Hole in the Wall

By Anonymous

Okay it was our fifth anniversery and I was looking forward to tonight. Every anniversery Mellissa , my wife, and I do something erotic and this morning I asked what she had planned fo tonight and she said " I want to be your little girl and please you in everyway. I will do anything for you, Daddy!"

I got dressed and left for work and as the day went by I could barely wait until I got home. As I was driving home I noticed a porn shop I never had seen before. So I stopped to get my little girl a present. I picked out a vibrator and as I was at the clerk I noticed a back room with a bunch of booths.

I drove home and as soon as I walked in the door Mellissa came bouncing down the stairs in a short little skirt. I said I have a present for you. She said, "ohhh, tell me tell me what it is!"

I gave her the gift and went to get two beers from the refrigerator. I came in to the room and she held the vibrator in a funny way and asked what it does. I gave her a beer and said, "Here drink this." She took it down very fast and I gave her the other and said, "A little slower this time."

After she drank it she asked present I had brought here did. I said, "Pull down your panties and Iíll show you.

She did and I noticed she had shaved her pussy completely bald and had a ring inserted into her pussy lips just above her clit. The really made me horney and made her look like a young girl. I took the vibrator and put it against her smooth pussy she said, "Oohh that feels good, Daddy.

I put against her pussy and then pushed it in as she neared an orgasm. I pulled it out, telling her that it was for later. I told her to leave her panties off and to get a large overcoat. She put the coat on with nothing on underneith and we got into the car and started to go to the porn store. On the way I fingered her and as she was nearing another orgasm I pulled my hand out telling her that it was for later.

We arrived at the sex shop and went in. I got some change from the clerk, and took Mellissa to the movies. We found a vacant and got in and started the movie. She was facinated. She started breathing hard so I pulled down my pants and she sat down on my dick. She just sat there and half way through the movie I noticed a man had put his cock through a hole in the booth. It was huge so I took Mellissaís hand and put it on the stiff prick. She was so facinated with the movie she barely notice it.

Then, about ten minutes later, she looked and said what are you making me do? I just said, "I thought you would do anything, please me in anyway.""

She said, "Of coarse, Daddy", so I told her to bend over and suck it. While I fuck you in the ass. She got on her hands and knees and began to suck the strange cock, first only half of the length. Then she began to like it and the licked all of the eleven inch monster. Taking the whole thing in her throat as I hammered her ass harder and harder. Then the cock in the hole spurt large qyuantities of cum into her mouth. I tole her to swallow and she gobbled it down like candy.

After the monster slid out of the hole and the movie was over and I went to get more change from the clerk. Onn my way back I heard Mellissa scream. I ran back to our booth and there were two guys. One was butt fucking her and the other was face fucking her. I went into the booth next to ours and watched through the hole in the wall. In minutes my wife had a look of great satisfaction on her face.

When the men had both reached orgasms and left I walked back into our booth. Mellissa didn"t know I had been watching the whole time.

She was still on her knees and when I walked in she took my hard prick in her mouth and sucked my cock until I nutted.

After that we went home.