By Mistress Luann

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As the sun was setting, She sat and waited patiently for her Master to return. She had taken a hot bath, at her Master's instructions, and the air was heavy with the scent of vanilla. Around her neck was her soft-black leather collar, the one with the gold chain. She wore in a black silk dress, her soft skin naked under the delicate fabric. The dress clung to her luscious curves, outlining her femininity. Time crept slowly as she waited, sitting on her stool in the middle of the living room.

The sound of the front door opening got her attention. She set straight up, hoping that her Master would be proud of her. A tall, handsome man entered the room. He had black hair, broad shoulders and his look always took her breath away. He came into the living room and walked right past her as if she were invisible. She didn't know what to think. For the next hour, her Master changed his clothes, took a shower, got something to eat and let her sitting there wondering.

The doorbell rang, breaking her concentration. Her Master answers the door and in walked a tall blond. She couldn't believe her eyes. Even through she knew she was a cute redhead, she felt so jealous. She didn't want to speak and, if she had wanted to, she couldn't. Her Master greeted the blond with a gentle kiss and led her past her into their bedroom.

She stayed on her stool listening as her Master fucked this whore in their bed. Tears come to her eyes. She wiped her face, deciding to be a good submissive and not get up and interrupt them. It would displease her master to show jealousy and hurt feelings. If she really loved Sir Stephen, she could give him freedom.

In a short while her Master comes out and takes her chain. She follows him into the bedroom. "My pet ... I know you are hurt. This is a gift to you for being good", he said softly. He lay her on the bed and pushed the blond toward her. The blond slut crawl onto the bed, lifted the silk gown and buried her head between her thighs. She could feel the woman's hot breath on her shaved cunt as she lay back, feeling the tongue flicking against her clit. Her Master stood beside the bed giving orders to the blonde.

He first had her lick her wet cunt, then turning his submissive over, he pushed the blonde's face so she could rim his sub's ass hole. His submissive achieved orgasm immediately as the blond licked from her ass to her clit. Sir Stephen was very hot butt he was strong. After all he brought the whore for her.

His sub closed her eyes, pulling the blond's head against her cunt as her cum flowed into the slut's mouth. When she was at the height of her orgasm Sir Stephen grabbed her hands and pulled them from the blond's hair.

"Enough", he shouted, ordering the shore to dress and leave. She heard the door slam and her Master entered the bedroom.

"You were enjoying yourself too much", he said, leaning over and kissing her gently as he pinched her pert nipple. She wanted to scream as her tit burned from the savage clamping fingers ... but she didn't dare. She lay motionless as one hand continued to squeeze her nipple while the other fingered her wet cunt.

"I want you to know ... I am pleased with you ... my pet. That was a test of your obedience. Had you not stayed on the stool, you would not have been fucked by the slut and you would have ... "

Sir Stephen stopped speaking, walked to the dresser and opened the drawer where he kept the toys.

"I know what ... Sir", she whispered.

"You think you know", he answered in a rough voice as he turned, holding a new flogger with thin leather straps, tipped with round metal beads. "You only think you know."

"I will always obey you ... Sir", she whispered, rolling over and raising her ass in the proper manner. "May I please have one lash for being a good sub?"

"Yes ... but only one", her Master whispered as she heard the whistle of the strands and felt the sharp sting of the beads as they landed on her ass.

Gritting her teeth she answered, " ... I love you ... Sir!"

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