Fuck Feast

By WiLd1TeXaS

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On a Sunny Day in April, I was driving down the street. When to my surprise there were to young fine looking ladies, standing stranded on the side of the road Two ladies were standing with there "thumbs" high in the air wearing skimpy little outfits. I decided what harm could they do? So, I pulled on over and when I stopped they approached my window and asked me for a ride to the nearest town!

I said "Sure , Hop In !" When they finally jumped in, to my surprise, they both climbed in the front seat. The blonde was sitting right next to me, with the brunet beside her!

We started back on down the road , and not even a half an hour later they were in some interesting chat about their boyfriends, And how they were jerks! Not a few minutes to me the blonde, named Kathy, accidentally brushed her hand across my jeans and over the bulge in my pants. To my surprise when she did it she looked at me and smiled. I gave a nice inviting smile back!

Kathy proceeded talking to her Best Friend Monique! Kathy then leaned over and started to whisper to Monique! Kathy said "This man has a pretty good-sized cock, you think maybe we should go somewhere else with him?"

Monique said, "sure", and Kathy then turned to me and asked if I knew of a Motel near by? I knew of a few and so I told her I would take em there!

Once we arrived they said they would be right back! I was wondering what the hell was going on when they came back out they jumped in and told me to pull around the back. Kathy started rubbing "my Johnson!" She felt me beginning to get hard and I figured out what was about to happen! When I pulled around back they invited me inside for a while so I hurried right in!

Once we were inside Kathy and Monique started kissing each other, and rubbing all over each other's bodies. They look towards me, and I was rubbing the crotch of my jeans. They began undressing each other and smiling at me as Kathy start to lick and nibble on Monique's Breasts and she slide a finger down between her legs! I was starting to strip my clothes off quickly. I sat down in a chair and began rubbing over my length as the too young babes begin fucking each other in front of me. Kathy proceeded licking on Monique's breasts, and invited me over to let her play with my dick! While she fondled my nuts and shaft she started sliding down Monique's body. I leaned over and was kissing Monique while Kathy went to work on Monique's pussy! I cupped each of Monique's breasts into my hands and started pinching her nipples. She started moaning softly telling her woman friend to eat her good. I leaned down and licked over her huge nipples sucking them in my mouth. Tugging her nipples towards me, I let them fall back out and doing it again! I ran my finger down to her clit, while her friend thrusts her tongue inside her love channel. Pressing my finger against her clit and shaking it, she begins to let out louder moans of total ExcTasY.

"Oooooo", Kathy she cries.

I'm going to fill your mouth with my sweet Cum, Said Monique so I start to rub faster on her clit and then lick down her body taking the place of her friend! I begin to concentrate on her clitoris and press my tongue onto the tip of it. Then, with my mouth open, I run the edges of my lips around her clit , and then suck it up into my mouth and lightly nibbling and flick my tongue over it. Monique begins to cum.

"Oooooooo, I'm cummmming in your mouth. Ooooooh yeah, yes baby, oooo God!"

When it finally subsides, Kathy starts licking on my nipples and stroking my length semi fast, licking down my body till she reaches my Love Rod! She engulfs it into her mouth and I see it disappear. I am amazed, at the site of her being able to take it all. She starts bobbing her head up and down on my cock and then stops at the head and sucks the mushroom, licking all around the tip! Then she starts back down one side licking every inch of my love rod! Then she licks down onto my nuts sucking one into her mouth!

She starts to "hummmmmmmmmmm", licking all around on them , and then back up the underside and lizard licks right below the head on the tip.

"OOOOOOoooo, Kathy I like that", I gasp. She starts to bob back up and down. Monique is concentrating on sucking my length with Kathy. They both now take turns licking and sucking on my cock, nibbling. You name it, they do it!

Now ,Monique wants me to let her ride me as Kathy sits and rides my face. She positions herself over my rod and begins rubbing the head on her inner folds, working with just the head pushing inside of her. Little did I know she was a virgin to males. She begins moaning, Louder & Louder... "Oh, my God your cock is so huge , Mystery Man! I want it deep inside my tight little pussy", Monique replies. Inch by Fucking inch I push inside her tight pussy, until I'm fully inside and we pause. Kathy straddles my face and sits right on me with her clit in my mouth. I start licking and flicking, sucking it into my mouth, shaking my lips from side to side. Then I lick down right below her clit on he little spot, her Gee Spot and shake my tongue on it. She begins screaming loudly, "Right there, ooooooooooo yessss , Right there baby , O God", she screams as I lizard lick right on that spot. Now Monique begins to move back and fourth and she is shuddering from them length and width of my Love Rod!

