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"Halloween Masquerade"

By: Veronica North

I've been married to Derek almost 3 years and little things he does are starting to make me suspect him of having an affair. I was angry and a little frightened at the prospect at first and found myself unable to sleep beside him at night without crying. After a month of tiptoeing out to the couch at night after he fell asleep, I resolved myself to discover the truth, no matter what.

So this is what I did:

We'd been invited to a Halloween costume dance at the country club and I had been working on a grim reaper costume for Derek. The costume was a masterpiece, complete with a black nylon sheath underneath the hood that hid his face completely but allowed him to see out. After his costume was completed, I decided, as an afterthought I opted to go as a dead person, brutally massacred. My husband's victim.

The day of the party arrived and it occurred to me how I could find out if my husband were faithful.

I said I wasn't feeling well and was going to the store for cold medicine and drove to a costume and party supply shop. I dug through the few remaining adult sized costumes looking for something that would work. I needed a costume that would have a mask or something else that covered my face. There weren't very many female costumes of that description, but I eventually found a cat woman suit, and a belly dancer's costume with a veil. Deciding the belly dancer would be better, I bought it.

A few hours before the party I told Derek that the cold had gotten a lot worse and that I was going to stay home. "But you really should go ahead without me." I encouraged him.

"But" he began, and then seeming to change his mind, he nodded and went to get ready.

"Prick," I thought.

We'd been planning to go with a couple guy friends of Derek's and as soon as he left with them I jumped out of bed and pulled out the dancer's costume from my nightstand. A little wrinkled, but it would pass. The costume was black with purple sequince and had sheer legs, all the way up to the silky panty-like under piece that came with it. The top exposed my middle and was silk with long, sheer sleeves and silken cuffs. The veil, thankfull was silk, and not sheer, intended for a costume and not authenticity. I donned the little silk slippers that completed the outfit and made my way to the party.

I didn't see Derek anywhere at the party. I looked for him for nearly half an hour, fending off his office buddies all the while. The costume was a bit revealing and his co-workers had no clue I was Derek's wife. At least I knew the costume hid my identity. Just as I was about to leave, frustrated, I saw Derek in his grim reaper costume walking in the door alone. Not wanting to appear to obvious, I hung back by the punch bowl, just watching him. He talked to a few women near the door and eventually took one of them out to the dance floor.

After almost an hour of watching him dance with dozens of women I realized I wasn't going to see much of anything this way. When the song ended I made my move and approached him, praying he wouldn't recognize me.

"Hi sexy." I whispered into his ear from behind him.

That did the trick, and he spun around "Hi yourself" He whispered back and grabbed my hands as a slow tune started up. I didn't have a lot of time so I started acting very forward, hoping to speed things up. As we danced I rubbed my breasts up and down his chest, almost imperceptibly and ground my pelvis into him. He noticed my efforts and sought to return them by slowly rubbing his hard on against my belly.

The dance ended and he whispered "Want to see my car?" A lame line if I ever heard one, but I accepted with a nod.

Even though I was extremely angry with my husband for what he was about to do (even though it was me, I rationalized, he didn't KNOW it was me.) I was a little turned on at the prospect of coupling in the back seat of a car, something we hadn't done since our honeymoon.

We walked outside into the chill of the October night and made our way to the parking lot. His hand was all over my ass. I wished badly that I could see his face. To slap it or kiss it, I wasn't sure.

"Here's my car" he whispered when we got to his buddy Wayne's car. At least he didn't fuck other girls in our own car, I thought ruefully. I wondered if Wayne's wife knew.

He seemed to think my intent was exactly the same as his and began mauling me the second the car door had slammed. I should have been extremely pissed but the spontaneity and the masks, and someone else's car all had my juices flowing. My nipples were rock hard from the cold that my sheer leggings and sleeves could not keep out.

Derek's tongue was halfway to my throat and his big warm hands were rubbing my pussy through my silky drawers. Beginning to get into my role, I clasped the bulge in his grim reaper robe. It was even larger than usual and I wondered if it was because he was having sex with another woman or if it were my imagination.

Derek began kneading my breasts frantically and guided me into a horizontal position on the cold backseat. Without much more foreplay he was tugging at my pants, soon leaving my bare ass on the icy cold vinyl seat of the restored '67 mustang. Soon, however, the cold was forgotten as he pulled up his mask, buried his face between my legs and began tonguing my clit. Derek was never very good at oral sex and in the past year we'd stopped it completely. This skilled tongue was a shock, to be sure. Although he had been a bit frantic in his efforts up til now, he slowed down, making long, languid stroked up and down my slit with his oh-so-warm tongue. Soon, I was clutching the door handle and bucking my hips into his face, nearing an orgasm. I ran my fingers through his hair, pushing his face closer to me while my body quivered.

When the sensation had ebbed he pulled his mask back on, hiked up his robe and drove his cock into me. It was so unexpected, I moaned as my head hit the car door but I didn't care. He filled me completely and every thrust brought me closer to a second orgasm. This whole episode had been rushed, impersonal, and hardly romantic but it was also proving to be the best sex I'd had in a long time.

We had sex 2 more times and I drove home at around midnight, racing to beat him home and still have time to change and jump in bed. I was home about a half an hour when I heard his keys jingling in the dead bolt. I wriggled under the covers and pretended to be asleep.

He came into the bedroom quietly, trying not to wake me. While he was undressing I decided to "wake up" and confront him.

"How was the party, babe?" I asked, innocently enough.

" was pretty dull" He sounded like he was telling the truth, but I couldn't see his face in the darkness. It only proved he was a good liar.

"You sure stayed a long time for a dull party" I tried not to sound accusatory.

"Oh well, we got there and it just wasn't any fun with out you so we went down to Mickey's Bar and had a few drinks then went to Wayne's to play cards."

"Oh you did, did you?" Now I couldn't conceal my hostility.

He was silent for a moment and then he seemed to break down, ready to confess. "Oh Lynne I'm so sorry." He said.

I waited, unsure if I should be glad that he was about to tell all.

"I know you spent a lot of time on that costume, but it wasn't for nothing. I didn't wear it but when we got to Wayne's place his wife's brother was there and he about died when I showed it to him. So I let him wear it to the party. He came back just before I left and said he had the time of his life at that party. It went to a good cause, hon."

"You loaned it to a stranger?" I demanded. I was finding it hard to breathe suddenly.

"Yea, I thought you'd have wanted it to get some use, all that work you put into it and all. But if you didn'tI'm sorry."

"No, it's ok Derek. Just come to bed."

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