By Mistress Luann

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Being fucked by Sir Stephen last night was the best.

We left Dano standing in the corner, went down stairs, my Master put on my collar and chained me to the bed. I knew the position well, so I was on all fours in a second, my ass high, my arms and legs spread. He returned from the dresser with the leather flogger, rubbed my ass with oil and lay several well placed strikes on my butt. My ass burned as the thin leather strips found my tender cheeks. After a couple of strikes I felt the bed move as my Master crawled behind me. I braced myself for Sir Stephen to fuck my ass ... but ... I was pleasantly surprised for her placed his cock below my bun-hole and pushed deep inside my wet cunt. I moaned as he fucked, driving my face into the mattress. I came immediately and he came shortly thereafter. I rolled on my side and fell asleep with my Master's limp prick in my cum soaked pussy.

But ... my dreams were not of my Master ... they were filled with thoughts of the man in room seven ... Dano!

As the rays of the morning sun fall across the bed, I reach over to find that Sir Stephen had already left. I jump out of bed and put my robe on so I can check my pet. My pet as been taken down from the harness and tied, spread eagle on the bed. He still wears the mask, but now he is clean and I see he is wearing an adult diaper. What a sight he is. I start to laugh, which wakes him. He turns his head in my direction but still cannot see me or talk. I look on the table and find that Master Stephen as laid out all kinds of toys. A whip, a flogger with metal tips, clamps of all kinds, a pair of needle nosed pliers and so much more. "My Master was busy this morning", I think.

I walk over to Dano, lift the mask and remove the ball gag. My pet takes a deep breath.

"You think you are smart, don't you ... Bitch", he yells. At first I step back in fright, then I remember ... I am in charge.

"Listen ... you Bastard ... don't ever yell at me", I say with every ounce of courage I can muster. "You are mine! My Master says I can do whatever I want. Don't push me." I put the gag back in his mouth so I don't have to listen to his mumbling. He struggles, moving his head wildly as I tie the leather strips securely.

I reach for the metal tipped flogger. I have felt this many times against my flesh ... but I have never did I hold it in my hands. The power ... the feeling of dominance ... is something else. I stand back and swing ...

" ... Whoops ... I missed. I try to remember how Master Stephen does this. I imitate my Master motions, swinging from my shoulder and not my elbow. This time the thongs make contact, driving the metal tips as they cut into Dano's chest and stomach. I hit him over and over again until sweat formed on my brow. The power ... the sound ... the feel of whipping Dano makes my cunt drip. I can see that my pet's cock is hard. I undo diaper to release his stiff prick. "There you go again ... getting hard without my permission", I say, reaching for some of the curtain cord he used on me. I can tell by his struggles that he is afraid. Maybe he's remembering last night ... the thought brings a smile to my face.

"If you want a hard cock ... let me tie it up for you", I say as I start to wind the cord around his balls. I wrap, around and around , pulling tight, as I bring the cord to the base of his prick. I pull the ends up around the base of his cock, and tie the string tight. He is struggling very hard against the bonds that hold him.

"Yes", I think, " ... I hope it hurts like hell." Next I get the nipple clamps with teeth. I hook one clamp at the underside of his purple scrotum and the other clamp I attach to the skin on the uncircumcised head of his prick.

Dano is pumping wildly, pulling his arms and legs, until he learns that, with every movement the clamps swing and the teeth bite harder on his tender flesh. Reluctantly the giant lies very still as I blow my cool breath on his cock as my tongue reaches out and touches the clamp. I give the metal a flick and the teeth push through his skin as he groans through the gag. I look closely at the teeth, which have punctured his flesh .

"I really think we should do something about the cuts. We don't won't them to get infected", I say as I remove the two clips. I hear his sign as he breathes heavily through his nose while I go to the dresser. I return to the bed and pour the alcohol over his balls. "Yes ... Bastard ... suffer ... suffer until you beg", I yell with an evil laugh. He pulls wildly while I laugh as I replace the diaper and leave the room.

I go about the day taking care of the Inn. I am glad this is the slow time of year as it would be hard to have my pet with guest around. Before I know it Master Stephen is coming through the door. I run into his arms and greet him with a kiss and smile.

"So ... my little one ... what have you been up to all day", he says with a knowing, wicked grin?

"Oh just the normal things. I did the dishes, did some wash, flogged my pet, and tied his balls. Just the normal things a girl does when she is at home", I answer with a laugh.

My Master laughs and holds me close. "Well, since you worked so hard today, run upstairs and make your self more beautiful. I will take you to our favorite French restaurant." In no time I am ready. I dress in my favorite black silk dress, thigh high stocking, black heels and, of course, nothing underneath. I brush my auburn hair back and let it fall to my shoulders. Before going downstairs I peek in at Dano. I smile, lock the door and go to have an evening with my beloved Master. After a few hours, a lovely dinner and wonderful wine, we returned to the Inn. The first thing I do is run to room seven to make sure that Dano is still there. He is but he smells like shit. I have to clean him again. This is the part I hate the most. As I wipe his ass I see that I forgot to untie his balls. "Oh my God". I think, ".. they are so swelled up, the twine is cutting them. I try to untie them, but can't, so I get a thin bladed knife and cut the cord. As his balls are release he pisses straight up in the air, showering himself with the yellow stench. "Fuck you" I say, moving back so that I wouldn't get pissed on, " ... I'll clean you in the morning ... you pig."

"Not so fast", I hear. "You will clean him tonight", Sir Stephen says smacking my ass with his stiff hand. "He is your pet and you must take care of him."

Master Stephen unties Dano, moves him from the bed, replaces the harness and chains him to the wall. While this is going on I pull the sheets, roll the stinky mess into a ball, place new ones on the bed and take the old ones and throw them away. When I return I have a large pan from the kitchen , which I put on the floor in front of Dano. I remove the mask and for the first time I see his face as I take the ball gag out of his mouth.

"Please, release me. I am sorry", he begs, " ... Please ... !"

"What? You pig ... let you go so that you can rape me again ... maybe kill me", I ask? "This morning I was a Bitch. What changed your mind? Tell me, you worthless piece of shit", I yell, smacking him across the face.

"I didn't mean it ... I ... ", Dano replies before I strike him again.

"Fuck you", I yell. "You're lucky I haven't cut your cock off and fed it to you for dinner", I say, not believing my own voice. "I won't ...", he says looking down at the ground.

"On your knees pig." I place the pan in front of him and point with my finger. "See that ... ass hole ... if you've got to piss or shit ... your crap had better go in there. I'm tired of cleaning up after you."

"Yes ... I will."

"Yes ... what ...", I yell. "Yes ... I said!"

"Refer to me as Mistress and Sir Stephen as Master or I'll tie your balls again ... maybe I'll cut them off."

"Yes ... Mistress", he says, looking down at the large pan.

Then, I remember it has been a couple of days without food or drink. I go to the bathroom, fill a bowl with water from the toilet, bring it back to room seven and put it on the floor.

"I thought you might be thirsty", I say, turning off the lights and leaving the room.

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