Anne, Lisa, Haley are the female cast and Kevin, Derek, and myself (Nick) have gathered to bring you another installment of a live show.

Let the games begin.

Well Anne got things going, she went over to Derek, stood him up and went down on her knees, ndid his pants, took his soft cock in her mouth and starting working like a champ. Not to be left out I slide on my back on the floor under Anne and starting tongueing her sweet pussy. As I lay there on my back I felt my pants being removed.

It was Haley. "Well lookie here, it's not even hard yet."

I was getting one of finest blowjobs I ever had.

Derek emptyed his load in Annes mouth,which left her in limbo.

"Where's Kevin and Lisa?", asked Anne.

It seems they have gone upstairs to find my king sized bed.

"Hey kids, get your asses down here we need your help", I suggested.

"If Mohammed can't cum to the mountain, then the mountain will cum to Mohammed".

The four of us crept upstairs and joined Kevin and Lisa in the bedroom, since it is a kingsized bed there was room. There were the three couples on the bed all pointing in different directions. To make things easier the men laid on thier backs . . . tic-tac-toe three in a row . . . in no time there were three guys getting thier dicks sucked simultanously.

"I will buy the woman who get thier guy to cum first many drinks", replied Lisa.

The sucking kept up for about 20 minutes when Anne declared, "O.K.move to your left".

Now we had a different girl working our stiff cocks wouldn't you know it I came first. Not to be out done Kevin followed. It seems Haley is having some trouble with Derek. By her own admission this is a first for her. While Haley was working fevorishly, I was slowly and carefully fucking the shit out of Anne. Lisa and Kevin were smoking a cigarette waiting for Kevin to erupt. Well sure enough it happened, and Haley withdrew, but Lisa stepped in just in time to catch every drop of that delicous cum spewing from Kevin's dick. The 6 of us continued our fun until each guy had serviced each woman and visa-versa.

We went downstairs all of us buck naked,haley sat down. "I need a joint", I said so of course Lisa rolled one.


Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

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