By Susan Morne

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I'm at work in my small office with the door half open. I'm looking at the photo's section of Blowout and I lift my skirt up. I didn't wear any panties today so I begin to tease my clit while I rub my wet swollen pussy. Then, I push my blouse aside and pull out my big heavy tit and squeeze the nipple. I twist hard causing the pink tip to turn dark red as I feel the wetness form between my thighs. I want to be penetrated so I'm scouring the room for a cock shaped object.

Suddenly, I'm interrupted by a workman who is working down the corridor. I think he could smell my excitement from the hall. I'm nervous and embarassed to be caught, so I stand up at my desk as as he enters. He doesn't stop. He just comes around behind me without saying a word, pulls my legs apart and runs his hand up my thighs. He covers his fingers with my pussy juice and brings his hand to his mouth and tastes me.

I silently moan, begging him to fuck me, but he puts his palm between my legs and slaps my pussy. I push against his hand as he peels my skirt up and roughly pushes me over the computer. My tits rest on the desk as I reach behind, spreading my cheeks so that he will have easy access to my yearning cunt. I feel his cock pushing inside my wet cunt as I'm gasping. He fucks me hard, pushing me against the desk as he rips open my blouse to squeeze my tits. I can barely move. I'm just feeling a wave of heat and shivering bursting up from my pussy, making me tremble.

As I hold onto the desk I glance at the door and there more men standing there. They come in and one guy gets under the desk as sucks my clit as the first rams harder into me pussy.

The third workman opens his fly and pulls out his giant cock. He crawls onto the desk and shoves his prick into my open mouth. I'm moaning and about to cum but the workman fucking me from behind cums first. I'm not there yet but the last guy in the door takes over and empales me with his stiff member. I drive my ass against his fat stomach as I suck hard on the cock being rammed down my throat. I cum instantly as I shiver and tremble while slurping the cum from the cock in my mouth. The guy under the desk licks my thighs as he strokes his stiff cock to orgasm and the fucker behind me screams in delight as he cums.

I wipe my mouth as the workers put their cocks away and stride toward the door. As they leave, they turn, waving goodby as I slump into my secretarial chair in front of the computer.

"We'll be back", I hear them say as the door closes.

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