By Jim Longano

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You are on vacation at the beach; three months ago you and your boyfriend of two years broke up, and you haven't found anyone else. Work was getting stressful, so you decided to make plans for a week at the beach, just you, the sun, the surf and sand. The hotel you're staying at is first class ... right on the beach with all the amenities anyone could ever want. They even have a hot tub in the room, as well as three by the pool. All in all, it's a pretty awesome place.

After breakfast you decide to head down to the beach and work on your tan. You rent one of those beach chairs, put on some oil and lay down with a new book. Ahhh, what a life it is with no worries, no stress, nothing to do and all day to do it! Men are the furthest things from your mind.

You're lying there reading for about an hour when you notice several guys nearby, playing Frisbee. They look to be in their mid to late twenties and one of them grabs your attention. He's about six-foot, two hundred pounds and nicely toned. His legs and chest are muscular and he has dark hair and a handsome face. You watch him run and can't help but think how nice it would be to wrap your legs around his waist and fuck him. Oh well, you're just here for the beach, you don't need any hassles with guys. Still .... It would be interesting, you think.

All of a sudden you see him running toward you, chasing a wildly thrown Frisbee ... the Frisbee lands just beyond your chair, and he stops just before running into you! "Excuse me", he says, grinning. "That could have been a disaster!"

You smile back at him and say "Yes, I appreciate not getting run over!"

He laughs, picks up the Frisbee and, as he heads back to his group, he gives you a big smile. "I'll try to be more careful, but it'll be hard to avoid someone as sexy as you!"

Then he's gone. As you watch him awhile longer you realize that you've still got this crazy grin on your face. After awhile you start to get hungry ... you gather up your things walk over to the outside bar area. As you pass the group of guys, you see the one who almost ran you over and, before you realize what you're doing, you give him a big sexy smile and say, "I'm starving ... do you want to get something to eat?"

"Sure!", he says, and calls to the other guys. "I'll catch up with you later!" He walks over to the food area with you and, after ordering, you lead him over to one of the tables with a view of the water.

"I'm Tara", you tell him.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Greg", he says, and you both laugh.

"I didn't come here with the thought of meeting a guy", you tell him, "but there's something about you."

Greg laughs and says, "Well I'm real glad you asked me to lunch, Tara. I'm here for a conference and I was hoping that the trip wouldn't be all work!"

Greg, like you, had just ended a relationship not long ago and was not real eager to become seriously involved with anyone. And then there's the fact that you are very attracted to him. You don't consider yourself to be a person that jumps into bed with someone without really taking time to know them, but .... this guy had something going that you really liked. Also, he seemed like a really nice guy, smart, mature, polite, and interesting.

Without even thinking, you say, "Would you like to come upstairs to my room? I have some nice wine."

His eyes light up. "You don't have to ask me twice!"

You and he head upstairs to your room and once inside, you head over to the bar and get a couple glasses. Greg comes up behind you and takes the bottle from you and says "Here, let me open it." You let him open the wine and he pours it into the glasses. He holds his glass up to yours and says "To a great week", and you clink your glass with his and take a drink. He sets his glass down, leans closer to you, and kisses you, lightly on the lips. Your knees shake as you return the kiss, letting your tongue slide into his mouth and putting your arms around his waist. As Greg looks into your eyes he kisses you deeply and you can feel his cock getting hard as he presses against you. You reach down and rub your hand against the front of his swimsuit, and he groans, pressing against you. He leads you over to the bed and helps you take off your swimsuit top. He kneels down and starts kissing your nipples which, by now, are hard and sensitive.

"Ohhhh" you moan as he takes a nipple into his mouth and sucks hard. His thumb is rubbing against the crotch of your swimsuit, and you are getting very turned on. He takes his tongue and runs it around your breast very slowly. You have your fingers in his hair, your eyes are closed and he feels so good.

Slowly Greg pulls your bottoms down and you lift your legs as he pulls your suit off and throws them aside. You want his tongue up inside your pussy now and you tell him, "Eat me baby, c'mon, suck my hot pussy!" He starts to lick around your lips, stopping to lightly brush the tip of his tongue on your hard clit. You moan as he does this but he quickly draws back his tongue again and licks all around your hot pussy, avoiding the spot you want him to suck the most. He is driving you crazy as he pushes his face into your wet cunt and licks deep inside your pussy, his nose rubbing your clit.

God, it feels so damn good you want to scream! He gets you to lay down on the bed, and spreads your legs as he continues to lick and suck your dripping pussy. Your legs are over his shoulders with your feet resting on his back as he concentrates on your hard little clit. While manipulating your clit between his tender lips he pushes two fingers up inside your pussy. Oh ... man it feels so good to have him fucking you with his fingers and his tongue doing a wonderful job on your clit. He alternately sucks and licks and you are aware of only the fantastic sensations your pussy is sending to your brain. He stops for a moment, gets up and slides his swimsuit off. He lies down in a sixty-nine position. As he continues to make love to your pussy, you wrap your hand around his cock, and run your tongue up the length.

Greg's prick is big and rock-hard. You put the head in your mouth and run circles around it with your tongue. Your hand strokes the length of the shaft up and down, and you can feel his cock getting stiffer! He is still sucking your clit and pumping three fingers in and out of your cunt. Your juices are covering his face, you are so hot and wet. You grind your pussy into his face and suck his delicious cock. All you're thinking of is how incredibly wonderful your pussy feels and how it's going to feel when you cum. Just when you feel yourself starting to peak, he stops, turning around on his knees, facing you. "God Tara, I want my cock deep inside your pussy, and I want to fuck you slowly and make you cum so hard!"

"Put that beautiful cock inside me, Greg, do it slow, make me cum!"

He puts his hands on either side of your shoulders, lowers himself and puts the tip of his cock at the entrance to your pussy. He rubs the head all around in your juices, and you whisper, "Put it in Greg, c'mon baby, fuck me!"

He slowly pushes his cock into your willing cunt as your pussy stretches to let him enter. He slowly pushes forward, then back, then forward again. His big cock is filling your tight pussy and it feels so damn good, you don't want to stop. He starts going faster, and when he pushes all the way in, he grinds against you so that he is rubbing your clit. Your hips are pushing forward to meet his thrusts, and the rhythm is getting faster. He is breathing hard and you can see his shoulder muscles as he holds himself up with his arms. You start breathing hard and you can feel your body starting to shudder as he works that hard cock in and out of your cunt. You reach down and grab his butt to pull him into you and hold him there for a moment just grinding your clit against him. Then, pulling your hips away, begin fucking him hard and fast. You can feel your orgasm building and you want to just let go ... to cum ...

"Greg, I'm going to cum", you yell.

"Yeah, me too, Tara", he groans as he pumps his cock inside you.

He is going faster and faster and all of a sudden your hips slam forward and you yell, "OH GOD!!!! OH GOD!!!!", as you are cumming with him.

You can feel his cock explode inside you and he yells, "Cum baby, cum hard!!!"

"I'm cumming ... Greg!!", you yell as you feel his hot cum shooting deep up inside your soaked pussy. You slow down to a nice gentle rhythm, just working that big cock in and out. It feels so good, so wonderful as he collapses on top of you, whispering in your ear, "God, Tara, I loved making you cum and hearing you yell."

You smile and whisper back, "How long before you can do it again?"

Greg looks at you with a smile. He kisses you before he curls up and you both fall asleep.

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