Going to Dinner

By Teri Robertson

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It was just you and I alone at the hotel. You were busy punching at the lap-top. Business as usual you told me. I left it at that and headed to the bathroom. I had been admiring that complementary bottle of bubble bath next to the tub. The tub itself was very inviting. It was large enough to do laps in and certainly made for some fun.

I held the bottle under the water as the tub quickly filled up with bubbles. I didn't waste any time disrobing. I did, however, remove my clothing one piece at a time, seductively, as if you were watching. My bra and silk panties fell to the floor, joining the rest of my clothing. My hands instinctively cupped my breasts. I caressed them softly, lightly touching my nipples. They quickly came alive, and I began to tweak them. "Mmmm", I smiled at the sensation. I could feel my pussy getting wet. My hands left my breasts, only for a minute, as I stepped into the tub.

The water was warm and very relaxing. I was submerged in bubbles, and laughing at the tingling feeling in my nipples. I poured suds over my breasts and began working the soft flesh with my fingers. My nipples stood out hard and throbbing at my touch. My pussy began to ache for attention. My hand slowly moved across my body as I spread my thighs. My fingers wound through my pussy-hair, touching my lips, as they pushed inside. Sure enough, I could feel my wetness against the water.

My finger lightly touched my clitoris, teasing it a little. Then, I began encircling it, rubbing it, making it swell. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. "Mmmm", was all I could think. My other hand made it's way to my vagina. Soon, I was fingering myself as well as massaging my clit. My finger pushed in easily, back and forth, as I finger fucked myself. My hand moved in a slow rotation, feeling my vaginal wall as it closed down on my probing digits. I continued to moan with pleasure. The bubbles paid close attention to my nipples as my hands worked over my pussy. Quickly, I reached orgasm. My pussy spasmed around my fingers as the feeling rushed over my body.

I leaned back to relax after my round of pleasure and I noticed something strange. It was your hairy legs on my back, but I didn't say anything. I felt your hands touch my shoulders. You ran your fingers over my skin giving me a gentle massage. It felt good. You removed one of your hands and I wondered what you were doing. You had been stroking your cock while you were watching me. I felt you rub the head of your stiff prick on my back. I knew what you wanted.

I turned over in the tub to face you. You sat there on the edge, holding your cock in your hand, stoking it up and down. They worked their way down to your base. I raised my hand and replace yours. The head if your cock bulges as I began to lick the tip, tasting the rich pre-cum oozing from the end. I swirled my tongue around the head. You liked that and removed your hands. I licked the underside of you shaft from the base to the tip. Then, I licked all around my favorite candy. You moaned loudly as I took you cock-head in my mouth and sucked you softly. My tongue flicked across the tip. I began to take more and more of your stiff prick into my mouth. I felt your hands on my head, pushing. I locked my lips around your cock and you began to fuck my mouth. I could feel the tip of your cock hit the back of my throat with each thrust. I was ready to swallow your cum, but you pulled my head away and gave me a smile.

I sat up in the tub and watched you slide into the water. You crawled to me on your knees and gave me a passionate kiss. You push me backward so I was underneath. Your finger traced down the middle of my body to my hot pussy. You pushed your finger past my lips and into my cunt to feel how hot I was for you. You gave that mischievous smile and pulled your hand back, pouring suds over your stiff prick. I opened my legs and you pushed into me. The feel of your hot cock in my pussy almost made me climax immediately. You pushed yourself all the way inside me, until I felt your balls hit my ass.

My fingers ran over your chest as we embraced in a long kiss. I sucked your tongue as you began to thrust in and out of me. We took a slow pace. I could feel you pulling out to the head then plunging back in deeply. My pussy clamped down on your cock each time you entered. As you began to pick up the pace, my hips raised to meet you. I was about to climax, and I knew you were also ready. You pumped into me quickly. Soon after, I felt your hot cum spray into my hole. Your orgasm set off mine. Both of us were moaning in pleasure and we gasped for air.

Cum shot out of your cock with each of your final thrusts. My pussy spasmed wildly as it was being coated with your seed. Finally, you were spent and your cock went limp. You pulled out of me. We lay there in the water for a few minutes trying to catch our breath.

Afterwards, you stood up and left me in the tub, mentioning something about taking me to dinner .....

I closed my eyes, imagining dessert!

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