Gay Pornographic Images

By Dufford

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I was only 18 when my older step brother first saw the collection of pornographic images I had collected on the family computer, and, needless to say, he was turned on. He knew that I looked at the pictures, but I think he was still too naïve to realize that I masturbated to them. It wasn’t until a week ago that he learned that about me, and that I learned something about Brad…

At the computer, searching the newsgroups for pictures of lesbians caught in the act, I had one hand on the keyboard, and the other tugging at my cock. I slowly massaged myself, knowing that if I prolonged the stimulation, I would experience an incredibly intense orgasm later on. I removed my belt, leaned back, and started rubbing furiously for a moment, then, on the brink of climax, stopped everything, teasing myself. I was free to do whatever I wanted; nobody was home, and no one was scheduled to be home for at least an hour. I decided to indulge myself in one of my many taboo fantasies: tasting a bit of my own cum. I ran my finger between the crescents of the head of my cock, and then licked and sucked on that finger. Only a little pre-cum was evident, but I was excited nonetheless.

At that instant, I heard the door open. I scrambled to get my pants buttoned and my belt on, but my step brother and a friend were in the hall before I could get my fly up. He poked his head into my room, saying "Hey!" even before he could see me. He froze when his eyes met the screen, and he saw a pair of beautiful women locked together in purest bliss. "My, my, my! What have we here?" he yelled. His friend had stepped outside, a little embarrassed at what was going on. "Come in, Alex," my Brad told him, and the two of them joined me at my desk.

"Do you mind if I show you some pictures?" my brother asked. He looked over to his friend and winked; it was at that point that I noticed the unmarked shopping bag that Alex was carrying. I traded seats with Brad and took a seat next to his friend. "Do you look at this stuff often?" he asked as my brother typed in some address. "No, not really…well, yeah, from time to time," I replied. Alex pointed at the screen. An enormous, dripping cock glowed from the center of a window. My heart skipped a beat. "What are you guys tryin’ to do, make me jealous?" I asked. "And where’s the girl?"

"You probably won’t see many girls here," Brad told me. He moved forward to the next picture. At the top of the screen was a man with his face to the sky, eyes closed, and smiling. He wasn’t wearing a shirt. Brad scrolled down a little, and another man, very handsome, was sucking on the first man’s cock. You could see the bulge of the cock in his mouth, and his own cock was at full attention. I found myself strangely aroused; I wasn’t really opposed to gay sex, but I had never really considered it before.

As he clicked through the pictures, I became decidedly turned on, and my erection had become noticeable. Alex reached into his shopping bag and removed some baby oil. "Do you mind?" he asked us both. "Not at all!" Brad said, and I nodded my head. Alex removed his shirt, revealing a muscular, hairy chest, certainly deserving of my envy if not my brother’s. He then removed his belt, and pulled down his pants…his cock sprang from his boxers, and he began to smear baby oil on it.

"Take over, okay pal?" my brother told me, as he moved over to Alex. I was stunned as I watched Brad take Alex’s cock into his hand and begin to rub, first slowly, then more quickly. He took the cock into his mouth, licking the head, running his tongue up and down the shaft, lubricating the stiffened prick. As he bobbed his head up and down, he removed his own pants. Alex motioned to me; I knew what he wanted me to do.

I slathered my hand in baby oil, and then reached for Brad’s cock. Much larger than my own, his dick seemed to be at least 8 inches. I rubbed his as I rub my own; quickly moving from the base to the head. I was excited to suck, but I the baby oil seemed a little risky. Noticing my apparent reluctance, Brad spoke. "Take off your pants," he told me. I did so. "Now, get down on all fours. Don’t worry, this shouldn’t hurt…" I got down on all fours, expecting what was coming. Brad smeared some baby oil on my asshole, rubbed a little more on his own cock, and then pressed his dickhead up against my ass. "Ready?" he asked me. "Yeah, go ahead," I told him. He entered slowly, but I was in ecstasy. A little painful but predominantly enjoyable, the experience was unimaginable. His cock continued to probe my ass, and he spread my cheeks as he pressed further. Soon, Alex had my cock in his mouth, and I lost control. I came violently in Alex’s mouth, bucking my hips as Brad fucked me. Brad seemed to come with me, and he collapsed behind me. The three of us were exhausted, but anticipated another meeting. I wondered what else was in that bag…

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