By: Anonomous

I remember the first time my husband, Paul, and I had sex with another couple. We had gone to there house for dinner. They lived in another town, so we took an overnight bag and planned to spend the night.

After dinner we sat around their round, glass table playing cards when Steve, our friend, asked if we wanted to play strip poker. After about a half dozen hands, we were all in our underwear. Debi, Steve's wife, was the first to loose her bra. Her breasts were perfectly shaped with just a slight heaviness about them that made them appear as though they were begging to be sucked. Before long, everyone was naked. It didn't seem like much of a deal. Steve suggested we all get in the hot tub so Debi and I left to get it ready. She's short, about 5'3, with dark hair, hazel eyes, and a perfect body.

By the time the boys got to the tub, we were hot with anticipation. Paul got in first while Steve sat on the side watching us. I began kissing Paul while my hand explored his crotch under the water. He was hard already. With our friends watching, I lifted Paul out of the water by his cock and began licking the water from the tip. Debi sat across from me, her chest heaving, as I stroked Paul's thick rod. Steve motioned for Debi to participate with a nod of his head. Seeing that, I offered Paul's cock to her by pointing the tip toward her mouth. Very consciously she moved into position and opened her mouth to accept the meat I was offering her. It looked so strange to see her full, dark lips wrapped tightly around my husband's stiff dick. She was much more delicate in her cock sucking that I was. We began taking turns with him. At times we both would slide our lips up and down the entire length of him. Steve just sat there, watching. What I really wanted was to get his cock in my mouth, but I was afraid Paul would get mad if I didn't show him attention first. Even though I was sucking, I was imagining it was Steve.

Every chance I got, I let my hands slide across Debi's thigh or breast, hoping to get a reaction. I thought she was ignoring me when suddenly her hand squeezed my thigh. From then on we were playing with each other under the water. The guys probably knew, but we thought we were getting away with something; and that made it even more exciting. I became quite jealous when Debi moved over and began taking Steve in her mouth like there was no tomorrow. That made me suck Paul even harder and deeper. Then I really got pissed when I looked up and noticed that Paul had his eyes glued on Debi as she worked furiously at Steve's cock. That's when I suggested that we get out of the tub and resume on the bed.

Once on the large bed, we all seemed to dive into Debi. She was lying on her back taking all that Paul could offer her in her mouth while Steve licked and sucked on her erect nipples. I wanted Steve, but again didn't want to seem too eager. I also had dreamed of having Debi's petite little pussy all over my face. So I dove in. She opened her thighs willingly as I positioned myself between her shapely legs. I had thought about this so many times while masturbating at home that I didn't hesitate as I opened her wet lips and lowered my face into her wetness. I knew I had hit the spot when she grabbed my head and pushed me harder while she hunched up against my probing tongue. Her moans of pleasure were muffled by Paul's cock as she desperately worked to get more and more of him in her mouth. I hadn't noticed Steve had gotten up until his tongue touched the crack above ass. I was lost in Debi's pussy. I always thought I would love to eat another woman, but I had no idea it would be this enjoyable.

My eyes were glued on Debi's mouth, gulping like a hungry filly at Paul's thick member. It became almost impossible to concentrate on the opening beneath my mouth. Steve was spreading my cheeks wide as he ran his experienced tongue from my ass to my clit, spreading my juices and his saliva. Paul began kneading at her breasts, hard, like he does mine. But it was obvious she wasn't turned on by it; she stopped sucking him and just held him in her mouth. As soon as he became more gentle, she started sucking and licking like a maniac. She was so wet! Her juices were running down the crack of her ass and on the sheets. I ran my finger up and down between her cheeks a few times and my entire hand was soaked. Very slowly I pushed it between her swollen pussy lips while sucking her clit with my tongue and upper lip. At that very moment, Steve slid what must have been three fingers, deep inside me. Debi was going crazy! She pulled Paul's cock out of her mouth and began licking and sucking his huge balls as she stroked his wet tool with a very firm grip. Her facial expression suggested pain, but I knew from the contractions inside her cunt that she was about to explode. Quickly I shoved several fingers in her and began pumping away fast and hard. My tongue was lapping at her clit like a new born kitten. Paul twisted her erect nipples so hard I thought they would come off. Then she came all over my hand as she let out a deathly scream that made the hair on my neck stand on ends. I almost drowned from her cum. Never had I known a woman could release so much liquid.

We all paused for a moment, wondering what to do next. Paul asked me to suck him off. That wasn't what I want to do; but, I didn't want to make waves. I got on my hands and knees and proceeded to take him deeper and deeper. I was hoping Steve would see my ass hiked high in the air and take advantage of the situation by fucking me from behind. I waited. Something just as good was about to happen.

Debi had slid under me and was pulling at my ass to get me lower. I turned to see Steve pumping her as she lay on her back with her tongue desperately trying to get at my tender pussy. Steve was slowly sinking deep inside her with a sultry rhythm. I wanted him so bad. I could only hope that he wouldn't cum until I had my turn.

Chills ran up my spine when Debi blew cooling air on my wet cunt. I spread my knees until she was perfectly positioned to take all she wanted of me. Paul was squeezing my tits. He knows how much I love that when I'm really hot. I nibbled at his shaft while both hands tugged at his balls, causing his cock to stand straight out. While Debi ran her probing tongue all around the edge of my cunt, I opened my mouth wide and held it in front of Paul's rock, hard dick; waiting for him to feed me. Just as he placed his rod deep inside my mouth, I suddenly felt something penetrate my tight ass.

I couldn't believe Debi was finger fucking my ass! But I loved it. I relaxed my jaw and shoved myself on Paul's cock. His cock is so thick, it's difficult to get him past my gag reflexes; but once I've got him all the way in... he's all mine. I swallowed twice and that's all it took. His cock expanded deep down my throat and took his entire load, the way I always do. I was saving myself for Steve. I sucked on Paul until he was totally limp. He fell back on the bed like he was dead.

It wasn't until I turned around that I was aware of Steve, straddling Gail's chest, had his finger up my ass. With her still lapping away at me, he was just getting ready to give me his long, hard, soaking wet tool. I almost came right then. I was grinding myself into Debi's face. When the swollen head of his gorgeous manhood touched between Debi's lips and my cunt, I shuddered as I came. I thought I would die when a few more inches worked there way slowly in. I looked under me and saw Debi licking the pussy off his shaft. Thick white cream was all over his balls from where he had just fucked her. Suddenly I couldn't breath. All nine inches was inside me. Gail was licking his balls clean. I grabbed the sheets and pulled them between my teeth. I wanted him to fuck the living shit out of me. Steve slowly withdrew, then I took over.

Enough of this slow shit. I rammed my ass hard against his cock, deeper and deeper. I was thrusting my ass at him so hard he had to pull his finger out of my ass and hold on with both hands. He caught on quickly and met each thrust with a hunch of his own. Debi could do nothing but lie there and watch from below. I must have got off half a dozen times before Steve let out a loud scream and I knew he was about to explod deep inside me. Before he could, I turned around quickly and took him inside my mouth. With both hands milking his long, shaft, he gave me his entire load. I couldn't hold it all! He kept cumming and cumming. It was running down my chin, down his shaft, all over my hands. Debi got so turned on by this that she came to my rescue and began licking his cum off my chin. We were both beside ourselves with lust as we licked him clean.

Steve fell back and passed out. We looked at each other, smiling and embraced in our first kiss of the evening. Debi licked the remainder of Steve's cum from my chin and very delicately offered it to me as a prize. I opened my mouth and received it with pleasure. We kissed for a while, then we fell asleep. The next thing I knew, it was morning.