The Golf Course

The concert had been wonderful. Mike,Andrea,Dawn,and myself were heading so home on the freeway when the fun began.

Dawn and I were in the back seat of the car when Dawn started getting a little frisky. She started by placing her hand on my already expanding penis through my jeans, and before I new what was happening she had freed willie, and was busily sucking away.

Mike and Andrea were oblivious to our actions in the back seat as I started rubbing Dawn's pussy and she responded by taking more of my cock into her mouth. All this was to much to handle and as fast as I could I maneuvered her into position to start tounging that sweet little pussy. Dawn was in sweet extasy as I traced her box from top to bottom and side to side."I need you inside of me now", she said, as we scrambled into position to do some serious fucking.

I layed her on her side and my cock slid right into her steaming hole.Her moans and the fact that I was slamming her into the front seat was enough to get Andrea hot and into the action. She started rubbing Dawn's breast's with one hand while extracting Mike's dick from his pant's with the other. Dawn had one leg out the sunroof and thing's were getting real steamy in that little car. Andrea was now sucking Mike's cock just as hard in the front seat as I was fucking Dawn in the back seat.

Dawn was fully into it now and was slamming her cute little ass back at me every time I thrust my penis into her. "I'm coming, I'm coming now. Fuck me harder, harder Steve" was all that was coming out of Dawn's mouth now. I was pounding her snatch at Mach 2 when she screamed "NOW" and came all over my prick and the back seat of the car.

Mike had just blown his load into Andrea's mouth when I said to Mike" I think its time for the golf course".

The golf course was one of our favorite place's to take women, and whenwe got there we seperated to our favorite hole's. My personal favorite isthe 17th, and Dawn and I wasted no time in heading there.

Pulling Dawn's dress up to her waist I bent her over the fence on 17and stuck my tounge right into her cute puckered asshole. This drove herwild as I gave her the best rim job I could. As she squirmed around on thefence I placed two fingers into her sopping gash and started thrusting them in and out. This put her over the top, and while still coming she pushed me backwards onto the green and mounted my face. Her pussy was so tasty I could have licked her forever, but Dawn had other idea's. While grinding that sweet gash on my face she pulled out my dick and started sucking and pulling my rod like there was no tommorrow.

This lasted only a few minutes before I could'nt take it anymore, and I rolled her over and rammed my cock so deep she screamed.We started five yards from the pin and I fucked her along the green to five yards past it. The whole time she begged for more of my cock and I gave it to her. Wanting to finish the job right I rolled her on to her hands and knees and used her for my pleasure.

Grabbing onto her long red hair like the reigns of a horse, I pounded her pussy like a sledge hammer over and over until she was quivering like a jelly-fish. Just as I was coming, I pulled out of her pussy and spun her aroundjamming my prick into her waiting mouth telling her," Dont spill a drop or we'll have to start all over again", and she didnt as she swallowed every drop of my load.She continued to suck my dick until I fell into orgasmic convulsions. Adjusting our clothes we made it back to the car with smiles on our faces just as Andrea and Mike got there to. Smiles abounding we headed home for further adventures.