HER MASTER ... HER PET ( The Capture )

By Sir Stephen

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"In the morning ... "

She tries to scream as a strong hand covers her mouth as she remembers the stranger's final words. The room is pitch black as she squints, trying to see her assailant.

"Shhhhhhh", she hears as the hand covering her mouth is withdrawn and the night-light next to her bed is clicked on. Tears form in her eyes as she sees Sir Stephen leaning over her weak body. "What happened", he questions as he takes his knife and cuts away the gag.

"I was ..... ", she starts to scream as his hand covers her mouth again, silencing her voice.

"Shhhhhhhh ... quiet", Sir Stephen whispers. "What?"

"I was raped", she whispers, " ... and I think the guy is upstairs."

"I'll check it out", he whispers as he cuts the curtain cord holding her to the four-poster.

"Be careful ... he's a big son of a bitch."

He leaves for a few minutes and she cowers on the bed ... afraid for her Master's safety. On his return he tells her that the guy is asleep in the chair in room seven on the second floor. Sir Stephen hands her a robe and tells her that he is going to the basement to get something and he will be back. Before leaving he hands he a baseball bat and tells her to knock the fucker's head off is he wakes up.

In the basement he looks, trying to find something that will stop the big fucker but not kill him. Rumbling through the shelves he finds a can of "Rapid Start", that they use in the winter to start the car. This is an ether based chemical and, if he's lucky, will put the guy under. He gets a towel, sprays the ether until the cloth is drenched and returns to their room. She isn't there so he goes to room six and she is standing next to the sleeping giant with the bat cocked over she shoulder, looking like Mark McGuire ready to swing.

Sir Stephen quietly approaches the chair, takes the ether soaked rag and gently places the towel over the guy's face. There is no movement but the snoring stops as the man comes alive. The guy's arms start to swing and Sir Stephen pushes hard with the towel, jumping on the man's lap to hold him motionless. The ether had its desired affect instantly and the man's arms fell to his side as he went limp.

Sir Stephen goes to their room and returned with the black leather halter that they used in sex games. He turns on the light, rolls the man over and they are startled to see the scars on his back. There is a big blue bruise on his left side and an amateur tattoo of a sunburst on his right shoulder blade. Sir Stephen fastens the collar around the large neck, the cuffs around the wrists and clips the main strap to the collar.

The man starts to move and Sir Stephen attaches a heavy chain to the front of the collar, drags the guy to his feet. He pushes the red ball between the man's lips, securing it with the leather straps as she spits in the guy's face and pulls a black mask down over his head. "You dirty bastard", she says, pulling the strings, closing the bottom of the mask as Sir Stephen padlocks the end of the chain to a strong ring in the corner.

"You raping bastard", he whispers in the guy's ear. "If you make a sound I'll cut your balls off. Better yet ... she'll cut them off and I'll make you eat them. Understood", he says, giving the chain a strong yank.

The guy nods his head in approval as he tests the bonds, which hold his hands behind his back. He stands motionless as Sir Stephen takes his sub by the arm and leads her to the bathroom. "You should douche and take a bath. Wash that dirty fuck out of yourself", he says softly. "I'm sorry!"

"I'm sorry", she thinks, as the she squirts the warm cleanser into her cum filled cunt. "He has never said ... I'm sorry ... " Sir Stephen watches as she douches several times, cleaning her abused pussy.

"Well ... my pet", he says as she gets off the toilet and sinks into the hot water. "Was he a good fuck?"

"Master ... ", she replies in a shocked tone, remembering, at the same time, her desire during the episode.


"No ... Sir. He was not a good fuck."

"But ... he will make a nice pet."

"A Pet ... ", she questions?

"Yes ... he will be your pet ... my dear.

"Can I do with my pet as I wish", she asks with a large grin?

"You may do as you wish with your pet.

"Thank you ... Sir."

"And ... what will you call him?"

"Oh ... let me see." She leans back letting the warm bubbles tickle her tits as the strong scent of vanilla fills her mind. "There was a boy in school. He used to tease me about having small tits. I hated him. I actually dreamt of cutting his cock off to get even."

"What was his name?"

"Oh ... Dan was his name. May I name my pet ... Dano ... Sir?"

"Dano will be your pet's name."

"Thank you ... Sir."

"And ... you may cut his balls off if that is your wish."

"In the morning ... ?"

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