By Mistress "Celeste"

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It is time for me to go back to college ...

Dungeonmaster knows this ... but doesn't want to admit it. He is quite upset that I selected a college so far from California. He had been keeping himself busy for the past two weeks ... ignoring me more or less. I feel sad ... very alone ... I cry myself to sleep every night on the couch as my Master sleeps in the large bed. This past summer has been rough and I take it out on him, which was wrong on my part. It is two days before I am to leave for college, and I am very sad.

I remember the wonderful times ... painful and marvelous ... as I sit at my dresser playing with my tit pins. How I loved my Master placing the pin. I now wish that I could take them to college but I am afraid of what the students may say. Slowly I remove the pins and take the butterfly cups and place them in a black box on the make-up table. I am teary eyed as I think how much I will miss Blowout ... even though the last months have been trying. From the other room Dungeonmaster calls me. Alice is my real name and I know, when he calls me by that, I am in trouble.

"Alice ... why isn't lunch ready", he yells from the kitchen.

"I am packing ... not like your helping me or anything. Your a grown man make your own lunch", I scream. I hear him grumble ... he is slamming cabinet ... fumbling through the refrigerator ... slamming silverware on the table ... and acting like a spoiled child.

"Your suppose to be my fucking slave ... get out here you cunt. You should be doing this."

"Whatever ... if you want a slave ... go fuck Baby-Slave. She's always good for laugh ... but she's a bad fuck."

That has been one of our major problems this summer. She is a total bitch and she knows it. He didn't say anything ... so ... I figure I pissed him off. Another lonely night on the couch by myself .

"I'm going back to the office ... I don't need this shit. I may be home or I may not ... don't wait up", he emphasizes. I hear the front door slam and I fall onto the bed crying. "Damn ... DM ... go fuck your Baby-Slave ...fuck this whole stupid shitty summer", I scream through my tears. I am hurting ... I never cry unless I am fucking pissed ... and I am pissed. These are tears of pain and hurting. I don't mean pain like pins being pressed through your nipple or clit. I mean the pain of knowing another woman has taken your man.

I must have fallen asleep for, when I woke up I was in the bed all covered. I sit up and notice, first off, my hands are tied in front of me, which makes it difficult to move. I start crying again out of frustration. My Master must hear me crying because he comes into the room.

"Undo my hands", I tell him.

"Are you telling me what to do ... Alice!" I didn't say another word. I just looked down at the bed ... tears running down my cheeks ... dripping from my chin onto the covers. "We need to talk. I tied your hands because I don't want you throwing things. I know when you get pissed ... you start hitting at everything and everyone."

"I don't think we have anything to talk about. I'm leaving for college and now you can fuck whomever your heart desires. I won't be able to do anything ... and ... I don't want to do anything."

Dungeonmaster walked over to me and put a piece of duck tape over my mouth.<{> "Now you're going to listen. first off ... I let you get away with your shit ... telling me about girls that I should or shouldn't fuck. I'll fuck anyone I want. Second off .... your my slave and my Mistress ... I can do with you as I wish. I can make you something or I can break you to nothing. Third ... until you leave for college you're going to act like my slave. So stop this pouting crap. The last thing is no more back talking. I am Master and you do not rule this roost. Do you understand?"

I shook my head yes.

"That's good", Dungeonmaster says as he leans over and pulls off the tape. It hurts like hell, but I don't say anything. "Now ... I'm going back to work. When I come home ... you had better be bathed ... look your best and be ready for a nice evening. He let my hands free and then left.

I clean the house all day while I prepare my Master's favorite dinner. He loves lamb shanks and, if I do say so myself, I cook the best. Shanks are easy to prepare if you have a long time because they have to cook very slowly. Since it is the end of summer, fruit is perfect, I make a lovely fruit salad. I call DM's friend at the liquor store and he suggests a bottle of '75 Château Mouton Rothschild. While this isn't the best bottle of wine ... it is the best I can afford and should be very good with dinner. I polish the brass candlesticks, get new candles, set the table and take a bath.

