By Master Stephen

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You have met Melissa ... if you have read the first part of this tale. I want you to understand more of our relationship ... my side of our experience. Since this is a continuation of her story I have placed it under her caption. Although Melissa did not write this ... she did create the experience. Melissa is an obedient sub, a creative Mistress and a great cock sucker. M.S.

The moon is full and the cool glow reflects on Melissa's sweat drenched body as I look down at my limp sub.

"Please ... Master ... Kill me now", rings in my ears as I tenderly kiss her lips and wipe her forehead with a damp towel. I hears her moan as I wipe the blood from her throat ... her breasts ... her stomach ... thighs and cunt.

I was there moments before ... holding the knife to her throat ... ready to grant her wish ... while she cried:

"Kill me ... Master ... Please!"

It was as if someone ... something ... pushed my hand hard against her throat ... someone telling me to slit. "It's easy" the voice whispered as the breeze blew through the oaks. "Do it ... be a man ... now", the voice said as I watched the thin red line under the sharp blade.

Why hadn't I? My sub begged and I did not comply. I had always granted Melissa's wish ... especially when she would beg ... certainly when she wanted pleasure and pain.

But last night was different. I had my chance ... I wanted to grant her wish ... yet ... I wanted her with me. I pick up the knife and hold it softly against the red line on Melissa's throat as I think of the voice. The blade glows in the light of the full moon as Melissa stirs ... opens her eyes ... stares as if the night were empty.

"I love you ... Sir", she whispers as I take the knife and cut the rope holding her ankle. In the cool light I can see the red line like a fire tattoo around her leg from the tightly synched bonds. I cut the other leg free ... then her right arm ... then her left as she lays spread eagle ... unable to move ... free ... but withered from the offering.

Melissa's lips move and I lower my ear to listen to her weak voice. "Why am I alive", she whispers as if to no one? "Why?"

"Because I want you", I answer, placing my lips to hers. Melissa's lips are cold as if death had taken her soul. She lies motionless as my tongue licks the dryness from her mouth. Slowly ... her tongue touches mine and her lips close as I reach around her shoulders. Slowly I raise and turn her so that she is sitting on the stone altar ... her legs hanging limp ... her arms motionless ... her head hung like it was connected to a rag doll. "My pet", I whisper, " ... I was so afraid."

"You ... Afraid ... Sir."

"Yes ... Afraid I would grant your wish."

"I am yours to do with as you wish. Is that not what you want ... Sir", Melissa whispers, rising her head so that she is looking straight into my eyes?

"It is what I want ... what I demand ... but ..."

"What do you want more of ... Sir", she says aloud, continuing her stare.

"I want more of you ... My Dearest!"

"I offer you my life ... what more can I give?"

I raise my hand my mouth, suck deep as the moisture covers the skin. I slowly place my finger to Melissa's lips, spreading the coolness until she sucks like a baby nursing a tit. Deep my finger enters until her tongue circles the end as she sucks softly.

"I want your cock in my mouth ... Sir", Melissa whispers, sliding from the altar to a position on her knees in front of me. Her soft hands caress my balls as her moist lips cover the head of my stiff prick. Melissa bobs forward ... her mouth engulfing my cock ... one hand pulled my balls while the other finds my ass. I spread my legs allowing her fingers to slip into my hole as I pump my hips, driving my cock deep into her throat.

I love her fingers in my ass while she sucks my cock. I love Melissa when she hungers for my cum ... sucking ... poking ... pulling ... as her throat tightens on my prick. Her lips hug the base as my pubic hair tangles in her teeth while she sucks hungrily. I hear her moan as my ass tightens on her fingers. My cock pulses in her throat as I gaze at the full moon like a wolf in heat ... pumping ... deep ... trembling ... deep ... shooting ... cum ... deep ...

"Yes", I yell as my cum flows into her stomach. "Yes ... Yes ...", I scream at the full moon while every drop of my rich cum flows into Melissa.

" ... Tonight ... My Dearest ... Yes!"

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