By Mike Linton

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It was another beautiful mid-summer day and I'd ridden my Hog down to the pub in the well-known East Coast party town of Byron. I drank a few cleansing ales and settled back, enjoying the passing scenery. There were lots of scantily clad young ladies from all over the globe. They all wanted to have a memorable time.

I was just sitting there, thinking how nice it would be to have one or two of these girls to party with later on, when I noticed a girl, about nineteen, blonde, tan, hard body with hard firm nipples poking through her skimpy top and a small wrap. She was sort of dancing with herself, wearing one of those wrap around Hippie Bali skirts.

She was very attractive and had the look. You know the look, when you just know it's on. She was walking past my bike, checking it out, carrying some bags of clothes. I leaned over the table and said "Hi, nice bike ... eh ... Like it? How about coming for a ride!" Half expecting her to tell me to "Fuck off", to my surprise, she said "o.k." with great enthusiasm, and asked if I would mind riding her to the hostel she was staying at so she could drop off her clothes. "Yeah sure", I said, finishing my ale and kick starting my Harley.

"Ready", I said as she parked her delicious butt down on the seat behind me. I put the bike in gear, took off flat out up around the pub to let everyone see what I've got to play with and shot down the street to her place.

We traveled the few blocks to her hostile in a minute or so and she went inside, returning quickly with a large smile. "Well, let's go .... time she is a wasting", she said, climbing behind me and holding on.

I decided to take the road out of town, do the circle down the back roads and return into town. I'm still thinking how am I going to pull this off, so, I decided on the "nice guy approach". I rode up to this huge hillside over looking Byron and by this time it's getting dark. The lighthouse is flashing, the moon is out as I'm thinking, "perrrrfect".

I get to the top of the hill and pull over to look at the view. We get off the bike, left it sitting on the side of the road, and sat down a few meters away on this grass bank. The whole time this girl is being very nice but I still don't know what she's in to ... or what? Fuck it, I thought, I'll just go for it ... so ... I grab her, pull her to me and plant a big wet tongue kiss on her.

Expecting her to scream, "Fuck off ... take my home ... thought you were a nice guy", or some shit along those lines, I was surprised that she jumped onto me and started going off.

Yes!! In no time I've ripped off her clothes and what a ! Oh ... yes, no shit, she was unreal. I'm sucking these perfect brown nipples, her firm hard breasts in my hands, my lips are all over her at once. She strips me naked, grabs my cock and starts sucking on it like there's no tomorrow. I can't believe my luck. Here is this "Hell Babe", sucking my cock like she hasn't eaten in a week ... the moon was beaming ... the stars are out ... it's nice and warm ... the big flash from the lighthouse going around ... and it was a memorable moment. The thoughts burned into my mind.

I just enjoyed the sensation of total bliss for awhile, a minute or an hour may have passed, and time had no meaning any more. I was in paradise. I've roust myself out of the dream like state and decided to get straight down to the business. I pull my cock out of her mouth and pushed her over on her back. Sensing what was coming she eased back and opened the legs, revealing her beautifully trimmed pussy. I dove into it, stick my tongue straight into her wet cunt. It was sweet tasting ... no foul smell ... tight ... tender ... wet and slippery ... Oh ... yes!

I stick my cock straight in and fucked her senseless. I'm panting ... sweat is pouring off me and she is just getting into fucking me as if we had known each other for years. I roll her over doggy style and drive my stiff cock in hard. How much can a Koala bare!

I shoot my load straight up without missing a beat and keep on pumping until I cum a second time.

By this time I am well and truly fucked ... no breath ... sweat pissing off me ... my new friend is just curled up beside me with her head on my shoulder. We lay there for awhile as she purrs into my ear, not saying a word. We get up, ride the rest of the way into town. By the time we hit town we were at each other again so I stop at my mate's house. He's got a flat out the back that we use, when any of us get lucky.

We stay there for awhile then I drop her off at the hostel. She was meeting up with her boyfriend in three days and said she would meet me the next day.

She never showed and I never saw her again. I don't know her name and that was that.

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