Finally Fucking Baby - Slave

By Dungeonmaster

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I don't know what it is with old men and young girls?

When I was in my thirties and forties I couldn't find young pussy to save my ass. Now I'm sixty plus and I have all the cunt anyone could want.

After I gave, or pierced, Celeste for her graduation from High school and placed her emerald clit ring ... "My Graduation Present for Celeste" ... she went back to go to college. I set up a small scholarship for her and she is studying graphic arts at the University of Iowa. We chat once in awhile and she has a new "jock" boyfriend that thinks she is a virgin. Well ... I know better!

About three weeks ago I get this email:

~~ sigh ~~

How I wish to find a Master such as You ...
Being fully trained for the last six years
From the age of twelve.
I am now searching for my new Master.
I once wrote Blowout a story about my experiences,
Before my Master died in an auto accident.
Since then ... too many times ...
I thought I had found the "One"!
To find only disappointment ...
They were afraid to give pain!
Your Celeste is a very lucky girl.
I can only say that Celeste ...
Has my dreams for her graduation.

Angelica "Baby Slave" St. Jean

Well ... I had to go to her story My Master's Pleasure to see about this baby-slave. When she wrote the story she sent me a photo. A nice girl, redish-brown hair, braces and childishly plump. I was reasonably impressed with her story so I published it.

Now ... three years later, she sends me this email and I decide to return it. I was cautious at first, thinking that Baby - Slave might still be too young. She assured me that she was not a child ... if eighteen is not a child to an old fart of sixty plus.

Maybe I should call her a "legal" child!

We exchanged pictures, did some chatting, got acquainted and I decided to see her when I took a trip to Chicago. Baby - Slave lives near Lake Geneva and I could stop to see BarB and then drive the couple of hours to my adventure. I won't bore you with my uneventful visit with my former dyke lover, other than to say that BarB is fine and living with a lovely blond chick on the North Shore.

The drive North was nice and during the trip I was thinking about Baby Slave and the abandoned building where she wanted to be deflowered ... my way! When I pulled up in front of a clean, unimpressive, home in suburbia I saw a typical mid-west home, which was not much to my liking. I knocked on the door and a crotchety fucker, maybe forty, came to the door.

"What the fuck do you want", he said as he looked at me leaning against the gate.

"Is Angelica in? Angelica St. Jean."

"Angelica ... who", he answered ... a tiny female slipped under his arms and gave me a big hug.

"I'm Angelica", she said. "Angelica Mc Donald ... St. Jean is the pen name. "I've been waiting for you", she whispered. "Who the fuck is this", the guy asked. "Get in the house."

"Daddy ... this is my friend from California. He is the one that I told you about. This is Stephen", she said as she turned to me. "Master Stephen", she whispered in my ear. " ... my Dungeonmaster."

"Either come in or get out 'cuz it's cold", he said, turning and slamming the door.

"Don't worry about him ... we just had a little fight and he's upset. And you Master ... are you tired from your trip? I hope not."

"I'm not tired but I don't know if I want to stay around here", I commented.

"Then ... let's go to the building", Baby whispered, taking my hand and leading me to my car.

"What about ... ", I tried to ask but she smothered my words with a kiss.

"I thought you wanted me", she whispered as I opened the door and she slid onto the front seat. I got in and drove off as she moved close, placing her hand on my stiff cock. "I've been dreaming about your cock ... your stiff cock in my hot ass. Do you really want to hurt me like you told me in your emails? You want to bite my tits ... twist my clit ... fuck my ass ... Master. Will you make me cry", Baby whispered as her hand slipped into my pants. "I really want to cry."

"Yes, I'll make you cry ... Baby Angelica", I whispered. "Are you sure you're eighteen?"

"Want to see my license", she laughed, reaching into her purse.

"I really do", I answered as I pulled up for a stoplight. She showed me her driver's license. Sure enough, she was born on January 15th, 1981. She was eighteen ... but she looked fifteen. Baby could have been one of the teen models selling their images over the net as child-porn. I held the license to the light. It was real and looked like her. Baby had changed. No longer metal mouth, nice tits, childishly plump and willing.

"Don't you trust me ... Master", she whispered, pulling gently on my cock.

"Not really ... but I'll keep your license just in case", I said putting the card in my wallet. "Just in case."

"Bastard ... Master!", she whispered. "Cunt ... slave!", I answered, running my hand between her thighs and spreading her legs.

I drove for about ten minutes as Baby directed our course until we pulled up in front of a vacant building. "This is the building I told you about", she whispered. "This is where I want to cry for you ... downstairs in the basement ... in the damp ... cold ... basement", she said, getting out of the car and leading me around the side of the dilapidated structure. I got my brief case out of the trunk and followed her off the street to a window broken on the side. She crawled through easily but I had more trouble, being old and much bigger. Once inside I could smell the musk smell of mildew.

"We could be in a nice hotel", I said as she led me through the darkness like someone walking on familiar ground.

"Yes ... we could", Baby whispered, " ... but I want it here. I want you to do me here." She led me down a flight of stairs. I felt along the wall until we stopped in what appeared to be a rock room. Baby lit a candle, a second and third before I could see the cave-like interior. If I believed in vampires, I would have thought that they lived here.

After lighting candles Baby took my case, placed it on an old table, turned to me and, standing on her tiptoes, placed a warm kiss on my lips as she stuck her tongue into my mouth. "I have been dreaming of your tongue", she whispered through our melting lips. "What have you in the case ... Master?"

"Pins to prick you with my dear", I said, pulling her hands to her back roughly and pulling her tiny body against my stiff cock.

"And a prick to pin me with ... I'll bet", she whispered. "But first ... I want to hang from the ceiling."

