Ginger's Friday Show

By Ginger (TJ & Lee Star)

I'm not on the Internet so Click Here and let Lee know if you like this story! She will tell me.

This is a trip ... I mean a real trip. I'm at Lee's house. Actually, if you're reading this, you probably know about Lee and TJ. Anyway, I'm Ginger and if you've read their stories you know that I'm, among other things, an attorney for the corporation.

A couple of month's back I was talking to Lee at the office. She's really cool so we wound up talking about my sex life with my boyfriend. I've never ever thought, in my wildest dreams, that I would ever go to bed with another woman but I found myself making an innuendo toward Lee. Anyway, you probably know this stuff from her stories.

Twice now we've had unbelievable lesbian and three-way sex with TJ & Lee. I made a video of Lee for TJ's surprise and wound up doing this incredibly slutty show. Making the flick was a lot of fun but reading about it in The Late Night Show really turns me on. I'm blushing even thinking of it. Honestly ... I'm getting horny.

Lee and I actually met at the gym, where she used to teach aerobics. It was at the gym where I was first attracted to her and as our relationship got sexual and we had our first sexual encounter I was paranoid that the office would realize that something was going on between us. But, Lee and I have more than a couple of things in common. Besides the sex we are both very much into our careers. Because the sex thing is been with us and we both want to keep it a secret, we're pretty safe. Anyway, a lesbian relationship would be the last thing they would believe. The men at work think we are both frigid ice-queens ... a name we have actually been called.

Well ... I came over to Lee's for drinks. We talked about work but soon our conversation turned to our video after we had a few drinks. Lee took me down to her den and got on the Internet. When she got to the site with all of her stories I almost came right there. She had never told me anything about Blowout. I couldn't believe it knowing that TJ and Lee are ultra conservative couple. I know that she and I had a couple of sexual encounters but I thought that was unusual ... I know it was incredibly unusual for me. But ... God Damn ... the site and all the stories ... and their email address on the Internet ... it was just too much for me to comprehend.

Lee and I sat on a bench as we clicked from story to story ... Holy shit! The one's with Lee getting off and fantasizing about sucking every man off, the very first story in the car, the two of them getting of while writing the story online ... It was just too unbelievable!

Lee asked me to read the stories out loud ... the stories that I was in. I started to and got so ashamed ... blushed ... then turned on. Lee told me she gets off typing and masturbating when there's no one around. The whole thing about the dildo collection ... I thought that was fiction until she opened the drawer and there they were! I found it all unbelievable ... but true!

After an hour or so on the computer Lee convinced me to try my hand at writing. I told her that I didn't think I could get down and dirty like she could. She said me that until six months ago she never said the word "cock" out loud. Much less "cunt" ... "fuck" ... or ... "prick". Now she's so turned on that she's addicted to it. She'll say ... and do ... anything!

Anyway, here's my first attempt as I promised her. This story probably won't get published but I have to do it for Lee.

I just started dating this guy, in fact we had our third date last night. No sex yet but maybe soon. It's been about five months since a break up with my old boyfriend. My "X" and I had a pretty good sex life, though very ordinary. About six weeks after that relationship ended I had to go out of town for business. I had a half-day meeting about thirty minutes from St Louis. I couldn't get a flight back until the next day so I was stuck with nothing to do so I went to St Louis. What happened there I never told anyone. Not even Lee ... until now ... and .. of course ... those of you reading this story.

When I got to St. Louis I went to a mall just like any good woman would do. First I went to Fridays and had a few drinks. I was bored, horny and feeling a little desperate. It was Saturday night and the mall was really busy. I met a guy at the bar and got angry with him ... I guess I was trying to get back at my "X" ... or something.

I left Friday's and went to a shop to look at dresses. You know by now that Lee and I dress pretty conservatively. I wanted to be someone else for the night ... I figured I could get away with it ... being out of town. So ... I bought a really short red leather mini-skirt, red pumps and a low cut satin top. I put them on my Visa, went into the dressing room and came out another woman.

I stripped off my clothes and got naked in the little room. I looked at my body in the mirror and slid on the pumps. "Not bad", I thought as I posed for myself ... first with my hands on my hips with legs spread ... then I turned around and stuck my ass in the air ... I was getting wet as I did this ... then I put one leg up on the bench and leaned my shoulders back ... I couldn't resist touching myself ... I was so wet ... I was horny playing this slut role .... so ... I pulled my cunt lips apart and looked at them in the mirror ... my newly polished red nails contrasted perfectly with the pink lips of my pussy and they were the same color as the mini-skirt. My cunt glistened in the dressing rook lights as I looked around to see if there was a hidden camera. I would love to send a video of this to Lee as having me play the role of porn star slut would really turn her on. I stopped playing with myself and put on the skirt and top, wearing neither panties nor bra. I was very pleased with the look and felt really daring.

I asked the girl in the shop if she could UPS my suit home and she said that she would certainly do that. After all, the little outfit I was wearing cost five hundred bucks ... a lot for a little! I tipped the girl twenty bucks and decided to take a walk in the mall. My cunt was dripping ... I was so turned on .... I could feel the juice between my thighs. I walked round and just watched the as they looked at me. I really wanted to stroke my clit or finger my ass!

I got on an escalator and deliberately stood in front of four college boys on the way to the movies. I made sure I was about five steps ahead of them when I dropped my purse. I slowly bent over straight legged so they could get a full view of my wet cunt under the red skirt. As I straightened up I winked at them and stepped off the steps. I looked back and they were all silent ... stupefied.

