By Mistress Monica

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Heard any good attorney jokes lately?

Well ... I have one for you.

I'm sitting in the Blowout office feeling sorry for myself because Dungeonmaster is still in the islands. I guess he's fucking some Hawaiian broad since he hasn't contacted me in a couple of days. I've answered all the advice messages and edited a new story from TJ and Lee so I'm trying to find something to do. I was in chat for awhile but Shewolf was howling and I didn't want to steal her thunder. I've got my legs on the desk and my hand is flicking my cunt rings as I close my eyes, dreaming of my master's return. "Why hasn't he called", I think, my fingers spreading the rings as my pussy swells. I rub my palm in my crack and the juice runs from between the lips. "I miss you so bad", I whisper as my thoughts move to the dungeon, the ropes, the pain, the love, the need. "God Damn you, Dungeonmaster", I say out loud, just as I hear a knock on he office door.

I cross the room and open the door to see Jack, our attorney, at the standing outside. I put out my hand in a greeting as he enters.

"How are you", he asks as he shakes my hand. "Your hands wet. Have you been crying?"

"Smell it", I comment, laughing as he raises his hand and takes a sniff.

"My God", he exclaims as his light complexion turns red and his blond hair seems to stand on end.

"No ... My pussy", I say, rubbing my hand across his lip. He pulls my hand away and I take his in my grip, moving it under my dress as he tries to pull away. "Feel my wet cunt."

"I can't. I'm your attorney. I ...."

"Fucking attorney ... Doesn't that sound like fun." I laugh as his hand brushes my pussy lips while we play our little game of tug of war. I win. Jack relaxes and the back of his hand rubs against my rings. "Ever play in the dungeon", I ask?

"Monica ... stop!" I take Jack's hand and lead him to the plank door that separates the office from the dungeon. "Let me give you a tour." I pull the slide bolt and swing the door open, revealing the dimly lit inside of the room. Jack pulls back but I push him inside and close the door.

"Monica ... ", Jack stutters as I run one of my hands through his blond hair as I reach for his cock with the other. " ... I really can't. I just came to drop off these papers and ... ", he stutters again, pulling my hand from his cock as I grasp it roughly and push it under my short skirt.

"I'm wet for you ... horny and wet."

"Monica ..."

"You sound like a broken record ... Monica ... Monica ... can't ... Fuck Monica ... now that's a good idea", I say loudly pushing his hand in my wet crack as one of his fingers gets caught in a cunt ring. "Got me now ... wanna pull on my rings ...", I whisper, pushing Jack against the wall and placing my mouth to his and sticking my tongue deep inside.

"Monica ... ", he mumbles before he sucks my tongue and squeezes his lips on the stiff intrusion. His finger is still in my cunt ring as I rub his stiff cock.

"Broken record ... Fuck Monica", I whisper, unzipping his pants. "Monica wants to suck Jack", I whisper, pulling my tongue from his sucking lips and kissing my way across his neck, unbuttoning his shirt as I run my cheeks on his hairy chest. I feel his breath coming in shorter gasps as he pulls the ring, twisting it softly. "Harder ... you can pull hard."

"I don't ... "

"You won't ... "

"I mean ..."

My tongue licks around his belly button as I skillfully unbuckle his pants and slip them down to his knees. He has on boxers, unlike the briefs that my master wears. I find them sexy as his cock pushes against the front of the material making a tent. I don't remember that boxers have buttons, but I find them and in no time the front of his shorts are open and his stiff cock is sticking straight out from his blond curls. He leans against the wall as I drop to my knees and take the head of his cock between my lips, running my tongue over the warm surface. I stay motionless as Jack's cock pulses just inside my mouth. I want his cock to dive into my mouth but I want him to push ... so I wait ... and wait ... as his pulsing cock lies within my lips.

"Monica ... I really ..."

"Jack ... you must", I whisper, licking the eye of his prick, tasting the trickle of pre-cum as I suck softly on his stiff member. At last I feel his ass tighten and he pushes his hard prick slowly into my mouth. Jack's hands are rubbing my bald head as I run my fingers over the cheeks of his ass. Deeper his cock slips as I breath, sucking him deeper into my throat. Jack's prick is longer than my master's is but not as big around so it is easy to throat him as he now pushes deeper.

