By Mistress Monica

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So ... do you want to know what happened when our attorney showed up at 9:00 the morning following the first interlude?

That was yesterday and Jack kept his cock ring and ball harness in place but he had a rash. His eyes were red and he told me he hadn't slept all night because he was so excited about the night before and he was unable to masturbate because when he got excited his cock would enlarge and the apparatus would squeeze and his erection would go away. I suggested that he joins me in the dungeon for a little "tender loving care" and he agreed immediately.

Jack started toward the door but I called told him to stop and wait. Slaves never go first and he should wait for my command. He stopped as I opened the open the door and went inside, closing the door behind me. Looking around the darkened room I decided that I would put him on a horse but not in the conventional fashion. I turned on the light directly over the apparatus and turned off the ambient lighting so that the horse was all that was clearly visible. I opened and motioned for Jack to enter. Upon seeing the dark room and the brightly-lighted horse he broke with a little smile.

I took his hand and led him across the room to a position where his back was to the horizontal plank and told him to place his arms back and lean. As he did his back rested on the horse and I fastened his hands to several ropes connected to hooks in the floor. I his feet with two ropes that held them spread and to the floor. Pulling the bonds, he was stretched over the plank backward with his tiny cock shining in the light. Jack winced as the triangular wood pressed into the small of his back but he didn't utter a sound. I went to the toy dresser and took out Dungeonmaster's favorite vibrator. It was a medium sized dildo with a powerful vibrator and a harness, which holds the toy in place. The plastic cock was oily from previous use so I didn't add lubrication as I showed it to Jack by rubbing the vibrating tool against his cheek and slipping the end inside his mouth.

"If you're smart I would spit on the nice prick so it will slip easily", I whispered as I slowly slipped the cock from his dripping mouth. With my index finger I wiped some of his saliva and turned my attention to his tight ass. I slowly rubbed my wetted finger around his ass hole and brought the vibrator against the hole and pushed slightly. I could feel the vibrator as is shook his skin and crept inside his butt as Jack clinched his teeth and held onto the ropes with his hands. When the pulsating cock was firmly imbedded inside Jack's hole I fastened the harness around his waste so that it would remain inside without my holding it. About the time that Jack relaxed my lips were surrounding his cock and I could feel the cold steel of the ring with my tongue. His prick started to grow inside my mouth as I caressed his red balls with my free hand as I turned the know on the vibrator and the pulsating cock started to shake inside with great force.

Jack moaned loudly as his cock grew and the ring tightened and I sucked his swollen prick for a short while until he couldn't stand the pain and begged me to stop. Getting real excited with the attention and Jack's begging I took a knife from my pocket and slipped it under the leather ball strap. Jack cried out as he felt the cold steel of the blade on his skin and when I drew the knife upward and cut the leather harness his cum shot into my throat in a huge gush as I swallowed every drop of his rich juice. While I sucked the last drops from his shrinking cock I removed the harness and slipped the vibrator from his ass.

When I was through and his cock had shrunk I slipped the ring off and removed the ropes that held him motionless. Jack lay stretched over the horse for a few moments before he straightened and lowered himself to the floor. He sat in a heap holding his head as he leaned against the legs. "Well, Jack, I must give you a slave name. Is there anything special that you would like to be called by your Mistress?" He didn't move nor talk as I sucked on my finger looking at the ceiling. "I have it ... I'll name you the Court Jester." He made neither motion nor any recognition that neither he understood nor cared so "CJ" would be his name. "Up ... Jester ... I commanded, returning to the dresser, wiping off the toy with some alcohol and returning it to the proper place. I opened the second drawer and removed my favorite garter belt and some purple stockings. The belt is a pretty striped number and the stockings make my legs look real slim

"CJ ... let's get dressed", I said as I approached his tired body and helped his from the floor. "Strip", I commanded in a firm tone and CJ started removing his pants. "Well, do you like a vibrating ass hole." CJ was nude, standing next to the horse as I told him to bend over and touch his toes. I kicked his feet sort of like a cop so that he spread his legs. Firmly I pressed a butt plug against his ass hole, shoved it inside and felt the plug seat as his muscles tightened. "You will wear this for a couple of days if you are wise since Dungeonmaster is bigger than the vibrator and not as kind. I am sure he will want to savor your ass when he gets back and this will get you accustomed.

"Now straighten up and put these on", I said handing him the garter belt and stockings. CJ proudly snapped the belt around his waste and slipped his legs into the stockings. He ran his hands up and down the fabric straightening the seams before he snapped the hooks into the top. I watched as his cock grew in size as the stockings cradled his calf muscles. He was hard by the time he was finished and I told him to kneel next to the horse with his hands behind his back so that I would inspect how he looked. I walked around as CJ knelt with his cock fully erect. "You look nice, CJ. I will email Dungeonmaster and tell him that I have a present waiting when he returns. "You will wear the plug. We will pick my Master up at the airport tomorrow evening and come back here for a party. Do you understand?"

"Yes ... Mistress!"

I had the limo pick me up at seven and we went to the Court Jester's office. As I had instructed, CJ was wearing a black suit, white shirt and a purple tie. I thought purple would be nice as it matches the stockings that I knew he was wearing under his slacks.

I am wearing a black leather mini skirt and my favorite blouse which has two holes cut where the pockets would normally be and my nipples stick through the holes, showing my nipple rings against the black silk fabric. LAX is a short drive from the office and I sit in the back seat with CK sitting on the side jump seat. I spread my legs showing him that I have on no underwear and letting the twinkle lights flash off my cunt rings. CJ sits straight and only once moves his hand toward my thighs, which I slap immediately, reprimanding him for even thinking about touching me when I am ready for my Master.

The black stretch pulls up next to the curb and after a short wait Dungeonmaster comes through the gates with his bald head shining in the bright lights of the airport. As he approaches I jump from the car and wait at attention for him to approach. DM smiles at seeing me in his favorite outfit. He walks up to me, puts his hand under my skirt and rubs his fingers in my wet cunt. Taking his hand away he raises it under his nose and takes a long sniff. "I've missed your smell", he says, licking my juice from his finger and motioning me to get into the limo. DM gets in next to me, seeming not to notice Jack, who sits quietly. Dm speaks briefly to the driver, handing him some tickets and telling him to return for the luggage the next day. "What are you doing here", DM asks, noticing his attorney in the limo for the first time.

"I brought you a present, Master", I commented shyly. "His name is 'Court Jester' ... but I call him CJ for short. Maybe you would like to have him at your party?"

Dungeonmaster reaches over, twisting the nipple rings that stick through my blouse as he watches my face to see if there is any emotion. All he gets is a nice smile as I look straight into his eyes. "I want to have you", he whispers giving the rings an extra twist and a sharp pull.

"Whatever you wish ... Master", I reply as the limo pulls away from the curb. "What shall we do with CJ?"

"If you're through with him ... give him to Daddy!"

"CJ really likes it in the ass", I whisper. "Do you think Daddy would like that?" "Everyone likes that", Dungeonmaster whispers, slipping his hand under my skirt and pushing his finger in my ass hole while his thumb pushes hard on my clit. I reach over and rub his pants as his cock stretches the material under my caresses.

"Court Jester ... I'm proud of you Monica. That is a wonderful name."

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