By TJ & Lee Star

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In my last correspondence I was raving over the first taste of new cock in literally years. TJ gave me the green light one night when we hooked up with Ginger and her boyfriend, Scott. About eighteen months ago this would have been as believable to me as space ships on my front lawn. If you've followed our stories over the last year and a half you've learned how I have progressed. First from a women surprised how much she enjoyed taking risks getting adventuresome ... to a super cock loving little slut who not only wants to experience everything ... but ... then the double pleasure of getting off writing about it.

On New Years Eve this year my husband, who I love dearly, invited me to suck another man's cock. This worked out well since his wonderful cock was buried in my best friend, Ginger's, ass. We've had a handful of threeways over the last year so this seemed the next move in the logical progression.

Scott's cock was great! Fatter and a bit darker than TJ's prick, but, the newness was a real turn on. Watching my hubby watch me while he ass fucked my best friend, Scott's girlfriend, was much more of a turn on. Back at the office, where I'm an attorney and Ginger is an accountant, we wear our conservative business attire and no one has any idea ... which is the way we like it.

Well .... I'm writing again, after a bit of a layoff, because of a new adventure ... one that has left me so fucking horny I've masturbated twice already today ... and undoubtedly will again before I'm done typing.

TJ's out of town for two weeks. Ginger's boyfriend has a regular poker game on the first Friday of the month. That left me and Ginger alone to catch up on our drinking.

I picked her up and we went to the store and got munchies for Scott's apartment. There were seven guys' playing cards and, because it was a middle of big pot, we barely got a "hello" when we came in.

As we left Ginger said "We're going to find someone to fuck ... dear."

Scott not paying attention replied, " ... OK Hun, see you!"

I think there was a little kidding on both parts ... but with these two you can't always tell.

Ginger and I went to a quiet wine bar and had a couple, let some guys flirt with us and then headed home. Ginger wanted to stop back at Scott's to be a wise ass, so I went along for the ride.

It was almost midnight, and six of the guys were left playing. Apparently, there was a lot of money that exchanged hands so Scott clearly was paying attention to the game and not us. We took the hint and went for a glass of wine in the kitchen.

"Those fuckers ... it's like we don't even exist". Gin said. "We could do a slow strip and they wouldn't notice", she continued. "I swear, Lee, you could ram my asshole with a giant dildo and they wouldn't even notice!"

We both giggled after that.

It wasn't long before Scott came in to get another round of beers. Ginger was now pretty buzzed and said, "Honey ... how about Lee and I do a wild lesbian show and maybe suck some of the guys cocks?"

"Sure Hun", Scott answered, " ... we'd definitely notice that." With that he kissed her on the head and went back to the game.

"That's It!", Gin said and left the room. I could feel that anticipation of excitement when I know she's going to get out of hand. In a moment she was back .... wearing a sheer white body stocking with white, four inch, heels. She kissed me hard on the mouth and gave me her tongue. "All I need from you, Lee, is to dare me ... please."

Of course I did and I let her go alone ... as much of a super slut that I've become, I still try to limit my exposure to others. I don't want the world to know. Shortly after she entered the room I heard it go silent ... the entire card playing banter had gone. It was quiet.

Then I heard a loud voice, "Go for it, Honey!,"

I couldn't resist, I had to at least watch Gin. I stood in the doorway and saw her with one leg up on a chair, her head thrown back, her wet pink cunt lips showing clearly through the body stocking. I know the look on her face ... she either just got off or was very close. The men, including Scott, had put down their cards and were starring ... dumbfounded.

"Lee, I told you I needed some attention ... there's something about spreading your lips that really gets guys to notice!" Ginger giggled as she ripped off her body stocking and I felt myself get wet, really wet almost instantly. I knew I couldn't be a spectator for long.

Ginger walked toward me and gave me a deep tongue kiss and started to take off my turtleneck. Next ... she unsnapped my Levi's and helped me shimmy out of them. I had on an electric blue thong that matched my bra. She pulled aside my bra and started to suck one of my nipples. I've cum from just nipple stimulation and I was very close to orgasm now. I was feeling, all of a sudden, very bold .... bold and cock hungry.

"Scott, baby, whip out your dick for me", I screamed. "I want to see it, honey. You know how I love to watch you jack off."

Scott pulled out his cock as I asked. To no surprise ... it was hard ... really hard ... and he looked happy to have an excuse to be stroking it. He pumped it slow as he focused his eyes on Ginger, who was now licking me as I stood with legs spread, my bra now off and my thong pushed the side.

"C'mon boys ... good things will happen if you get your cocks out ... I promise." I teased all of them and, on cue, they responded.

"Lee, you taste soooo good", Gin said, " ... but ... we have four hard cocks waiting ... that's two each ... let's get to work!".

Gin knelt between Scott and a guy named Roy, switching back forth sucking their cocks. I watched her as she stroked both of them while she looked up and said, "I need a cock for my cunt. I need a cock for my mouth. Now you bad little boys!" With that she slapped them both on the ass.

Meanwhile, I was not to be outdone. Mike was fucking me hard, my legs spread with my back on the carpet. Steve was fucking my tits. His pre-cum smoothed the way as he pushed them together. With each thrust his cock entered my mouth. Steve was really turned on and wasn't going to last long. Getting tit fucked is fun but let's be honest, a tad uncomfortable. I wanted him to cum fast. I knew what to do.

As mike rammed his cock all the way inside of my hot cunt I started talking dirty to Steve. "I want you to blow your cum load all over my slut face .... I love dick ... fuck my face! .... Give me that Cock like I want it!" I went on and on as he rammed his cock into me. It worked. In the time it took to say all that, Steve blew a wicked load of cum on my face ... my tits ... my hair ... I was covered in cum, just like I like them'."

Just when I thought I could concentrate on Mike fucking me, Gin straddled my face with her shaved little cunt in my mouth. She was sucking Roy's cock and jerking off Scott. I tasted cum inside her cunt and, at the risk of sounding like the world's top super slut, I knew the taste, it was Scott's.

I came really hard and Mike to his credit kept on fucking away. Ginger got off on my tongue while Roy came in her mouth.

Being super-sluts she leaned over and kissed me ... giving me a taste of Roy's load.

Needless to say it went on from there.

Right now, my panties are around my ankles, I gotta get myself off.

My cunt lips are spread wide open ... my fingers are soaked .... Sorry for poor story writing ....

I gotta get off ... NOW!

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