By Mistress Luann

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The moon is full and the cool glow fills the earth. Melissa sits on the bench waiting for her Master to come and get her. The time goes so slow, her heartbeats within her, for she does not know what to expect on this night.

At last ... she see him approaching. Her Master is dressed in a black robe and has the hood covering his face. She knows what he looks like, for many times his penetrating eyes have undressed her as he touches her body.

"COME", the Master demands. Melissa responds and she feels that her legs are going to give out from under her because of the excitement. Her Master leads her into the dark woods, guided only by candlelight. Ahead, she sees a stone altar built between to tall oak trees. He turns towards her and, with a firm but gentle hand removes, her black robe. Her white skin glows in the candlelight . She keeps her head bowed before her Master, not feeling worthy of looking him in the face. He takes her head in both of his hands and lifts it toward him. He bends down and kisses her ruby lips. She lets out a sigh, feeling so honored to be his submissive.

He lifts Melissa's nude body onto the altar, lays her back and looks toward the moon in the otherwise dark sky. He leans over, tying her hands, one to each side. Then he spreads her legs, ties her feet, exposing her most private parts and making her feel helpless. "Do you give yourself to me tonight, my loved one", he asks, knowing the answer?

"Yes, Master, I am yours. My body, my soul, my heart and my mind are yours. Do with me what you will with me", she replies, her voice so timid and shy in the night air.

Her Master runs his hands over her smooth skin, hesitating on her full breast before he pushes his hand between her thighs, brutally fingering her cunt and ass.

He takes out his double-edged knife and, with the point, drawls blood from his left wrist, dripping the red fluid into a golden goblet. Her Master holds the cup to the moon before he brings his hands to her month and she drinks her Master's blood. He takes the tip of the knife and makes a small incision over her left breast. She lets out a small cry as she feels the pain. He leans over, sucking her blood from the cut. Her cry turns into a moan for she feels the wonderful sensation between her legs. Her cunt is wet with excitement. Her Master takes the tip of the knife and slowly drags the point her body until he reaches he cunt. "Lay still my dear and you will not get hurt", he commands as has he inserts the six inch blade into her vagina. She holds her breath. She is afraid to breath.

Leaving the knife inserted in her pussy he reaches back and takes a lit candle from the altar. "I am honored by your trust. I will not to harm you, my beloved", he whispers as he slowly drips the hot wax on to her hardened nipples.

Pulling at her bonds, Melissa struggles to free herself, to escape the hot wax. "Please ... Master ... I beg you remove the blade. Do not let it cause harm to me, I beg this of you."

Her voice so small and her breath is shallow. He takes pity on her and reaches down between her legs, removing the blade. She lets out a moan and her body climaxes as he moves the candle drips from her tender nipples to her bursting clit and inner thighs.

"You have cu8m without permission. You now have to be punished for such undesirable behavior." As he finishes speaking as he reaches down for flogger. The instrument of choice has nine thin leather straps connected to a wood handle. It is the Cat of Nine Tails. Her Master starts by dragging the tips across her nipples, down across her stomach, then ever so lightly he touches her wet pussy. Melissa holds her breath, knowing what is going to happen.

The quiet night is broken by the swish of the tails and the thug as the leather strips land heavily on her breasts. One, two, three strokes land on her soft skin bringing screams of the pain and moans of pleasure. With each cry her Master takes another swing with the cat. Melissa cannot keep from crying, yet she knows that each sound brings a more forceful blow to a delicate area. Again and again her Master brings the whip down onto her body, leaving red welts on her tits, stomach, thighs and legs.

Her Master stops momentarily to move between her legs. She whimpers softly, feeling the punishment has ended. He spreads her cunt with his fingers, pushes against her ass hole, violating her holes as she struggles helplessly. He again picks up the cat and lays the nine straps feverishly on her erect clit. She begs for him to stop but he is caught in the emotion of her pain.

"Please ... Stop", Melissa screams. "I will do anything, Master, Please."

Her Master laughs as he strikes her tender thighs with the red, dripping strands of leather, leaving bulging welts on her soft skin. "Please stop ... Master ... Sir ... I can stand no more."

The blows stop and Melissa tries to look at her Master through tear filled eyes. She cannot see him as he takes the handle of the flogger and pushes the handle d3eep into her aching cunt.

"I am sorry to cum without permission. I wont ..."

Her voice was cut off as his heavy hand covered her lips. Her Master pushed the cat handle in her wet pussy as if she were being fucked by a stiff cock. "You will obey", her Master yells, fucking her hard with the pole.

"Yes", Melissa whimpers. "Louder."

"Yes, Sir", she screams as her orgasm builds from the brutal fuck. "Yes ... Master", she cries as her body tenses in orgasmic ecstasy. "No", Melissa yells as her body opens, her cum runs from her fucked cunt. "No", she whimpers as her Master pulls the cat handle from her cunt.

Sweat drips from his forehead as he throws his robe to the side, takes the cat handle and pushes the cock-like pole into her cum soaked ass. Her Master climbs onto the table, positions his stiff prick, and thrusts deep into her cunt.

"Yes", he yells, ramming his cock deep, pushing the cat pole with a twist as the blood soaked leather straps flop between Melissa's legs.

"Yes", she cries, pulling at the ropes that hold her tight. Melissa feels herself slipping into the darkness of her mind. Her mouth is open as she cries, feeling the darkness as she drips helplessly into the mire of her imagination.

"Yes ... what", her Master cries, grabbing the double edged knife and holding it to her throat.

"Yes ... Sir ... Master", she whimpers as the blade leaves a thin red line on her skin. "Kill me ... Master ... Please", Melissa whimpers as the knife is pressed harder on her throat. "Please ... Master ... Kill me."

Her Master grabs her hair with one hand as he pushes the knife with the other. His body tenses ... trembles ... as he cums deep in her writhing cunt.

"Please ... Master ... Kill me now", Melissa screams.

"Not tonight ... My Dearest!"

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