By Mistress Luann

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I sit on the rim of the bathtub shaving my cunt for my Master. He so much likes my pussy to be soft and clean. Softly I pull the lips as I slowly draw the razor over the soft skin before I slid into the warm water and lay back, covering myself with vanilla scented bubbles. A Glass of red wine is next to me ... candles fill the room with a warm glow ... their scent is everywhere.

Sir Stephen walks into the room and kneels beside me. I open my eyes and smile, concentrating on your expression as you have asked me to do. Through the bubbles you can see my small nipples and my soft round belly. I lean back as I your hands squeeze my breast. I move slightly and moan as your fingers pass over my nipples, causing them to become hard. Then you move across my belly as I spread my legs, inviting your hands to explore my eager clit. You take your fingers and massage my pussy lips that I have just shaved for you.

"Oh Master ... you feel so good ... thank you", I whisper. I move my hips upward as you slide your fingers into my cunt. At first you are slow and tender, then rougher as I like it.

"Yes ... Master ... faster ... harder", you hear me say through my moans. "Master ... I want to cum ... Please ... may I", I ask?

"No! not yet my sweet pet."

"But ... Master ... Please ... may ... "

"I said ... not yet", Sir Stephen answers abruptly and in a commanding voice. "Rinse off and come into the bedroom ... Now."

I step out of the tub, turn on the shower and rinse off the bubbles. I run my hands over my soft skin, fingering my wet cunt, pinching my nipples as I dream of cumming ... I want to cum so badly.

I control my emotions, dry and enter your room standing before you naked, clean and fresh. I lower my eyes and kneel before you, knowing this is my position. I take a deep breath as you examine my body, touching my most tender parts with the handle of the crop. I glance to see a black flogger in your hand as I feel the leather tip go between my legs. The handle rubs my clit as I cum. I cannot control my orgasm any longer.

I look up, knowing that I have done a bad thing. I have disobeyed my Master.

"Rise", he says, " ... lay on the bed."

"Yes ... Sir", I answer tentatively as I move slowly to the bed and lay on my stomach. I spread my arms and legs in an eagle position in anticipation of the punishment that I know is eminent.

"What did you do", I am asked?

"Master ... I had an orgasm without permission", I whispered.

"I wanted to make sure you understood the reason for your punishment."

"I understand ... Sir", I answer as I hear the swish of the thin leather straps and the sting on my ass. I cringe, hearing the sound of leather slapping my thighs, as I clutch the bedspread with my hands. Three ... four ... five ... I count to myself as my ass burns under the strong blows administered my Master Stephen. "Master ... please ... I am so sorry. Please stop ... please ... I beg you!"

I lose count as I feel the wetness of sweat drip between the cheeks of my ass. I can't count the blows before he shows mercy and stops. You return to the dresser and put the flogger in the drawer, approaching the bed to turn me over. I sit on the edge of the bed in front of you.

"Master ... may I please you with my mouth", I ask passionately. "I want to show you how good I am."

"Yes ... go ahead ... but ... you can not cum", he commands as he moves forward, touching my lips with his stiff prick. I lower my eyes, understanding his demands, as I place my hands on your ass and pull you close. My left hand guides your cock into my mouth as my right hand massages your ass as the fingers fondly your tight hole. My lips slide down your stiff prick as I engulf the head of your cock, licking the swollen knob with my tongue. My mouth is warm ... wet ... full of you ... as you push deeper ... until I feel your pubic hair tickle my nose.

I am filled with your cock, sucking you deeply. I keep your wonderful cock motionless in my throat until you move your hips, fucking slowly. I moan with each movement. I feel your hands in my hair as hold my head while you fuck my face. Faster, you fuck ... harder, you fuck ... deeper, you fuck ... until you stiffen in my throat ... your ass hole tightens on my finger ... your hands clutch in my hair ... and with a guttural scream you cum ... shooting your seed ... in one frantic moment ... into my hungry soul.

I take a deep breath ... relishing every drop of your cum

You start to soften ... my fingers slip ... your ass hole puckers ... my throat relaxes as your cock slowly slips from my lips. You take me by the shoulders and lay down on the bed. You lay next to me. I hold your limp body tightly as your head rests on my soft tits.

"My little pet ... your punishment is over. You may cum."

"Will you help me ... Sir?" You move your head, taking my nipple between your teeth and biting hard on the stiff pink knob. My breast is on fire as your clamping teeth bite hard.

"Yes ... Master", I moan as you lick circles on my tender nipple before you slowly, ever so slowly, lick a path across my stomach until your teeth find my swollen clit. You clamp down like a vise as the pleasurable pain shoots through my cunt ... driving my orgasm as I thrust upward ... cum flowing from my hot pussy. "Yes", I scream as take you hand and guide your fingers toward my ass hole. You plunge inside my ass as I cum again and again, thrusting hard into your strong mouth.

"Yes ... Master ... Yes", I yell as I enjoy the throbbing of my cunt.

"My pet", you whisper. "you are my favorite."

"Thank you Master", I whisper, moving closer.

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