My Flight to California

By Anonymous

Although I live in California, I go to college at the University of Virginia. Because I don't have a car, I end up doing a lot of flying back and forth. Inevitably, sometime during the six-hour trip, I would think of the "Mile High Club." Equally inevitably, however, I always ended up sitting next to senior citizens or businessmen. I thought I might have stumbled onto a threesome when I switched seats so a couple in their mid- twenties could sit together. The wife (I noticed the ring) was blonde, very pretty, and wearing a sheer blouse. However, though they thanked me and offered to buy me a drink (ah, the joys of being underage) nothing came of it. _Sigh_

My luck finally changed when I was flying a prop-plane puddle-jumper from College down to Charlottesville. From prior experience, I knew that my seat over the wing would be noisy and the vibrations would be annoying. I cheered up a bit, however, when a brunette I'd been eyeing in the terminal indicated that she had the window seat. She was about 5'9" with green eyes that made her look sexy and intriguing. Her clothes certainly added to the sexy part; she was wearing a mid-thigh black miniskirt and a simple pink blouse, unbuttoned to mid-breast. I admired the view as she bent over to shove her bag under the seat. A moment later, she sat down and held her jacket up, asking me to put in the overhead compartment. Her blouse gaped apart, probably unnoticed by her (but not by me). Leech that I am, I couldn't resist leaning over a little further than necessary as I took her jacket. I think she caught my eyes flicking down to admire her frilly bra and firm breasts; she blushed ever so slightly and pulled her blouse higher on her shoulders.

I sat back down and we did the standard small-talk thing (I really can't help but be a bit cynical). Her name was Jenn, and she was a second-year English major. I've read my fair share of the classics and read voraciously anyway, but we really didn't have much to talk about there, as I'm more a biology/computer person. We talked for a while about our backgrounds, though; she was from New Jersey and had lived there almost her whole life. In contrast, I have moved often, including a three-year stay in England. We started talking about music and found that we both liked REM, Sting, and Peter Gabriel. I mentioned that I liked old ZZTop; Jenn accused me of just liking their Eliminator videos. I was honest; I listened to old ZZTop, but watched the videos. She next accused me of liking the Divines video "I Touch Myself." After thinking for a brief second about how I wanted to answer, I decided to play the innuendoes for what they were worth. After all, I probably wouldn't see Jenn again anyway. I said that the woman's cleavage was impressive, and I got indignant jab in the side, but then went on to say that I thought the song was very erotic. Jenn sort of pouted her lips, slowly crossed her legs, and drew her shoulders back a bit before saying; "You think so?" I noticed again how amazing her voice was; it was a deep alto, husky but definitely feminine. I also noticed how well her lightly tanned thighs looked and how her blouse was now stretched across her breasts. I think my eyes must have bugged out a little, because she suddenly slumped back into her chair and giggled. I started to tickle her and she shrieked, attracting a little more attention than we wanted.

As we suddenly fell silent and everyone looked our direction, the plane was banking over Charlottesville. Soon, we landed and I found out that an apartment-mate was coming to get Jenn. I had been planning on calling a friend; I'm too disorganized to plan very far ahead. As it turned out, it was a good thing I hadn't. Jenn's apartment-mate had a big car; Jenn was pretty sure I could get a ride home. When we got into the terminal, Jenn's apartment-mate Amy met us. She was wearing tight jeans and what looked like a J. Crew T-shirt. I could see a hint of her bra and certainly liked what I was seeing.

While we were waiting for the bags to arrive, Jenn whispered something to Amy. As they went off to the bathroom together, they both got very interesting looks on their faces. I grabbed my bags, thinking about what might be coming ahead. Most of the people had cleared out by the time Jenn and Amy came back, laughing between themselves. Amy was swinging her hips very alluringly. Jenn had undone her blouse another button, allowing me to see the tops of her breasts and the very edge of her bra.

We quickly grabbed Jenn's bags and carried everything out to the car. They invited me over to their apartment for a drink; I felt my cock start to harden. When Amy bent over to grab a suitcase, I could see the outlines of the bikini underwear she had on. Once Amy had straightened up, Jenn reached down to pick up her bag, making sure I could see down her blouse. As she stood up, she brushed her hand along the front of my pants and smiled at the growing bulge there.

Amy drove to their apartment as Jenn and I sat in the back seat. I started running one hand up and down one smooth thigh; the other hand moved as of its own accord to cup a firm breast. Jenn leaned over and kissed me. Our lips parted and our tongues were soon alternately entwined and probing. When I tweaked a nipple through her blouse, I felt her gasp. Then, I felt her hand running up my thigh. To retaliate, I started pushing her skirt up, intent on caressing her through her silken panties.

