By Mistress Monica

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The limousine ride from the airport is short and Dungeonmaster and I whisper. Court Jester sits motionless as we drive along the beach and the sunset is a beautiful orange with sailboats in the horizon. I don't ask DM about his trip because, as I have learned from the past, he gets irritable with the slightest hint of questioning. I just tell him how nice to have him home and that I have been dreaming about his cock. He asks about CJ and I tell him graphically how he came by the office ... I seduced him ... trained him ... blew him ... plugged him ... and made him ready. He glances at CJ who sits quietly.

"Are you ready ... CJ", Dungeonmaster whispers.

"Yes ... Master", CJ says questioning. Dungeonmaster confronts CJ quickly. "Monica is your Mistress ... Monica is my slave ... I am not your Master. Daddy will be your Master. If that is your wish!"

I look up quickly for some hint from Dungeonmaster because he never provides a choice ... to anyone. There is complete silence as the three of us look from one to another. "That is fine ... Dungeonmaster ... ", CJ answers, not being deceived by the trap. "Whatever you want ... Mistress Monica", .

"That is what I want ... Slave Court Jester."

We arrive at Blowout as the sun sets and go straight to the dungeon. My Master is first, I follow behind him and CJ follows me. Daddy is leaning against the wall and stands quickly as we enter. Without a word he uncorks a bottle of Champaign and fills two glasses, handing one to my Master and myself.

"You may have a glass ... and pour one for your slave", Dungeonmaster says pointing toward CJ. Daddy smiles and pours the glasses and steps back. "Now ... let me explain the rules. CJ is yours as Monica wishes to gift you with a slave. You may use him as you wish ... but ... remember that he is my attorney and you will answer to me."

"I understand, Dungeonmaster", Daddy answers, taking CJ by the arm and leading him to the corner. "CJ ... sit here and wait", he says, probably remembering his own initiation. CJ takes his place on the stool as Dungeonmaster turns his attention toward me. Quickly I remove my blouse and slip the tight leather skirt from my hips and let it fall to the ground. I stand naked, holding the Champaign glass as my Master approaches, taking my nipple rings between his fingers as he pulls me to him. He turns quickly to Daddy, saying, "Have the Jester undress."

Daddy snaps his fingers and CJ rises from he stool and removes his coat and tie. He unbuttons his shirt and is soon naked from the waste up. There is a short hesitation before he flips off his loafers and I see the purple stockings in the dim light. CJ unbuttons his suit pants and lets them fall to the ground, displaying the nice garter belt and stockings.

"Monica ... you gave him your outfit", DM says turning the rings as my nipples twist. "Did I tell you to give your outfit to the Jester?"

"No ... Master ... but"

"But ... what. I bought those for you. I thought they were your favorites"

"They are ... but ..."

"But", Dungeonmaster says more loudly, twisting harder on the nipple rings as tears form in the corners of my eyes. "But ... I like them on him ... turn around and bend over." CJ turns and bends and the plug in his ass glistens in the dim light. "Spread your cheeks." CJ's hands slip up his legs and grab his cheeks, spreading his ass hold. "Monica ... take off the belt, slip down the stockings and pull the plug", Dungeonmaster asks and I cross the room. I remove the belt and slip the stockings down, taking the ring of the ass plug in my fingers, I pull it out, creating a soft "pop" as the plug exits his hole. Dungeonmaster turns to Daddy , a smile crosses his face. "Fuck him in the ass", DM says, motioning Daddy to mount CJ. Daddy gets off the stool and lowers his pants, looking at his soft cock hanging between his thighs. "Monica ... make him hard", my Master says and I cross the room and kneel in front of Daddy as he steps forward and finds my lips with his soft prick. I take his cock into my throat and push my hand up his thighs and finger his ass. He feels like anyone else as his cock begins to grow in my throat while I constrict my windpipe as I tongue his balls. In moments he is stiff and I let father slip from my mouth and take his cock in my hand and lead him across the room to where CJ is bending over. I place the stiff prick against the Jester's ass hold and Daddy drives his member deep. "A virgin affair" yells Dungeonmaster as CJ bites his lips while my Daddy pumps in and out of his butt. "Fuck him", Dungeonmaster yells before he turns his attention to me. "Bend over ... Monica", he yells as he unzips his pants, allowing his stiff cock to spring free. "On your knees ... slave ... Monica!" I get on my knees and place my forehead on the ground, reaching behind and spreading my ass hole so that my Master can have his pleasure. Looking back through my legs I can see Daddy humping CJ in the ass and I clinch my teeth waiting for my Master to enter. I wait ... and wait ... and I feel a sharp pain on my ass as Dungeonmaster's hand lands hard on my open hole. "Never give anything away again unless I tell you", he shouts as Daddy pumps CJ and I feel the Dungeonmaster's stiff cock enter my ass hole. My forehead grinds into the carpet as DM plunges in and out of my ass. He reaches around and fingers my rings with his fingers and, one by one, pulls the round metal rings spreading my cunt as his cock spreads my ass.

"Fuck me", I hear as CJ pulls on Daddy's legs and screams as the cum drips from his ass.

"Fuck me", I yell as Dungeonmaster's cock swells and he plunges one more time, shooting cum deep into my gut.

Daddy and Dungeonmaster groan in unison as if wolves howling at the moon.

The party is over.

Goodnight ... All

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