By Mistress Luann

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I wrote this especially for Sir Stephen's pleasure. While our afternoon fuck was quick ... the emotion was long and enduring. I was embarrassed when he told me to publish something so personal. But ... as you all know ... his desire is my command.

Love, Mistress Luann

This is for you ... My Darling Master ... just a little afternoon memory.

You take me into your arms, kissing me with such passionate urgency. Your tongue enters my mouth with such urgency ... as through you are reaching for my very soul. I melt into your body, wanting you so much.

It is such an honor to belong to you ... to give myself totally.

You take my hand and lead me to the sofa. I kneel at your feet, which is my place of honor. You take my face in your hands and lift my eyes to yours. Your hand slides down over my breast, causing my nipples to become hard. I smile as I feel you undo my blouse. Your hands massage my breast, one soft mound in each hand, squeezing just hard enough to cause me the pain and pleasure you know I love.

"My little pet ... undo my pants", you order. I smile and quickly do as I am told. Your hard cock springs free as I continue, untying your shoe laces and remove your tennies, one at a time. Your socks are next and I pull your pants down, casually folding them and placing them on your shoes at my side. You are wearing no shorts and I smile, watching your cock standing in the warm sunlight.

You let go of my breasts and pull my skirt up above my waist, finding me naked and clean shaving, which I know pleases you. You slip your finger into my wet pussy, fingering the soft folds as you rub my clit softly with your thumb. You withdraw, raising your finger to your nose, taking a long sniff as a large smile covers your lips. I smile knowing that the smell is pleasing and complies with your rules.

I slip onto your lap, guiding your cock into my wet ... hot ... cunt. I lean against you ... my hands on the back of the sofa ... as I ride your cock slowly. I lean back and moan feeling you so deep within me. You have my breasts in your hands as I ride, watching the seagull float in the updraft created by the tall building. We are at the top of the world, you and I.

"Master ... I want to cum", I whisper, feeling the orgasm build between my thighs. My breathe comes in gasps as your cock rides deep within my womb ... your hands spread my cheeks ... your fingers find my ass ... spread my hole ... wide open ... your finger slip inside ... you help me ... push me up ... then down ... up ... down ... as my tongue slips from my mouth ... finding your tongue ... we meet ... tongue to tongue ... cock to cunt ... up ... down ... in ... out.

"Cum ... my pet", you demand. "Join me ... cum ... Now!"

I smile, holding your lips to my lips. Together we sing the song of cum as your cock throbs in a pulsing explosion as I feel your cum shoot into my womb ... mixing with my juice. Together ... with wild moans ... we sing the song of cum ... yelling ... screaming ... holding ... sucking ... we cum as the sun shines through the windows as the gull floats in the currents of air and the waves brake on the white sand and the sun shines through the open window and we cum together in a volcano of desire.

You slowly slip from my cunt as our well shaken cum cocktail drips from my pussy onto your thighs.

"I love when your cum flows", you whisper, as I hold your head to my breast.

"I love to cum with you ... Sir."

"I love you ... my pet."

"Master ... I love you so much."

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