] Kathy , starts to shudder and quiver beneath me and I start thrusting my tongue in and out of her soaking wet little pink pussy! Monique is breathing heavily with anticipation of her climax very soon on my thick, juicy cock. She starts moaning louder than any other time, starts going up and down, riding my cock hard and fast. I ask Monique to climb off me and get on all fours and eat Kathy, while I do her doggie style! She Grins and jumps on all fours.

Positioning myself behind her, with one hand I hold her ass cheek and the other I rub over her tight little quivering pussy! I push the head barely into her, feeling her tighten her pussy muscles all around my cock head, as it enters her inch by massive inch. Slowly with half of my length I work with that in and out of her. Gripping onto her thighs and back and slowly easing her back and forth on my love rod.

She begins to cry out in pleasure when her friend sticks her cunt in her face. "OOOO yeah Kathy, this Mystery Man is GGGGGRRRRRREEEAAATTT!!!". She begins licking away on her girlfriends Pussy , As I grind my tool into her bucking and grinding back onto me Monique starts slamming her ass against me and going harder, telling me in deep moans to go deeper and harder, searching her yet unexplored territories! She starts screaming out my name, "Ooooooooooooooo Mystery Man your soooooooooo good too me!!", Monique says .. "Fuck my brains out, Make me cum over and over.. Do what no man has done before."

I begin to go harder and deeper, pushing deep inside her. Kathy, has gotten all ready for the final cum feast and is awaiting Mystery's and Monique's time to cum. Not wanting to cum yet, but I know that feeling anywhere in my balls, I yell, "Monique I am going to Cum for you! Deep inside your tight hot pussy." She begins climaxing on his cock , as I let go of my hot spunk. "Ooooooooo Monique , Yeah Babyyyyyyyyy ,I'm Cummmmmmming for you", says Mystery Man.

Monigue Screams "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO God ooooo baby, baby, ooo baby, it feels so good inside meeeeeee Cummmmmmmmminnnng all over you're big hard cock! Kathy, OOOOooooooooooo I'm Cummingg in your mouth oooooo yesssssssss baby, baby, baby."

Once everyone cumming has subsided they all collapse on the bed for a little nap. After a few hours of sleep Kathy wakes up and crawls over to Mystery, and start to suck on his soft prick! Mystery wakes up and they let Monique sleep, because she was really worn out from her first time with a man! Kathy begins to do soft slow strokes on his now hard Love rod! Just sucking the head of his cock into her wanting mouth. He lays back and has her crawl up on top of him and do a 69. They begin to lick and suck and tease! She begins cumming on his face and he licks it all up! She can't wait for what he has to offer. After an hour of doing this, She crawls onto her back and demands him to fuck her soaking wet pussy! Without anymore thought, he crawls up between her legs and puts his cock inside her and begins thrusting in and out She is not as tight as Monique! He puts her legs up on his shoulders and thrusts deep inside her. In and out, out and in, deeper and harder, going faster and when she is about ready to cum he slows back down and makes her wait. She is moaning really loud and wakes up Monique!

Monigue sits up against the headboard and continues to let them do there thing, as she starts to finger herself and play with her clitoris. She is moaning away with herself and watches her lover get fucked by some man. Kathy spreads her legs as far apart as she can and lets him piston in and out of her! He begins going faster inside her hot channel and thrusts deep within. She begins to quiver and shudder. "I'm going to cum baby, all around your thick shaft!", Kathy says, "I want you to fill me up with your love fluid!" With that she begins cummmmminng. "OOOOOOO Baby, Baby I'm cummmmmmmmmmminnnnnggg on you. Oooh Yeahhh!" And with her pussy spasming like it is, he lets his load go inside of her. He cums for a few moments and then lays himself on top of her. As his Rod begins going completely limp inside of her he climbs off of her and goes into the shower and starts to shower himself before the long journey home. While he is in the shower the ladies play on the bed. When He cleanses himself and climbs out of the shower, and begins toweling himself off.

] "EVERYTHINGS QUIET! What could have happened? Did they fall asleep?", he thinks as he gets dressed goes out to thank them for a lovely evening. "Where'd they go?", he says as he rushes over to the window and looks out. "My CAR, its gone?", he screams as he looks around and sees a note lying on the bed.

It reads:



"Oh well", he thinks, "I was about to get rid of the car. Well, guess I'll have to call a cab!"

He catches a cab home!!

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