Lee's right ... this is a real turn on.
I love typing the word "cunt".
I'm already stroking myself.

Next ... I went to a shoe store where a high school kid asked if I wanted to try anything on. I told him I would love to and asked if he could measure my foot. He got out the device and sat on the stool in front of my chair as I sat down, lifting my foot. He looked up my leg as I spread my thighs and let him see my pussy. I thought he was going to faint. I asked him to measure my other foot, which caused me to spread my legs further. The kid was so shook up ... he got hard in minutes ... his sweet cock stuck in his Levi's and he was embarrassed as he wiggled his ass trying to ease his discomfort. It was obvious to me that he had a pretty good size cock.

Not wanting to leave the kid with nothing I bought another pair of pumps and went back to Fridays. The bar was packed but I was offered a seat, and I sat on the stool and crossed my legs. The skirt hiked up my thighs and I could feel the cool air on my wet lips. I knew people were watching and I loved it. It is unbelievable ... being anonymous. This guy next to me, that had offered the seat, was about twenty-one. He looked around as if not wanting to look right at my naked cunt. He made small talk but was obviously nervous. Taking the lead I leaned over and asked him ... "How big is your cock?" ... He almost fell over.

"Nine inches", he said after some hesitation.

"Bullshit", I said, reaching over and feeling his pants as I smiled at him. "But ... it is nice", I whispered, "you got a car?" He nodded his head as I squeezed his prick, running my fingers over his balls and under his ass. I was really getting bold and I thought of Lee as I leaned over and whispered, " ... You want me to suck your nine inch cock?" His hand came out of his pocket with some keys and he straightened his pants. "If you take me out to you're car ... I'll suck your cock." He was stammering so I grabbed his hand and went outside to his car.

He was driving, what had to be, a ten year old Lincoln. The car was huge and black. He opened the door politely and I pulled the passenger seat forward. "Let's get in the back", I told him, stepping inside so that he could see my ass in the dim moonlight. The kid hadn't said a word and he was speechless as he got into the back seat and closed the door. "Well ... get it out", I said. "You'd better not be lying ... let me see the nine inches." He was a cute, college football player type of guy, not used to being led ... and I was leading. "Cum-on ... let me see your stiff cock", I said, helping him release his belt and unbutton his pants. He struggled to pull his pants down, showing me a very nice ... hard ... cock. "I think you brag a little ... maybe three inches ... didn't you?" He blushed as I rubbed my finger over the head of his lovely prick, coating the soft skin with his pre-cum. "Let me see ... if I suck it ... will it grow ... ?" I lowered my head and licked the head of his rigid prick. "Ever been sucked on your first date", I asked. "I bet you never had a woman like me ... have you?". My pride ... my reserve ... my conservative attorney being was forgotten ... I was sexually hungry and I had a virgin cock in my mouth.

I took his cock deep in my throat as the poor kid moaned. I sucked it ... licked it ... stroked it ... rubbed his balls as my lips went further and further down his hard shaft. It felt so good to have a hard cock in my mouth. I tilted my head and pushed until every inch of his prick was in my throat as the kid had his first orgasm, sending warm cum into my stomach. I swallowed every last drop as his hands pushed my head, holding me tightly. I never let his cock leave my mouth as he rested his head against the back of the seat while I rubbed my tongue against his prick until it was hard again.

When his cock was stiff I let the head slip from my lips and sat up straight. "You want to fuck me don't you ... but ... you can't ... I didn't bring birth control and I hate rubbers ... Tell you what. I'll let you suck me", I said, leaning back and spreading my legs. "Lick me baby."

I was in charge and I was loving it. My thighs were open and the skirt was tight above my waste. I took my hands and slid the blouse down so that my pert tits shone in the moonlight. "I want you to suck my cunt", I commanded, feeling like a total fucking whore. He held back until I grabbed his hair and pulled him down toward my wet pussy. It was clumsy as hell ... until we were turned around so that his tongue was buried in my cunt and his cock was deep in my throat. He fucked my mouth as he licked his way into my hole. His finger found my ass hole as I found his and we buried our fingers into each other as we humped in the back of his fucking Lincoln until I felt the warm cum run from my cunt and his hot jism shoot from his cock into my mouth.

We lay panting as the music from Fridays echoed in the night. Sweat dripped from my forehead as I slowly sat up, pulling my blouse up and my skirt down. He sat up and I leaned against the cushions and quietly said, "Stroke your meat for me ... Ever jerk off for a girl?" He had cum twice but his prick was hard as his hand covered his member and slid up and down the wet surface. "Faster", I panted as he closed his eyes and pumped his meat. "Go ahead ... baby ... stroke it for me ... cum for me ... cum on my face", I said lowering my head so that I was just in front of his cock.

He shot a wicked load all over me and the rest of the back seat. "You got some on me ... baby ... lick it off ... for me ... I want to see you ... lick your cum off my lips", I said as I pushed my face to his, feeling his rough tongue against my skin. I bet he'll leave that part out when he tells his friends.

When he had licked me clean I straightened up and kissed him on the cheek. I got out of the car and left him in the back seat. A cab was in front of Fridays so I took it back to the hotel.

You know ... I never even asked him his name!

My anonymous night as a slut was over and now I'm sitting at Lee's computer telling all of you about my first time.

Lee's right ... my panties are soaked ... I'm stroking myself ... I'm thinking of all the horny men on the Internet ... jacking off while they read my story ... I'm so hot ... I'm going to cum ... I'm very close ... yes ... are you ready ... let's cum together ... now ... I gotta go ... see you later ...

Bye for now ...

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