By Mistress Luann

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She was so happy the day was over. The parking garage only had a few cars left at eight that night. She walked over to her car. As she inserted the keys, an arm went around her waist and a hand over her mouth.

"Don't scream", she heard. "Just do what I say and you won't get hurt."

The voice was strange ... muffled ... and she couldn't tell if it was a man or woman. All she could do was shake her head. Half-walking and half being dragged, she is pushed up against another car. She feels a leather blindfold go over her eyes and a ball gag in her mouth. The next things she knows her hands were bound behind her back. She can't believe there was no one around. She is now totally helpless, her life is in this strangers hands.

The person starts the car and they drive off. It seems like they travel for at least an hour and no words are spoken during the trip. Every so often she can feel a hand explore her breast and reach down between her legs roughly. She thinks that the touch is that of a man but she isn't sure. When the car stops she knows that they were somewhere in the woods because she can smell the pines and hear the crickets. She is roughly pulled from the car. She wants to scream but she can't say a word. She is led over a rough path before they turn around and stops her. She is grabbed by the front of her blouse and rips material is ripped from her. Next, she can feel the cold steel of a knife blade as her bra and panties are cut away. Before she knows it she is standing naked in the middle of the night, naked with a stranger.

"Stand still", she hears, this time more distinctly and she knows her assailant is a man. She feels helpless, as his hands remove the blindfold before they travel over her body. Her assailant wears a mask, a black clothes and his hands are scared and rough. He turns her around, first massaging her breasts roughly, than her ass, reaching between her legs and exploring her wet cunt. He takes her by the shoulders and leads her deeper into the woods. She can't see where they are going but the next thing she sees is a rustic cabin that looks more like a prison with bars across the front. He holds her hard as he takes her hands and hooks them to a rope hung from a pulley on the porch. He raises her until she is hanging free. He then ties one ankle to a post, spreads her legs and ties the other securely. Again she tries to cry out but the gag is well positioned and no sound escapes her lips.

"There ... Now ... you are mine", he whispers as he unties the gag and removes the red ball from her mouth. "Now you can scream ... I want to hear you scream", he says twisting her nipple between his callused finger tips.

A terrible cry escaped her lips as she pulled helplessly against the ropes.

"That's good", he whispers, wiping the tears from her cheek and licking his damp finger. "I want to hear your mans and screams" he said, scream as loud as you want no one will hear you.

"Please ... don't hurt me", she pleads, " ... what have I done to deserve this?"

"Oh, my little bitch, you deserve this just because you are alive".

She starts to cry, but it doesn't seem to affect him. She can hear him rummaging through a bag and the next thing she hears is the swish of the flogger before it hits the tender skin of her ass. She lets out a scream, as it lands again on her back. She cannot move or get out of the way of the flogger as it comes harder and harder against her skin. It seem like an eternity as he keeps hitting and hitting her. He stops just as she is about to faint from the pain. He unties her feet and lowers the rope so that her feet are on the ground. She falls into his powerful arms, to weak to fight this stranger.

The next thing she knows is she awakens on a soft bed. She is again blindfolded. When she tries to get up she realizes that she is tied spread eagle. "Please don't leave me like this," she pleads, not knowing if anyone is there to hear. "I am not finished with you", she hears him say. He comes to her and as he leans over she can tell he is naked. "Now my little slut, you will do what you were made to do. Suck my cock. And ... I better not feel your teeth", he growls.

As he straddles her face and forces her mouth open, he starts to fuck her mouth with his hard cock. She gags as he pushes deeper and harder. She feels the slap on her left cheek. "I warned you", he yells, " ... NO TEETH." He grabs her by her long auburn hair and fucks her mouth even harder. She wants to take her hands to guide his big prick but she is tied securely and her only manner is to open her throat as his huge cock swells before shooting rich cum into her gut. She gags, trying to breathe through her nose, flexing her throat muscles around the softening cock.

"OK ... for the first time", he says as he pulls from her mouth. "Don't say a word, or I will gag you again."

All she could do was lay there and let her tears run down her face as he leaves the room.

She dozes and is startled out of a dream by hands probing her cunt and ass. The fingers were going deep within her. She wonders how long she has been Lying there, for now she has a total lose of time. She can feel him between her legs, ramming his fingers deep into her ass ... pinching with the fingers in her cunt ... pulling her vagina as he squeezes her skin between his callused fingers. She must use the bathroom.

"Sir ... may I please get up. I have to use the bathroom", she pleads with a trembling voice.

"Why should I let you", he asked.

"I should make you lay here and wet the bed. Then let you lay in your own piss."

"Please ... I am begging you. Please let me up, Sir."

"Fine ... slut ... I will let you up but don't try anything. I will be right next to you!"

She feels good to be left loose, one hand at a time. When she is untied he pulls the blindfold from her eyes and, for the first time, she sees his muscular body. He is built like an athlete, strong legs, thin waist, and broad shoulders. She wonders what he looks like under the mask?

"If you have to go so bad ... get up bitch ... I don't have all day", he said, grabbing her by her hair and pulling her off the bed. He pushes her into the bathroom, sits her on the toilet and squats in front of her. She is embarrassed as her water flows into the toilet and the man spreads her knees. She has never pissed in front of anyone. When she finishes, he watches the last drip fall into the toilet, rises and turns on the shower. "You had better smell good when you come out", he commands as he leaves, locking the bathroom door on his way out. She goes to the shower and steps in. The hot water, stinging her back, where the stranger had left marks from the flogging. But, the water feels so good against her flesh. She washes his cum from her face and tries to wash him out of her mind. There is no use, for she knows he is out there waiting. When she is finished, she dries off and finds a satin robe. She covers herself and knocks on the door.

The bathroom door opens the stranger is standing there before her. "Oh ... my pretty little pet, you look luscious in satin." She smiles and accepts the drink of tea that is offered.

"Thank you, Master," she says.

"For what", he growls.

"Thank you for everything ... Sir."

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