close as you rest your head on the wall. You circle it slowly, deliberately avoiding direct contact and enjoy the cool shivers that chase up to your navel and back down again. You are very wet and already it's running down the cleft between your legs and into you bottom. But you aren't one to rush. You take your time, patient with yourself just as you are with the beasts you ride, train and break.

The horse in the next stall has caught a whiff of your sweet aroma and whines, ...jealously, you think to yourself and smile. You decide to share... extending your hand over the top of the partition. The horse licks your fingers as if eating out of your hand. Soon he is licking with long, fervent strokes, almost devouring your entire hand and you decide its time to stop before he bites you. Besides, it isn't in your nature to torture a poor animal.You sit back on the table and the horse eventually gives up his whining pleas and hushes. Using the other hand now, you resume stroking the pink petals of your sex, admiring the way the "dew drops" run slowly down them and into the sensative pink puckerd star in your behind.When the moisture begins to form a puddle on the table you slide the hair brush's accomodating handle a little bit inside you. The bumpy grip sends little shivers up to your nipples and you finger them with your other still wet hand and slide the brush handle in a little further...pull it out....slide it in, ever so gently..pull it out, take it by the wet handle, lean a little to your right and deliver a stinging smack to your delicate bottom. Mmmmmm. The horse trying to nuzzle your neck has drawn back in fright.The handle goes back inside you, a little faster, harder, further this time and comes back out with equal intensity.

You continue to tweak you nipples, harder all the time and grip the brush handle by the brissles, guiding it in and out of the hungry mouth between your thighs.The stallion returns and peers over your shoulder and you brush him away, trying to loose yourself in the ecstasy. You don't want to think about horses.Every muscle in your body, sore, and spent from the ride, just as the horse's were and it's starting to become evident. You lay on your back and toss the brush to the floor, replacing it with two strong fingers, circling them around and around inside you, pushing against the inner walls..then in and out, bucking your hips towards the barn roof....You're so close..just a few more thrusts, you think and you continue bucking wildly..the pre orgasmic ripples are even tearing through your body but you just can't hold out and you collapse, exhausted on the table. Once again, close your eyes and grimace, unfulfilled when suddenly you feel somthing, soft..wet...but firm at your lower lips. Opening your eyes you see the stallion, sniffing, tasting your are about to push his head away when he inserts his tonge and hits just the right spot. You are floored and lay back on the talbe with a thud and a resume bucking and the horse continues his probing, continuing by some magic to stoke the same wonderful center over and over again.Then he does something you never expected...he takes that long, well muscled tongue and thrust it deep inside you, ...instantly pleasure bursts and ripples through you body and you thrust your hips to his muzzle, throwing caution to the winds.....

As you lay there, delirious in your pleasure and exhaustion, the horse continues to lick, as if you were a salt cube, bathing your body.....and you think to yourself ..."maybe I won't sell this old place after all."

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