By Sir Stephen

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"Good Morning, Dano. I hope that you are well."

"Yes ... Master", her pet replies as he stands over the pail full of piss and shit. "Time for your cleanup and a lesson." I unlock the chain and drag Dano to the shower and push him, harness and all, under the cold water. The water comes from a well and, even in the summer, it is ice cold. He shivers as the droplets bounce off his back. I take a towel and flip it against his balls, thighs and back as he flinches. "You are getting used to pain ... I see."

"Yes ... Master."

I turn off the water and drag his dripping body back to room seven.

"Today we are going to play a game", I say, removing one arm from the harness and tying the leather band to a rope hanging from a beam. This wrist secured I remove the other arm and tie a second rope. Dano is now standing as I pull the ropes tighter, spreading his arms above his head. For fun I put a pair of dark glasses on our subject.

"What game ... Master", Dano asks as I pull the wooden chair to the center of the room.

"You will see", I answer as I leave the room. Mistress Luann is in the shower as I enter the bathroom. I walk next to her and softly rub my hand between her thighs. She smiles as she rinses the soap from her soft skin. "Come ... my little one ... we are going to play a game." She turns off the water, dries herself and reaches for her robe. "You won't need that", I say, taking her by the arm and leading her to room seven.

"I'm naked", she whispers, pausing at the door.

"I'm sure Dano has seen you naked ... Get in there." I push her through the door. "Haven't you", I ask?

"What ... Master!"

"Seen my Mistress naked ... when you raped her!"

There was no answer other than the look in his eyes as his head turned downward.

"Now ... to the game. Please have a seat ... my little one ... and I will tell you both the rules." My Mistress sits on the chair. I take the curtain cord and tie her ankles to the legs, I pull her arms to the front and tie them to the back of the chair so she is leaning forward in a resting position. I secure her thighs so that she cannot move, before I continue speaking.

"First I am going to give the little one some sample lashes with her favorite flogger. When you get an erection ... and I know that you will ... I am going to hang a weight from your balls. Then I am going to continue with the beating until you yell, " ... STOP ... " ... and ... I know that you will.

Then ... I will remove the weight. I will remove Mistress Luann's restraints. I will give her the flogger. You know the rest ... don't you Dano!"

Still there was no reply so I pick up the cat and swing, snapping my wrist, so that the thin leather strips find Dano's balls. "Yes ... Master", he screams, pulling at the ropes.

I return to the chair and give several lashes to my smiling Mistress. She watches her pet intensely as I continue. Slowly Dano's cock starts to harden as he watches Mistress Luann under the whip.

"I see you like to watch her punishment", I say, when Dano's cock is good and stiff. The smile returns to Luann's lips as I pick up the weight and place it on the cord hanging from his balls. Dano is not gagged and I hear a groan as the weight pulls downward. Beads of sweat form on his forehead as his hands squeeze the ropes and his cock becomes limp.

I return to Mistress Luann, raising my hand with the nine-tailed cat hanging limp. "Well, Dano", I ask, sending the nine tails of leather at her lovely ass. I strike again before pausing. "Dano ... I said well! What is your answer ... harder of softer>?

"Harder ... Master", I hear as I send another group of thin leather straps across her back. Another across her shoulder ... her ass ... down her thighs ... as she grasps the back of the chair while biting her lip.

"Please ... Master ... No more ... I can't stand the weight ... take it off."

"What", I yell, swinging the cat across her ass. "Say it you ... Bastard rapist."

"Stop ... Master", Dano screams, the sweat dripping from the end of his nose as he strains downward in a futil effortto set the weight on the floor. I take my time placing the handle of the cat in Luann's hands, moving to Dano and removing the weight. There is a long sign as he hangs limp from the beam.

Returning to the chair I take my knife and cut the cored holding Mistress Luann. She lies across the back of the chair, resting, as I rub lotion on her back, gently massaging her shoulders.

"Thank you Sir", she whispers.

"Anything ... little one", I answer, kissing the back of her neck as I massage her ass.

"Is he mine now, Sir?"

"Yes", I answer, leaving the room.

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