By Mistress Luann

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Laying against the cool sheet on this hot summer day. It feels so good. I have just opened a present from Sir Stephen, a pair of stainless, screw-set nipple clamps with the black rubber tips. Slowly I place the clamp on my left tit and tighten the screw so that my nipple pulses. I then place the other on my right tit and tighten the same. I add a half turn to each as I feel my nipple glow. Through the hole in the end of the clamps I put a light chain, connecting the two together as I lay quietly.

I gently pull on the chain ... I shut my eyes ... I lay back ... thinking ... remembering ... how it feels to have my Master do this to me. I wish it were Master Stephen's hand pulling my chain ... his tongue licking my clit ... sucking my tenderness in between his teeth. Oh ... yes ... it feels so good to cum ...

I have my favorite vibrator in my left hand. Sir Stephen gave this to me also. I like it best because it plugs into the wall and is very strong. I also like the purple color and the bumps that sing inside my cunt. I can feel the vibrator as it pulsates against my harden clit. I close my eyes ... half-dozing ... thinking of nothing but the cum that is running from my wet pussy.

I hear a cough and look up!

"Master ... how long have you been standing at the door", I ask in surprise. "You shouldn't be home for another hour."

"My little pet, is this what you do all afternoon while I am out working", he asks in that tone I hate to hear?

"No Master, I was just ... ", I couldn't say any more. I turned off the vibrator and put my toys next to the bed. I get up and kneel before my Master.

"You know you are not to masturbate unless I give you permission", he reminds me. "Did you call and ask permission?"

"NO ... Sir!"

"And ... I come home early to find you having an orgasm. This is not permitted my little pet."

"Yes ... Sir", is all I could say.

Master Stephen goes over to the bed and sits down, he motions for me to lie across his lap. I know what is going to happen. I hate getting spanked. I hate having to count each stroke out loud even worse. He doesn't have to ask, I know what to do. "One ... Two ... Three ... ... ... Eight ... Nine ... Ten ", I count. One stroke for each minute my Master stood and watch me masturbate before I noticed his presence.

I crawl off his lap and kneel once again before him. I keep my eyes lowered to the floor. My ass is stinging.

I feel his hands as he pulls me to my feet. He pulls my face into his hands and lifts me forward. His kisses feel so sweet against my tear filled eyes. Our lips meet ... our tongues touch ... he kisses me so gently.

"Go ... now ... get dinner ready, my little one", he says letting me know the punishment is finished. I go to prepare dinner. I feel so lucky to have a Master that is strict with his rules ... yet loves me so deeply. I will remember to call for permission the next time.

... if I don't forget.

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