The Sunday Football Show

By TJ & Lee Star

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By now you know my wife, Lee, so there probably isn't much that will surprise you. Last Sunday, however, she surprised me.

Usually, on Sunday mornings I like to workout pretty hard. I usually go for a long run, more than five miles, and finish with some lifting in our home gym. After the workout, its couch and remote time drinking some beers and the watching the NFL games. One of the things I love about my wife, Lee, is that she doesn't give me shit for doing "guy" stuff.

So there I am, on the couch, a cold can of Bud, a pair of boxers and the Giants game on TV.

Lee came in from her run and I'm slouched down, beer resting on my chest, still, a little sweaty from the workout.

"Who's winning?" she asked. I told her there was no score. She had on an old pair faded jeans, ripped at the knee and one of my T-shirts. Lee was looking at my body in a way that makes me feel good. Like, you know, your wife still gets turned on. "TJ, you look kind of pumped", she commented and I jokingly told her to control herself. She smiled, left and I glanced as she walked out of the room. I loved the way her tight ass looked in those old faded jeans and the way her nipples stuck out under the thin cotton of the pull over when she wasn't wearing a bra.

In a short while Lee came back and started rubbing my shoulders. "Isn't that nice ... football ... a shoulder rub ... combining pleasures ... You know ... I overheard a guy at work tell a joke Friday. It goes something like:

What's the ideal date?
A women who sucks your cock.
Then turns into a six-pack of beer
And then a TV football game!"

I laughed as Lee continued massaging my shoulders. "Honey, I know you love me", Lee whispered. " ... but that's how you guys think ... isn't it? I bet sticking your cock in a wet pussy ... or ... pushing it into a willing mouth ... while you drink beer and watch football ... that would be Nirvana .... wouldn't it? Suppose ... all your pleasures could be combined .... it would be heaven ... right?"

I giggled, telling her that she understood "the essence of man".

"You are a pig ... aren't you", she said, playfully slapping the back of my head. Lee left again and left me on the couch and football. There was a knock on the door as the second half started.

I heard our friend Ginger call, "Its me ... can I come in?'"

"Sure", I yelled out, "C'mon in. Lee's in the other room."

Ginger went back to see Lee and the third quarter had passed before Lee and Ginger came out.

Ginger was wearing a neck to toe, shear white body stocking with spiked heals. Lee had the identical outfit in black. Lee spoke first as they both stood at attention:

"We are here ... Sir ... on bequest of the NFL. We are conducting an experiment to see if man's pleasures can be combined. My assistant will help with the experiment. Ginger, get the bag, please." Ginger handed Lee a small gym bag. "Sir ... with your permission .. provide some of man's pleasures..." Ginger took out a tray of sub sandwiches, a couple of porn magazines and some massage oil. "Please let us know if we interfere with your game." Ginger opened the magazines and places them so that I could see them easily. That is ... in between plays ... of course."

They had gotten adult bookstore porn and it was really rough stuff. Ginger sat next to me and started paging through each magazine like she was showing it to a child. There was a picture of a brunette with a guy's cock up her ass ... another guy with a huge dick in her mouth ... another had ... well ... you know.

"With your permission ... Sir ... the cock sucking will begin", Lee said as she knelt in front of the couch.

I couldn't stop laughing but I did manage to answer in character. "You may sucketh my cock ... my slave ... but ... no teeth!"

"Of course, Sir. If you feel my teeth ... I will expect punishment". With that, Lee pulled down my shorts and slowly began to lick the head of my stiff cock. She put her lips around the head and lightly stroked the base of my cock with her soft fingers. The combination was wonderful as she kept a nice slow pace, the kind designed to make me last. Sometimes she would pump my prick ... then bob her head up and down .... then tongue the soft skin ... it was heaven.

Ginger was looking through the porn magazines. She was on a page with a blond taking two cocks in her mouth at the same time. She was rubbing her shaved pussy through the body stocking, her legs spread, her high heels on the coffee table and moisture soaking through her outfit.

The doorbell rang and we all froze. It was three-thirty on a Sunday afternoon. Who the hell could it be?

Without missing a beat Lee said, "Ginger ... be a good servant and answer the bell."

"Now ... ", Lee continued abruptly. " You've been a bad girl ... playing with those pink little cunt lips ... dreaming through the fuck photos ... instead of serving our Master ... to the door with you ... Bitch", Lee commanded! Lee was obviously turned on at the thought of this show as she stayed on her knees bobbing on my cock with her mouth and pumping it with her hand. Ginger, embarrassed with the big cunt juice stain all over her crotch and her nipples standing straight out ... obeyed ... and opened the door. A delivery service was dropping off paper work from Lee and Ginger's work. Ginger stood, her hands on her hips, staring at the guy, like it was nothing ... then ... she moved so that the guy could see my cock sliding in and out of Lee's mouth. Lee made sure she was sideways so the guy could see her sweet lips suck my stiff prick. She kept sucking my cock like he wasn't there ... but ... I knew she was really into being watched. She even pulled her hair back so the guy could get a good look.

Ginger started getting into the action as the guy stood dumbfounded. "We weren't expecting anyone ... do you like my out fit", Ginger questioned? "I stained it while I was fingering myself ... I was really getting hot when you rang the bell. Do you think it will come out", Ginger asked, giggling. Ginger turned to Lee and asked, " ... the young man wants to know if we have any packages to send to the office?" Lee still, sucking my cock, mumbled, "Yes ... have the man come in. There's a package on my desk. Would you go with him ...Ginger?". Lee said all this, on her knees, my cock in her hand, like this was a common thing.

Ginger walked the guy through the house as Lee quit sucking my cock and sat up on the couch spreading her legs. Leaning back she got her favorite blue vibrating dildo, took a nail file from the table, cut a hole in the crotch of her body stocking and started to fuck herself with one hand as she jacked me off with the other.

Ginger and the delivery guy came back. Lee let go of my cock, reaching toward the poor guy and asked if she needed to sign for the package. She asked without even slowing her work with the dildo.

dildo. Now ... the guy was smiling. "Yes Ma'am"

He brought the paperwork over as Lee took his pen and signed the book he held out. "Thank you so much ... I hope we haven't detained you", she said in her business voice, giving the guy the pan and continuing to jack my cock.

The guy shook his head as Ginger led him to the door.

After he was out and the door closed ... we all laughed hysterically. Lee said, "Fuck this role play shit ... I'm so turned on ... I need a good fuck. Ginger ... let me suck your cunt while TJ drives!" With that, Lee got down on all fours, Ginger spread her legs in front of her ... Lee cut a hole in the crotch of her sweats ... pulled Ginger's cunt forward as I slammed my stiff cock into her hold from behind.

Ginger had an orgasm immediately ... Lee came shortly after ... I was tired so it took some time ... but ... I finally dropped my load as the game ended.

Oh ... by the way ... the Giants won.

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