By Susan Morne

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I work in a cafe with another woman, Karen. She's really pretty with long dark hair and round, fuck me, breasts. We have to wear these really short black skirts so that when we go into the back room, and lean over the freezer, people you can see our panties. One day the boss goes out, leaving Karen and me alone. We're messing about because it's really slow and she asks me if I want some strawberry ice cream. I say yes, so she goes into the back, leans over the freezer and her skirt inches up to reveal that she has no panties on. I can see is her beautiful, soft, pearly ass. I stand there, staring.

I'd love to lick her soft flesh and feel her soft cheeks against my face, but I don't say anything. She starts to wiggle her ass as if it's begging to be touched.

"I can't reach it, there's too many things in the way", she laughs, "can you do me a favor and hold onto me. I'm going to fall in this damn freezer if I'm not careful."

I'm not sure I can touch her without wanting to sink my teeth in her ass but I can't say no. So, I walk over and support her hips, digging my thumbs into the fleshy softness of her cheeks. She catches her breath, so pulling her slightly backward, I rest her weight against the side of the freezer. Lightly drag the backs of my fingers over the soft curves of her ass as she moans. So, I move behind her and part her legs and run my hands up her soft upper thighs massaging them as I slowly move them upwards. "God, her ass is so gorgeous", I think, wishing I could fuck her like a man. It's obvious that she'd like that fuck me too because she's arching her flesh towards me. I lower my head and take that first taste of pearly skin ... first lapping with my tongue and then biting and sucking at her squashy ass. We're both getting carried away but we're stopped by the sound of the door in the front room.

"There's somebody here", she laughs, trying to get back on her feet. I pull her skirt down and walk to the front room to deal with the customer. The man wants coffee so I pour him a cup. As I place the steaming cup on the counter I look back at Karen. She has swung one leg into the freezer and one leg outside so that she's riding it the rim. She's leaning forward, rubbing her clit on the edge of the freezer as I walk in front of her, looking at her beautiful breasts which are crushed between her arms so they're bursting out of her blouse. I help her, pulling back her blouse and finding those erect nipples with my tongue. I suck so hard that she leans towards me and moans.

There's a shout from the front room so I go out to get the man a refill. Leaving him, I pick up the spoon I've used to stir the coffee. I can't resist staring the man in the eyes as I lick it. Dunking the spoon once more in the coffee I head back to Karen. She's now leaning over the freezer with her ass pushing out, begging to be spanked. I don't do what she wants, instead, I pull up her blouse and slip my hand under her arm, cupping that erect nipple with the hot spoon. She cries out, but I don't let her go. Instead I pull her closer to me with the hot metal against her tit. I run my other hand between her skirt and pinch her swollen clit. She rubs up against my palm, hungrily, as I rub her, pulling her hard against my body. She's really excited, moaning, begging to be fucked.

I pick up a bottle of Miller Lite from the table and slide it in into her cunt from behind. She sighs with relief and ecstasy as I push the Miller bottle in her cunt she moans as the cool surface enters hot pussy. I love the feeling since it is like fucking her cunt and squeezing her tits as I listen to her moans of delight.

All of a sudden, I feel a sharp burning pain on my ass. The man has been watching us all the time and he has picked up his own spoon and is giving me some of my own treatment. He burns my ass until I arch my back. He rips off my panties, takes hold of my hips and roughly lifts me onto his huge cock. I'm so wet that I easily slide up and down his prick. It's so beautiful to feel the sliding cock inside me as I'm fucking Karen with the Miller's, leaning all my weight on her. She stretches, spasms into an orgasm, her juices slide down the bottle, drip from the cap and run down her thighs.

The man, excited by Karen orgasm, fucks me faster, slamming in and of me so hard that my tits are jiggling up and down, coming out of my shirt. Karen turns, facing my tits, and sucks them as I explode into orgasm. Unable to move or make any noise I just feel the electricity whipping up and down my body, filling every space.

The man cums, pushing his cock deep into my ass one last time ... really deep into me. We relax and slump over the freezer as the stranger looks me in the eyes, asking ...

" ... Can I have another cup of coffee ... now?"

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