A Great Fucking Shower

By Anonymous

Hi, It's me Kirt again. My girlfriend and I have been going out from about eight months and we are really in love. We are still kinda young so we haven't done much, but we have been talking about it.

Anyway, I had just got home from a party and I was having a nice warm shower. My mom was in her bedroom getting ready to go out. I thought I herd the doorbell ring but I wasn't sure so I just ignored it. My mom yelled at me, telling me that she was leaving. What I didn't know was the doorbell really did ring. It was my girlfriend. My mom had let her in and told her that I would be out of the shower in a few minutes and to wait.

There we were alone in my house, me in the shower and my girlfriend in my room and I didn't know she was even there! I had left the bathroom door unlocked because I thought it was only me and my mom at home.

I thought I herd the bathroom door open and yelled, "MOM GET OUT!". There was no answer so I figured I was hearing things. All of a sudden the shower curtain swung open. There she was, bare-naked standing right in front of me. It was my girlfriend.

"Hello", I said, in a very surprised voice. She asked me if I was surprised to see her. "Of course", I said, "yes!".

She asked me if I was happy to see her. "Of course", I said, "yes!".

] She stepped into the shower and put her hands around my waist, holding me close and kissed me on the lips. I returned the favor by slipping my tongue into her mouth. We made-out for awhile because that's all we were use to. When she felt my dick beginning to become erect she slipped her hand down and started rubbing it. It was the best feeling I have ever felt. Even better than when I masturbate, and that was exactly what she was doing. She was jerkin' me off.

My house wasn't very big so all we had was one of the showers that are really in combination with the bathtub. She told me to lie on my back and she would give me a present. So I did as she asked. I laid back and she got between my legs and continued to rub my cock. She leaned froward to give me a kiss on the lips then she moved to my neck then to my chest. She started playing with my nipples, biting them, pinching them and sucking them. She moved down my body licking me as she moved. She got to my cock and licked up and down my shaft with the tip of her tongue. Then she flicked my knob while teasing me. I felt like I was going to explode my load already. She then took the head of my cock into her mouth sucking it like a little girl would on a lollipop. The sound of her sucking my rod, plus the feel, made me shiver. She slowly took it all into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down and up and down she massaged my dick with her lips. She stuck her tongue out and looked me in the eyes and licked my knob. She licked the little hole in my dick, one of the most tender spots on a man's body. She then continued to engulf with my dick into her mouth.

I couldn't believe this was happening to me. She stood up with me still lying on the ground giving me a full look at her body. Her lushes tits, which were quite big for her age, her tight little ass. Her body looked so perfect when she is dripping wet.

"Now for the main treat", she said and I knew what was about to happen. I arranged myself so I was comfortable while she got on her knees and put her hand on my dick and aimed it so it was pointing strait at her sweet little hole. She sat down and my dick slipped in! It felt so good.

She sat there for about 3 minutes and then she started moving up and down trying to get as much as me inside her as possible. She rocked back and forth faster and faster, screaming my name. The muscles in her pussy were working at my cock. I was moaning telling her to go faster.

"Ohhhh god Kirt...cummm in my pussy" ... "OHHHH YESSSSSS", she yelled.

I started moving with her forcing my dick in and out of her tight cunt. I felt my balls tense as she started moving faster and faster.

"I'mmmm cuummmmmin' baby!", I screamed as we both had an orgasm at the same time. I am surprised the neighbors didn't hear us.

We both just lied there for about an hour holding each other after what we had just shared. She got up off of me and we cleaned each other. We got dressed and sat on the couch and watched a movie.

I know after that, that our relationship was going to get a lot more interesting!!!