After I dry I go to our bedroom and sit, naked, in front of my dresser. I have been crying most of the day so I have to use more make-up than usual. When I look as good as I can, under the circumstances, I remove the rings in my pussy-lips and the beautiful emerald clit jewelry my Master gave me and inserted so dearly. I place the jewelry in a box with the nipple decorations and wrap the gift in black paper. I tie a pretty gold bow and write a note:

My Dearest Master:

I give these wonderful presents.
Please hold them for safe keeping.

Your Mistress Always, Celeste

I put on my black silk robe and place the present at the head of the table. At seven-thirty I open the bottle of wine and my Master returns from Blowout exactly at eight. He seems upset. I ask if there are problems at the office and he says that he is sad to see me go. I think that is kind of him to say, yet, if a little out of character. I can't remember when he last expressed emotions.

"Dinner is ready ... Master", I say in my sexiest voice as I lead him into the candle-lit dining room. I pull out his chair and help him be seated. "Would you like to taste the wine", I ask, pouring a small amount into his wine glass. He looks at the label and smiles.

"A very nice year my dear, and a very nice wine."

"For my Master ... Sir." He tastes the wine, nods his approval and I pour more into his glass. "May I join you in a sip, Sir", I ask.

"I would like that ... Celeste."

I have set my plate and glass at the servant's table, which is our custom, but Dungeonmaster asks that I join him at the main table this evening. I am so thrilled by his offer that I almost drop the glass. I am terrified because I know that my Master hates clumsiness. I move my dishes to the setting near him and bring dinner. I place the bowl of lamb shanks in the center of the table next to the fruit salad.

"My three favorites ... lamb ... fruit and you ... my dear", he whispers as he softly kisses my hand. I bow slightly before taking my seat beside him. "I see there is a present. Is it for me?"

"It is for you ... Sir ... but it isn't really a present. Please open it."

Dungeonmaster removes the ribbon. When he opens the box there is a serious frown on his face. "These are yours my dear", he says in a questioning tone.

"Yes ... but I wish for you to keep them for me."

"I am glad to keep them safe ... but ... if you don't keep rings in the holes they will grow closed."

"Then you will have to make new ones when I return", I answer smiling. "As you wish!"

I serve my Master and take my seat. I feel naked without the nipple pins and the lovely emerald clit ring ... but ... in a way ... I feel very clean. We didn't talk through dinner , but as I sit quietly watching my Master puff on his cigar I have to say.

"Sir ... I want to say that I am very sorry for the way I have treated you this last month."

"You should be ... Celeste"

"I am ... Sir ... but I have a hard time with baby-Slave. I know that she is only a story but I think that makes it worse. If she were real, Like Mistress Luann, I would understand. But ... how can you make up stories about someone else when you have me?"

"I wrote the stories to make you jealous", my Master answers as I choke on my wine.

"Make me jealous you did ... but why?"

"To teach you that life is an exercise in futility. You should know that you really never have anything ... you never truly own anyone.

"But you own me ... Master."

"Only in this moment ... Celeste. Tomorrow you will be gone and I will look for a new Mistress ... slave ... submissive ... whatever you wish to name her."

"That is sad ... Sir.

"Only if you let yourself be sad. And ... I do not wish so."

"I am sad to be leaving ... but I will be happy to return."

"And I will be glad upon your return as I am now glad to have a new Mistress

"Who is she ... Sir?" "I don't know."

"Then you do not have one as yet?

"You are correct ... Dear Celeste ... "

"Sir ... ?"


"If I give you a good blowjob may I sleep in the big bed with you tonight?"

"Celeste ... you know better than to try to bribe me. If I want a good blowjob that is your service ... not your choice.

"Yes Master ... but ..."

"Celeste! You may sleep with me in the big bed because I want you with me. It is my choice and you will obey."

"Thank you ... Sir. This is my last night for a long time and I wish to spend it with you."

"Then it is settled. You will do as I demand. You shall sleep with me in the big bed on your last ."

"Yes ... Sir", I whisper, smiling happily.

"Now ... give me a good blowjob."

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