HER MASTER ... HER PET ( The Rape )

By Mistress Luann

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This is the first time in months that I haven't had someone staying at the Inn and Master Stephen is out of town. It is so quiet in this old house and I am all by myself. I am sitting here working on the books, balancing the checkbook and ordering supplies.

I think hear someone on the stairs?

No, that's impossible, all the doors have automatic locks. There it goes again. I am just letting my imagination run ... wait ... there is someone in this house? No ... there is no way ... I'll have to go look so as to settle my mind.

Getting up I head for my apartment door. My rooms are in the attic my door is toward the back of the house, which leads out into the hallway. At the end of the hallway is the stairs so I go down the first flight and check the outside door on the second floor. Everything seems to be fine so I head down the second flight of stairs. Wait a minute ... the light at the bottom of the stairs is turned off.

I'm sure that I left it "ON"!

I head back up the steps I see the door to room two is slightly open. I know these old houses and probably the latch didn't close tight. I walk towards the door to check it out. I stop, wondering if I should turn the corner and go back into my apartment and lock the door. "I am just being a fool", I think as I push the door open and reach for the light switch.

"Why isn't the light coming ...... " My sentence is cut off and I let out a scream as a scarf is wrapped around my throat. The material tightens, cutting off my scream. I am roughly pushed onto the bed ... face down. I try to struggle, but the person as their knee in the middle of my back and is pulling on the scarf tightly around my neck. I can tell he is a big man. He tells me if I stop struggling ... not to scream he won't hurt me. So I lay very still ... my tear stained face buried in the comforter. He lets go of the scarf and turns me over. He is a tall man, over six-foot, with budging muscles. I can't see his face, for he's wearing a ski mask but his voice was abrasive and harsh. "You should check the doors more careful", he growl as his tightened the scarf around my neck. "I will teach you to be more careful!"

"Please ... Sir ... ", I said. " My ... "

"Fuck you", the stranger yelled, releasing the scarf and slapping me across my head. "One more word and it'll be your last. Now ... get up and take your dress off", he orders. My legs are so weak that I can hardly stand. I want to fight this stranger, but I know it was no use. I am only five foot two and no match for him. So I do as I was asked. With trembling hands I slipped off my dress and, at this moment, I wish had worn panties and a bra. There I stood naked, staring at the floor.

"Oh ... you are so beautiful", he whispers as he holds my full breast in his hands, squeezing not so gently. I let out a slight scream even though his fondling was not as severe as what I usually received from Sir Stephen. He pushes me to my knees. "I want you to submit to me. I want your to give freely", he said. " If you don't ... there are other ways." His words scare me, but at the same time they are exciting.

"I will never submit to you", I say boldly. As soon as the words came out of my mouth I want to take them back. He grabs me by my long auburn hair and pulls me to my feet.

"Ok, my little one ... we will do it the hard way", he yells with an evil laugh. Still holding on to my hair, he pulls me to the bed. I feel his big hand as he slaps me across the face, sending me on to the black cover. I lay very still as he goes over to the curtains, cuts the cords, returns to the bed and uses the small rope to bind me to the four posters, spread eagle, totally exposed for him.

I watch as he removes his clothes, leaving on the mask. He is nude and approaching the bed and I am frightened, yet at the same time excited. "How could I be getting wet", I thought as I felt the moisture building between my thighs. I thought of my Master and remembered the first time he spread me on the same bed. The presence of the stranger is over powering. I am having trouble controlling my desires. I don't want him to think what I like what he is doing ... but I like what he is doing.

I lay so very still. I refuse to react to this creature. If he thinks he can come in and take over my very being he is mistaken. As he leans over me he slips up the mask to reveal his mouth. His lips touch my mouth as his fingers explore the wetness between my legs. I try to pull my legs together I am securely bound. I struggle while his kisses become rougher, he forces my mouth open with his tongue. His rough skin is bruising my face as I struggle against the ties. He sticks his tongue inside and I bite down with all my force.

"Fucking ... Bitch", he screams as he pulls from my mouth and slaps me across the face with a powerful swing. My head rolls to the side as his other hand sweeps down and smacks me again. I scream until he covers my face with a pillow, smothering my sounds and cutting off my breathing. I am about to pass out before he stops strangling me and allows me to breathe again. Gasping for breath I look at his mouth, seeing the drip of blood run from the corner of his lips. "You Fucking Bitch", he repeats, striking me again.

His actions excite him and me as he puts his left hand on my breast and squeezes so tight I let out a scream from the pain. His right hand is down between thighs, his fingers exploring my wet cunt as he squeezes harder on my tits. One finger ... then two ... three ... stretch my cunt open wide. Soon my screams turn in moans of pleasure. I hate myself for my enjoyment ... but I can't help it. I am about to cum and he knows it.

"You Bitch ... You like this ... you fucking Bitch."

As quickly as he started ... he stops. I lay ... out of breath ... wondering what is next. With his hands still holding my tender nipples .. he crawls on top. I feel the familiar stretching as his hard cock slides into my wet cunt. I gasp as his prick fills my hungry pussy as the stranger leans down and fucks me. My breathing gets heavy as he moves faster inside of my cunt. I start to move my hip toward his body, wanting his prick deeper I whisper to myself, " ... fuck me ... yes ... harder ... harder ... yes .. fuck me!"

He pumps, holding my shoulders to drive his cock deep into my hungry hole as I cum in regular orgasms. He continues until his muscles tighten and he squirts his hot cum into my cunt. He continues thrusting as the orgasmic juices of our frantic sex drip across my thighs.

Finished ... he pulls his cock out and moves to his clothes. I lay there on the bed totally spent as he puts his clothes. When dressed he returns to the bed. He leans over, wads up the scarf and pushes it into my mouth. He secures the gag with a piece of the curtain cord as he whispers, " ... In the morning ... I'll teach you not to bite me."

I lay there not believing what has happened. As he leaves, he turns off the light and slams the door.

My only thought is of my pills ... birth control ... and the possibility of having this stranger's bastard child. I pull on the bonds with no success as my eyes tire and I fall asleep thinking of his words:

"In the morning ... "

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