"I've ... never"

"I have", I mumble, pushing my head so that his cock is fully engulfed in my throat. My tongue licks the base, pushing the sack that holds his balls. My hands grip his ass as he pushes in and out of my mouth slowly ... faster ... uncontrollably tender as I let his stiff prick slip from my lips. "Cum in my mouth ... Jack ... I want your cum", I whisper, pushing my head so that his cock slips deep inside in one slow, steady thrust. My finger finds his ass hole as he pulls out and I push inside his butt as he sinks his cock down my throat. With each thrust my finger does deeper in his hole and his prick swells inside my throat. I feel his trembling hands grab my ears as his cum bubbles in his balls. Slowly I pull back so that his cum flows in my mouth, around my tongue, my lips. My taste buds are excited with the rich taste. Jack's little fingers are hooked into my ear rings as he pulls my head forward driving his young cock deep into my cum filled gut.

"I shouldn't have ..."

"You did ... ", I whisper as Jack slips to the floor beside me. "You are so tender ... soft ... nice."

"A tender ... soft ... nice ... attorney", Jack whispers?

"A tender ... soft ... nice ... slave ...", I whisper as I wrap the Velcro band around his wrist. I continue sucking and licking his cock as I secure his other hand with the Velcro band. Jack doesn't resist as I let his cock slip from my lips and stand, taking the ropes and pulling them so that his arms rise over his head. "Up ... slave. Get your ass off the floor", I command, pulling on the ropes until Jack is standing against the wall. When I secure the ends of the ropes I turn and go to the corner of the dungeon. I open the small refrigerator and put some ice in a cup and fill it with cold water. "Are you HOT ... Jack", I ask, turning and approaching his stretched body. His cock is soft and hangs from the curly blond patch of hair between his thighs. His eyes are wide open as he realizes that I am now in control. "HOT, Jack", I whisper as I put the iced cup between his thighs and slowly raise the water as he hops, trying to keep his shrinking balls from the cold fluid.

"God damn you ... ", Jack yells as his balls shrink and my thumb pushes his soft cock into the ice water.

"God damn you ... what", I whisper, pinching the end of his tender cock. "Do I hear ... Mistress ...?"

"Fuck you", Jack yells ... then screams ... as I pinch harder on the eye of his cock. " ... Mistress ..."

"Please ...", I whisper, pinching harder.

"Please ... Mistress", he whimpers as he hangs limp from the bonds, his shriveled little prick and balls in the cup of iced water.

"That's better", I say as I lower the cup, setting it on the floor. I cross the room to the dresser and take out a cock ring and return to my captive. I get on my knees and slipping my hot lips over his cold prick. Jack is so small that I put his cock and balls into my mouth as I rub them with my tongue. He starts to respond, filling my mouth as the head of his cock finds the path to my throat. "Not yet", I whisper, removing my head and slowly rising the cup over his balls. His cock shrinks as he yells obscenities ... finishing his tirade with a "please" and a "Mistress". I remove the cup and slip the silver ring over his tiny prick. I slip the black leather band around the base of his balls as he watches wide eyed. Jack trembles as I reach for the rivet pliers and secure the bands so that the ring is permanent unless cut off. "Do you want me to rivet the end of your cock ... slave ... ", I say as he pulls on the ropes.


"NO ... what!"

"Please ... NO ... Mistress."

"That's better ... you will make a tender ... soft ... nice ... obedient ... slave ", I whisper, taking his cold prick in my warm lips. Softly ... I suck warmth into the member as it grows in my mouth and the clamped ring tightens. Jack's balls turn red as his prick grows in the ring. He pulls on the bonds as I rapidly push my head over his cock, rubbing the slick surface with my lips as he pushes into my throat. "Wanna cum again for me ... slave?"

"Please ... Mistress", Jack whispers as he thrusts his cock into my mouth. "Please ... Mistress!"

"No ... slave", I whisper as his stiff cock pops from my lips and Jack lets out a long moan. "Your first lesson is finished. You will remember me every time your cock gets hard and your ring squeezes. You will remember that I am your Mistress." I rise and untie one of the ropes and his arm falls to his side. As the second rope is released Jack rests against the wall. He removes the cuffs from his wrists and feels the cock ring as a wondering smile creeps over his lips.

"I guess you got me", he says.

"Got me ... what", I command sternly.

"Got me ... Mistress", he says reaching down and pulling his pants up.

"You will come back tomorrow night at 9:00 O'clock sharp for your next lesson ... Jack."

"Yes ... Mistress"

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