My Graduation Present for Celeste

By Dungeonmaster

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This is the first time I sat at my computer and tried to write since my Dear Monica died. I have had a lot of thoughts but they all seemed to be the same ... Monica.

Even when Celeste would distract me for a time I would fall into the deep feelings that Monica was really gone.

But ... I feel different today ... for the first time. I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, my restaurant is complete and my Celeste is graduating from High School.

I think that's the difference ... since it is the first time I really wanted to do anything for anyone since Monica's demise. I want to get Celeste something beautiful for her graduation. Last week I asked her what she wanted and she told me to use my imagination ... and that's not too difficult since fantasy is my business.

I called a friend, we'll call him Master II. I taught him what he knows about domination and introduced him to Mistress BarB. They now live in Chicago and he is a wonderful jeweler. I asked him to make two gold hanging pendulums to replace her pussy rings. They have four crystal spheres and four gold ornaments. I thought it symbolic of the four piercings, which I have made in Celeste ... two in her pussy and two in her nipples. The third pendulum is a clit ring with an emerald pendant. I thought this symbolic of the piercing I would make on graduation night.

The present arrived the day before Celeste's party and I wrapped the two pussy-lip pendulums in a black jewelry box with black paper and tied the best black silk bow that I could. I wrapped the clit pendulum in its individual box with the same wrapping, which I intended to give to her later in the evening. I was pleased and hoped that she would be also.

Celeste dressed for the evening in a black silk gown and I wore my best tuxedo. When she came down I told her to stand in the corner as I had a present for her. I went to the night stand and took out the first gift and placed it on a maroon velvet cushion, which I held in front of her as she stood quietly. She immediately reached for the package as her eyes lit brightly and a big smile crossed her lips. As her fingers touched the gift she looked at me and froze. "What do you wish, my dear Celeste", I said quietly.

"I wish to see my present ... Master."

"You may ... Celeste." Gleefully she smiled and carefully untied the bow and laid the silk ribbon over my wrist. She then unwrapped the paper, folded it neatly into a square and placed it on the cushion. When she opened the box I felt that she would wilt as her eyes caught the glimmer of the light reflections of the two pendulums.

"They are beautiful, Master", she whispered as she picked up the two gold ornaments and held them up for my view. "Really beautiful", she whispered, handing the pair to me as I placed the cushion on the chair. "Would you put them on for me, Master", she said as I took the two tassels and she slowly lifted her dress.

"Yes ... my Dearest Celeste", I whispered, kneeling as she lifted her dress, revealing her shapely thighs and her wonderful shaved cunt. I reached forward, removed her rings and inserted the new jewelry in her tender pussy lips. Running my hands over her thighs I brought my fingers slowly around her hips and pressed against her firm young ass, pushing her cunt forward so that my lips found her clit as she spread her thighs.

"I have another present for later but now we should go to your graduation."

I gently kissed her fragrant cunt before I got up from the floor and led her to the full-length mirror so that she could see her presents.

"They are truly beautiful, Master", she whispered.

"You are truly beautiful my Dearest Celeste", I said, taking her hand and leading her to the waiting limousine.

I know that you don't give a shit about the graduation. I didn't fuck Celeste on the stage, she didn't blow me off in front of the crowd and she didn't stick the graduation scroll up her ass.

You don't come to Blowout to read about some high school chick graduating. The celebration was important only to Celeste, and myself. She was beautiful receiving her deploma and the happiest I have seen her in a long while. So ... enough ... I will let it go at that. Be it said ... we had a wonderful time. I will say ... I was refereed to as her father many times and her grandfather twice.

On the ride home Celeste questioned me about her the other present but I, in Masterly fashion, said nothing other than ... "I would give it to her when we got home." I think the " ... give it to her ... " caused a spark in her cunt as a soft smile covered her lips. She leaned back, spread her thighs, placed my hand under her dress and pushed my finger between her gold pendants into her wet pussy.

Immediately after the limousine dropped us off Celeste led me to our playroom, disrobed, lay on the table and spread her thighs. I told her that the present would be very painful and asked if she wanted to be tied.

"I would like to try without being bound", she said, hanging her legs over the end of the table so that her toes hooked behind the table legs. "What are you going to do ... Master?"

"I am going to pierce your clit ... My Dear Celeste."

"Oh ... Master Stephen ... I so much want that. Will you do it slowly."

"Precisely my dear! I remember that you wanted me to pierce your nipples more slowly. Your wish is now my desire ... ", I whispered as I kissed her neck and walked to the dresser on the other side of the room. I picked up the candle, the wrapped present, a box of toys, a towel and a long stainless steel needle. I placed the candle on the table between her thighs, put the towel between her teeth, bent over to kiss her sweet cunt as Celeste put her hands over her head and grasped the edge of the table.

From the box I took a long string of twelve, one inch, Ben Wa Balls and slowly pushed them, one by one, into her ass. As each ball entered her stomach would tense then relax, reminding me of the undulation of the tides when she and I would watch the ocean in the moonlight. Celeste's pussy glistened in the candle light, her clit pushed from the glove like hiding place and my tongue found the tender prick like extension. I licked softly as she dripped cum on the table.

Picking up the needle, I held it in the candle flame until the tip was red. Taking her clit between my teeth I slowly pulled, much like a cat gently lifting a baby kitten, so that the soft flesh was taut. Rolling the needle between my fingers I placed the tip on the loose skin of her clit, slowly pushing the hot steel as I heard the creek of the table as her feet pushed at the legs and her arms pulled at the edge. Celeste bit down on the towel and I could hear a muffled groan as the red-hot needle passed through her skin, sizzling like a steak on a hot plate.

The smell of toasting flesh filled my nose and I, for a moment, almost felt sorry for her pain. I said ... for a moment ... because looking in her eyes I could see her strong desire to please and the immense satisfaction, which only comes from doing something that is very difficult.

I pushed the needle back and forth, pulled it from the hole and sucked her clit into my mouth. Celeste relaxed as I placed the needle into the flame to further heat the steel before I stretched her clit with my teeth and inserted the red tip into the hole again. The needle sizzled as the hot steel cauterized her skin. Celeste tensed but this time I slowly pulled the cord of the Ben Wa Balls. One by one, the spheres popped from her puckered ass hole. As each ball popped from her ass ... her cunt would pulse and cum ran from between her pussy-lips. I released her clit from my teeth and twisted the needle while I licked her cum from the table.

When the last of the balls popped out, Celeste relaxed ... sweat dripping from her thighs, her breasts and forehead. I took the last lick of her rich cum I placed the wrapped present on her chest. She took the box in her hands, removed the ribbon, unwrapped the gift, opened the box and held the third pendulum in the candlelight. "Oh, Master, this is so beautiful", she whispered, holding the emerald jewelry for me to take.

I spread the gold ring, inserted the new jewelry in the hole which had been prepared. Celeste held my head between her hands until I had finished, then she pushed my face between her sweaty thighs so that I could tongue her clit and her new present.

"Would you kiss my lips ... Master", Celeste whispered, sitting up on the table.

"Which lips ... My Dearest?"

"The ones you're not kissing ... Master." I raised my head and she lowered hers, pressing her lips to mine. Gently she pushed her tongue into my mouth as I softly sucked her inside. "I love my gift, Master", she whispered into my open mouth as I pulled her to her feet, took her hand and walked her to the mirror so that she could see her Graduation gift.

"It is beautiful ... my love", Celeste whispered. "Your what?"

"My Master ... I love my present."

"I love you ... Celeste."

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