By Susan Morne

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I go swimming a lot ... I like the feel of my body in the water, my blood pumping, my heart beating fast. I like to feel the water soft against me as I ease myself in really slowly. I like to feel the coldness bite my nipples. I swim stretching my legs wide, more and more, as I feel the force of the water against my pussy. I stop often ...

I like to see men strain their necks and stare when I raise out of the water as they try so hard to get just a glimpse of my big tits which bob gently and stick out. My breasts are so silky and round, so ivory white beneath my scarlet swim suit. The men stare at the darkness of my wet, deep red nipples. But ... I don't give them long to look. I want them to wait, so, I swim, knowing that I'm giving off the scent of sex, knowing the water is smoothing my body. I know, as I pull myself onto the side of the pool all the men can see the sharp curve of my back where my soft wet skin cushions into the curve of my ass. Sometimes. I scratch my self beforehand, digging my fingernails in really deep into the soft skin. I want the men to see the red and white weals on my ass, so they can imagine what it feels like to dig their hands into such voluptuous flesh. I get out real slowly. I lean over the poolside. I'm waiting to feel those hands digging into my skin.

The men don't come and I'm so hot waiting for them. I swing one leg round so that my cunt is barely covered by the scarlet material which covers my dark red firm wetness. I stay there pretending to be exhausted ... but ... still the men only watch. I leave the pool feeling the many eyes watching me as I walk across to the changing rooms. As I walk down the steps I can feel my tits jiggling up and down. I slip down one the straps so that I can quickly massage my nipple. I walk towards the showers holding my tit and squeezing the nipple, which is getting harder.

] I'm so worked up that I don't realise I've come into the wrong changing rooms. There's a man standing there and he's been watching me. Tits jiggling, mouth open and trembling, my eyes water in excitement as I feel my own body. I just stand there, half in terror, for a second as he looks at me. My tit is still exposed and my nipple stands erect from my abuse as I say, "I'm sorry", but he doesn't say a word. I take a step backwards, toward the door, but I never breaking eye contact. I'm excited by the way he looks at me, by my seeming hesitation to leave.

I look down and see his cock pushing to get out of his shorts. He sees me looking and can wait no longer. He moves forward and quickly takes my naked tit in his mouth. I've been waiting so long for this, I can't help but moan. He sucks hungrily at my big soft nipple as I feel electricity shoot to my wet pussy. I throw my head back as I yearn to be filled with this man. He sucks and bites at my pink nipple as he draws his hands down the curve of my white silky ass. He digs his nails into my soft skin so it hurts. He straightens up and pulls my ass in towards him. I can feel his cock rubbing against me and I'm getting so hot just from the feel of his prick that I want to cum. He pushes me against the lockers. The handles are sharp against my skin and they cut into me, but, I don't care because I just want to feel that cock pushing inside me. I'm saying "fuck me, please ... fuck me", but he still teases me. I can feel that big cock against my belly but he won't put it inside me. "Oh ... please ... just fuck me", I whisper, but he doesn't. So, I push him away, saying, " ... if you won't fuck me now ... I'll find someone who will."

I turn my back and walk towards to the pool but he jumps me from behind and pushes me down. He rips off my swim suit and drives his stiff cock deep into my throbbing pussy with one marvelous thrust. It's so beautiful ... I can't move ... speak ... yess ... I'm spasming with orgasms ...I can't moan ... because I'm filled with this hot pumping man cock. It FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD ... I want to say, "don't stop ... please ... don't stop", but I can't speak. I can only concentrate on the power ripping into my pussy and the waves of orgasmic pleasure throbbing in my cunt.

I feel the electricity through my body ... hot cum fills my pussy ... sparks of colours rush through me as the man digs his nails into my ass.

Finally, he stops and I let out a soft moan. He holds me tight, his cock resting in my cunt, totally exhausted.

Slowly he turns his head as he whispers, "By the way ... what's your fucking name?"

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