Gay on the Beach

By Brett Williams

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Well, my friend Josh and I, we're both bisexual and went out to a private beach one day. We were just gonna play in the sand and do a little swimming and whatever ...

For some time we had both talked about being upset with women. We had watched gay porn flicks together and jacked off, but nothing more. We were both salty from our swim and feeling a little horny, so we started talking. Well, Josh and me started chatting about blowjobs we'd gotten from girlfriends and how good they were. Our cocks started growing as we noticed each other at the same time. When this happened, the talk shifted toward gay sex ...

Being tired, we sat down in the warm sand and watched the surf sparkle in the warm sun. It was summer and we kept stealing glances at one another's raging hard-ons. Then, a strange feeling gripped me. All of a sudden I reached out and started rubbing his prick through the fabric of his shorts. Well, Josh didn't stop me. In fact, he placed his hand on mine and pushed mine inside his swim trunks. He stood up and I pulled his swim trunks down past his knees, revealing a cock that I thought would explode. I knew he wanted me so I went down to my knees and slowly took his stiff prick into my mouth. I sucked him slowly as he ran his hands through my short brown hair.

We were both extremely hard and our cocks stood at attention. I slowly pumped his long member as I watched his face with excitement ... I grinned at him and he smiled back. I pulled my trunks off and we both fell onto the towel we had laid on the sand. I positioned myself so that I could suck him and he could suck me. It was great as I lowered my mouth over his stiff prick, again, swallowing the whole length. I lowered my hips as he sucked my prick ... We sucked each other good, doing things we'd never done, but, had always wished to do.

We sucked like wild beasts, both of us surprised at how well the other could give head. Josh had an orgasm first, dropping a massively load straight from his balls down my throat. I swallowed every gooey rich drop of his cum, moaning and grunting as the thick juice poured into me ...

I came soon after, dumping my hot, thick load straight down Josh's throat. He couldn't take it all and some of it poured out of his mouth and down his chin. We relaxed for awhile, then slowly got up off the towel and stood in the warm sand. I licked my cum from his chin, savoring the salty taste, before our lips touched and I buried my tongue deep into his mouth. We kissed and touched passionately.

Since that day Josh and I have made love three times. Twice at our private beach and once at my house. Each time we met it was increasingly more enjoyable.

I still see women, but with less regularity. I really love Josh.

I want to dedicate this tale to him.

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