"By your arms or legs?" Baby stood silent as I looked at her. "Answer", I said. "NOW!"

"By my arms, Master", she said pulling back and reaching forward with her hands clasped together. I opened the case and took out some leather cuffs. "Yes ... ", she said waving her wrists in my face. Baby closed her eyes as wrapped the studded leather around her wrists. She raised her hands over her head, pointing to a ring in the ceiling through which hung some rope. "Just for you, Master. For your pleasure ... I am yours." I tied the rope around the shackles, un-did the end from the clasp on the wall and pulled, stretching Baby skyward until her toes were just touching the ground. She didn't make a sound as she turned like a ballerina on toe.

I moved closer, grabbing her blouse and tearing it from her shoulders. Her ample young breasts pointed in the candlelight as I reached for her tit rings and gave them a full twist. Baby smiled, sticking her tongue out like a naughty girl. Another twist and her eyes closed as I ripped her skirt and panties from her hanging body. Now, nude, Baby hung from the rope, the leather cuffs pulling into her wrists, her neatly trimmed pussy glistening in the soft light.

I walked to the case and removed my duct tape, stripping two pieces about a foot long. Holding the pieces over the candle the mastic became soft and very sticky. Feeling that the tape was ready I approached baby, spreading her thighs with my elbows I placed the mastic over her cunt hair and pushed it well into the mesh. I let the ends hang after I pressed the ends into a ball. Softly I grasp the baby-fat around her waist and turned her so that her ass was level with my mouth. I spread her cheeks and tongued her ass as Baby raised her legs off the ground, pushing back against my tongue. As she twisted on the end of my tongue I removed my favorite one inch Ben Wa Balls from my case and, one by one, I pushed them into her ass hole. She was silent, making not a sound as the dozen balls found their home.

"Would you like a gag ... my dear", I whispered as I felt the duct tape to make sure that it was cold and stiff. I pulled up gently ... speaking sternly: " ... answer!"

"No ... Master", Baby whispered, her eyes shining clear in the candlelight. Slowly I pulled the tape, watching her stomach tighten as her hands grasped the rope. In the stillness of the basement I could hear the cunt hair pull from her skin much like the tearing of soft cloth. Baby's eyes closed and her teeth clinched as I pulled up on the tape. Separating her thighs, Baby now hung, spreading her legs much like a cheerleader. I pulled harder as the fine hairs popped from her pussy-lips ... and ... with one final tug the tape flew across the room and Baby's now bare pussy glowed red in the dim light.

Looking in her bright eyes I could see tears forming in the corner, gently dripping over her cheek.

"Fuck me ... Master! Please fuck me", Baby whispered as she hooked her legs around my waist. "Please ... fuck me!" I reached down and positioned my stiff cock at the opening of her baby cunt as she clamped her legs, pulling me slowly into her dripping pussy. "Fuck me", Baby screamed as the head of my cock played with her clit.

Licking her neck, her shoulders, the soft skin under her arms, my mouth hound her tit and my teeth closed on her nipple, sucking the tit ring into my mouth. I bit down hard as Baby's legs tried to climb the sides of my body, pushing me lower as I held to her nipple between my teeth. "Please ...", she screamed as the tit-ring popped from my mouth and my tongue traced a path across her plump stomach until it settled between her thighs. "Please ... ", she yelled louder as I softly licked the hairless lips of her young cunt. "Yes ... !" Loud ... she screamed as my tongue licked the inside of her cum soaked cunt, pushing against the soft skin, feeling the balls in her ass.

I take hold of the string and slowly pull as one ball pops from her ass hole ... another ... three ... four ... one by one the balls pop as my tongue follows their exit while my Baby screams in pleasure. Tears of love run down her face, dripping on her ample tits. "Fuck me now", she yells ... her legs clamp as I rise ... I place my cock against her wet cunt ... push slowly ... enter gently ... pump into her hungry cunt as my Baby pulls on the rope ... bouncing on my cock.

POP ... another ball ... another ... ten ... eleven ... and one final tug and the last ball leaves her ass and bounces on the floor. The sound of clicking plastic on the cold concrete mixes with her cries as my Baby orgasms over and over while I drive my cock deep into her dripping pussy as her wet thighs grip my waist.

"My ass ... Master ... Please fuck my ass", my Baby whispers, relaxing her grip as I turn her like a pendulum. On her tiptoes her ass is at my cock. Baby raises her knees while my cock finds the opening to her tight ass and I push up, driving my stiff prick home in her hole. "Yes ... my ass ... my Master", Baby moans as I reach around, putting two fingers of each hand into her hot pussy ... spreading ... pulling ... grinding my cock deep into her ass.

"Yes ... Master ... I love you", my Baby moans.

I stiffen, shooting my hot load of cum between her cheeks and into her ass. "Yes ...", I scream ... "Yes!"

"Cum inside my ass", my Baby yells, grinding on my cock as I pull-stretch her cunt, driving my spurting cock deep.

Relaxing ... I pull my weak prick from it's prize ... take a knife from the case ... cut the rope as I watch Baby slump to the cold concrete. She lies motionless as I dress, remove the cuffs, which hold her wrists and place the items in my case. I remove a black robe and hold it out for her as she rises into my arms. The wiggles into the rough fabric of the Monk's garment until her head passes through the opening and her mouth finds mine. Her tongue pushes between my lips as out mouths meet.

"Are you going to pierce my clit ... Master", my Baby whispers.

"I am ... but later. I will save that for another time."

"May I suck your cock ... Master", my baby whispers, sucking my tongue in preparation.

"Also for another time."

"Yes ... Master."

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