By Mistress Luann

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All day long I thought about my pet. What could I do to him to make him suffer? I know he had to be suffering already with the harness, the mask over his face and he hadn't eaten all day. Oh, let him starve for another day or two. He's too big anyway!

I go up to the room and stand at the door watching my pet. He is struggling, trying to get out. I pray he doesn't, he is so big. I feel a hand on my shoulder and it startles me out of my thoughts.

"My little pet, what do you plan on doing with this bastard?" Master Stephen's voice is stern yet passionate.

I turn, "Master ... I am not sure? I have never had a pet."

"But ... you have been one", he says, putting his arm around my shoulder.

"But ... Sir, I have been a loving pet. And ... I think loved", I as questioning as I look up into my Master's eyes.

"You are loved."

"But ... I don't love him ... I hate him."

"Do you hate him for what he did to you?"

"No ... I hate him because he's a pig. I must admit I was aroused ... yet disgusted."

"What do farmers do to animals they don't like?" "Castrate them ... ", I asked?

"Is that what you would like to do", Sir Stephen said pulling his knife from it's sheath.

My pet, hearing my Master's suggestion pulled at the chain until I thought he was going to choke.

"If you want your pet alive you had better stop him."


Without answering Sir Stephen took his knife and approached the man. Taking a towel he wrapped the blade and pushed the handle into the man's ass. "Dano ... Stop ... ", he said sternly, " ... or I'll turn the knife around and ream your ass before I cut off your balls." The man growled loudly through the ball gag, relaxed on the end of the chain and slumped to the ground. "Lesson one ... you are going to live, however, unpleasantly. So ... stop fucking around or my Mistress will have you for lunch."

I walk over to Dano and stand in front of him. Because of the ball gag and mask he cannot talk or see. I reach out and touch his chest. I rake my nails over his nipples. He tries to move but can't. I continue down his naked body leaving red trails where my nails dig into his flesh. His cock is stiff as my fingers pass through his legs and cup his balls.

"Master ... he has an erection", I say in my most friendly voice. "What should I do.?"

"No ... Sir!"

"Then ... squeeze his balls until he is limp."

My hand closes on Dano's testicles as he pulls at the end of his chain. thrashing his legs in every direction. I squeeze harder, pulling backward as he moans through the gag. Slowly his cock starts to soften, yet I squeeze harder watching the sack turn from red to a purplish blue. My mind is blank as I remember the man gloating about my helplessness. Now I had him and he was mine.

I can hear Master Stephen laughing in the background. I turn and grin.

"This will be fun ... Sir!"

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