Halloween Party with Mistress Monica

By Dungeonmaster

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Monica and I had spent most of the afternoon at the Blowout Office decorating for a Halloween Party.

There is a large candle in the back office which is decorated with antiques of a S & M nature. There is a rack, some hooks in the ceiling and the usual chains and ropes. The windows are stained glass and back lighted so that the room has a deep red color. The ceiling is dark as are the walls. I did most of the decorating before she came to work. That is if you consider fucking and sucking all day work.

Since Monica came to Blowout, my dungeon has taken on a feminine touch. She replaced the metal restraints with leather & silk. There are pillows on the floor next to the rings I use to restrain her. Everything in the room has its' place. The cuffs, blindfolds, dildos, spreaders and clamps hang neatly on the wall.

When Monica first came to work she was shy and almost offended with the material she had to deal with every day. You know, the photos, sexual stories and poetry sent in by our customers . She couldn't bring herself to read some of it at first but now she is a real trooper. The other day, she emailed a gal and told her to get serious and write about fucking or she wouldn't publish her shit. Not bad for a shy Midwestern farm girl.

Don't get me wrong, Monica likes to be bound, gagged and tortured ... it's just that she likes the gentle dominance. That may sound contradictory because who thinks of torture as being gentle? But, maybe they've been reading too much De Sade.

Gentle torture is like gentle sex. It has it's place and certain ladies like it. While some ladies like to be forced, abused and made subservient, Monica likes to beg and plead for her punishment. I think her sexual pleasure comes from begging for pain rather than the pain itself. Sometimes she will ask for her nipple clamps or plead to have her ass hole opened with the spreader and beg for me to scrape her soft pussy with the straight razor. She likes what she wants and usually gets it.

But, tonight is Halloween and we have a party to give.

Guests started arriving about 10:00 and Monica is a hit with her black Nuns robe, white habit and her giant cross on the gold chain. I wear the Monk's maroon robe she made, a large cross that matched hers and a sash around my waist. Most of the guests are dressed in master / slave outfits so our costumes are really special.

For a change we have white candles instead of black and the rack is covered with a white sheet onto which we placed a doll covered in chicken blood to represent the dead Christ Child. We have our favorite skull in a bowl with a dildo stuck in its' mouth between two candles. It looks like an old man mouthing a cigar.

It isn't long before Monica has my cock out and is on her knees sucking the head and licking the shaft with her lovely tongue. She just loves my cock in her mouth while her right hand caresses my balls and her left finds its' way into my ass. I spread my legs and she roughly shoves her finger into the hole and grabs the skin with her thumb and imbedded finger. I drive my cock deep into her throat and she takes every bit and her lips munch on the hair at the base as if she is trying to swallow that also. What lovely lips she has and how her throat massages my member as I push and pull it from her mouth only to have her squeeze hard on the skin at the base of my cock and the inside of my ass as if her grasp is a clamp holding me tightly. Her finger and thumb hold tightly and followed my movement in and out.

I feel someone behind me taking one wrist and wrapping a rope several times around. My arm is pulled back and up as the rope is strung through one of the rings in the ceiling and the other wrist is wrapped. I am bent slightly at the waist and my wrists are now wrapped together and the rope is tightened and I am forced to my knees in front of Monica. I am now bent over with my arms in the air and I see a dark figure approaching from across the room. I try to raise my head but I can't see the face of the assailant. I can only see the long legs and hairy pussy as she approaches.

"Take this Father", she says as the leather tears into my back as she swings the whip hard.

"Blessed are those", she screams as the leather falls hard across my ass and I lunge forward into Monica's mouth and she pinches my skin between her thumb and finger and squeezes my balls in her other hand. "Blessed are those who eat pussy", my assailant cries as she pulls my hair, driving her pussy against my face. "Eat me, Father", she yells, as I grind her crotch and hair between my teeth and the whip lands again. "Bite me harder you Fucking Missionary Freak", she cries as I bite her cunt hair. My teeth are holding her pussy and her hands tighten their grasp in my hair. "Bite, you fucker", as I feel the moist, wet, rich taste of blood between my teeth.

As Monica sucks and my assailant shakes my head I feel someone holding me around the waist as my ass is smeared with lotion. There is the usual pain as an object starts to penetrate the hole and I am pushed further into Monica's open mouth. I bite harder on the pussy between my teeth as the sharp pain runs up my back as the object pushes further into my ass. It is hard to tell what it is until I feel the fur around the base and the belly slap against my cheeks and someone rams their cock deep into me. My hands grab the rope holding me to the ceiling and I let out a moan as the cock drives deep into my body and Monica's finger rubs against the member as she squeezes my skin and I bite down hard on the fur in my mouth and the hands shake my head and Monica tightens her grip and pushes me deep into her throat and I explode from the depths of my soul and the cum runs into her stomach and the soft pussy in my mouth twitches as I bite and I feel my ass fill with the juice from the large member driving deep into me.

I hang limp with my arms behind me and raised as the giant member slips from my ass and I loosen my grip on the warm, wet, rich pussy and Monica releases her grip on my skin and removes her finger from my ass, letting go of my balls as she moves away. I am alone as my cock sags, my asshole drips, my lips swell and my arms are held back and raised.

"I love you", I whisper, not being particular to whom I am speaking.

As my eyes open I see Monica as she raises her head and leans back. In the dim light I can see her habit covered head with the cum dripping from her smile. I blink in the candle light and see her hand as she rubs the cock that pushes up into her. She rocks slowly, then with more rhythm as the cock drives up into her and she rides like a jockey.

"Fuck me, my Son", she whispers, as the cock drives harder and faster. She licks her lips and rubs her free hand over her face as the other rubs the grinding cock. I hang limp watching Monica grind her cunt down on the stiff shaft as she grabs her pussy hair and pulls it in a circular motion. I hang limp as she plunges herself down on the exploding cock and the cum squirts into her cunt. She trembles and falls forward on her hands.

Monica's pussy slides up and the cock pops out of her hole and she half crawls toward me on her hands and knees. She picks up a rubber cock from the floor and slips it between her lips, looking into my eyes as if to tell me how much she wants my member that is now limp and used. She sucks on the rubber imitation as she crawls toward me.

Our lips are about to touch when I see a dark figure behind her. Hands grab Monica by the waist and I see her head rise and a smile breaks on her mouth. A slight squeal escapes her lips as the dark figure strikes a powerful thrust, driving his cock into Monica's ass. Her eyes open wide and her hands grasp the rubber cock and push it deep into her throat. One hand pushes the dildo and the other rubs her own throat as if jacking off the member. The dark figure drives in and out of her ass and the rubber member disappears in her throat and I let out a scream as the leather lands on my ass. The dark figure stops as I scream and Monica lunges back onto his stiff prick as he cums in her ass and his fingers dig into her waist as she tears the rubber cock from her mouth.

I hang limp as the dark figure moves away and Monica continues to crawl toward me. Our lips meet and my tongue enters her gaping mouth and circles the inside tasting the last of my cum. My lips close around her tongue and suck it into my mouth as the wraps her arms around my shoulders and hangs limp with me.

Suddenly, I fall forward to the floor as someone cuts the rope that holds my arms back and up. Monica licks the back of my head and I feel the cold steel on my wrist as the bonds are cut.

"I love you", I whisper, not being particular to whom I am speaking.

"I love you, Master", Monica replies.

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