Amy, who must have looked in the rear-view mirror, said "Hey! Don't steam up the windows! We'll be home soon enough. Plus, you two are turning me on and I've got to drive!" We laughed a bit and scaled back, giving light, delicate touches where forceful probing had been a moment before.

Amy was right; we arrived at their apartment a minute later. I had no idea where we were, having been preoccupied. The luggage forgotten, we went upstairs to Jenn and Amy's apartment. My cock was rock-hard, pressing urgently against my pants. Once inside, Jenn and I started kissing again. Amy pulled us apart, saying "My turn", and replaced Jenn. She ground her hips against my hard-on and pressed her breasts against my chest as we kissed passionately. I kept one hand running through her hair and on her back. I moved the other down to caress Amy's gorgeous ass. We moved over to the couch and I slipped my hand underneath Amy's T-shirt. Amy completed what I had started, albeit faster than I would have as she took her shirt completely off.

I could see her hard nipples pressing against her bra. Her breasts were average sized, but looked very firm and very inviting. I caressed around one breast through her bra as Amy ran her fingers up to my inner thigh. When I heard her moan, I broke our kiss. I looked over the coffee table to see Jenn leaning back in on the loveseat with her blouse off and bra open. She was kneading her breasts, which were slightly larger than Amy's, and pulling on her nipples. Her feet were drawn up, drawing her skirt apart, exposing her lacy white panties to me. I could see her moisture starting to soak through the fabric. While my attention was diverted, Amy had unhooked her bra.

I couldn't believe it! Just a few hours ago, I was sure that I was going back to an evening of boredom and homework. Instead, two gorgeous, aroused women surrounded me. I was like a little boy with two equally appealing choices; I couldn't decide what to do first. Luckily, Amy and Jenn seemed to know what they wanted. They looked at each other and then both got up. Then, eagerly, they led me into one of the bedrooms.

The room was dominated by a queen-sized bed that I later found out came with the Apartment. As Amy bent over away from me, peeling off her jeans, Jennie stepped out Of her skirt. I quickly stripped down to my underwear. My cock was sticking straight out, making a tent of my underwear. As Amy knelt on the bed and rubbed her nipples, I went over to Jenn and pulled her towards me. We sat on the edge of the bed; her breasts bear against my chest, our hips nestling together. Then, I felt Amy press up against me from behind. Jenn and I were kissing passionately as Amy started planting light kisses on my neck and down my shoulders. I pulled Jenn tighter against me, caressing her ass cheeks and pulling her panties up into the crack of her ass. She started to rotate her hips against mine. I could feel Amy move behind me as her hand sought her pussy.

Jenn stood up and pushed me back so I was lying spread eagle on the bed. Together, Jenn and Amy pulled my jockeys off before stripping themselves. Amy had short, soft pubic hair; Jenn's pubic hair was dark and coarser. Amy kissed me and then maneuvered so that I could suck and coax each nipple. Jenn started rubbing her hands along the length of my hard shaft. After few minutes of this, Amy and Jenn switched places. Amy jacked my shaft briefly, then cupped her breasts around my dick. She began slowly moving up and down, sending fantastic sensations along my cock. I sucked and bit each of Jenn's nipples, and ran a hand down to Jenn's thighs. She shifted a bit, giving me access to her already-wet pussy.

Then, I felt Amy's breath blowing on my balls and hard-on. My cock jumped a bit and then settled down to these new sensations. Jenn moaned as I fingered her pussy then moved to straddle my face. I reached up and parted her pussy lips. Then, gradually increasing pressure, I started licking and sucking at her pussy. When Amy took me in her mouth, I flexed my chest up off the bed. This buried my face in Jenn's pussy.

Jenn must have like that; she let more of her weight press onto me. I was licking her clit and folds and started inserting a finger into her. She moaned and wriggled her hips, allowing me better access. I moved my thumb, wet with her excitement, against the rim of her asshole, barely pressing inwards. Jenn moaned louder at that; I intensified my actions; listening to her moans increase in volume and feeling her hips start to rock back and forth.

I was starting to have a hard time concentrating; Amy was giving me the blowjob of my life. She would just blow warm air from my balls up to my glands, and then take just the head of my dick in her mouth, swirling her tongue around. Finally, she would take my full length into her mouth, swirling her tongue on the underside of my dick. Her hands were gently massaging and squeezing my balls. Occasionally, she would press a finger against my anus, causing my dick to jump. Finally, I could take it no longer. I felt the sperm start boiling out of my balls, spewing into Amy's waiting mouth. With my orgasm and groans adding stimulation to my tongue and fingers, Jenn went over the edge, too, her thighs abruptly squeezing my head with surprising power. As my sperm continued to shoot, I could feel Jenn's pussy clenching and unclenching on my tongue. Her asshole was puckering and un-puckering with her pussy. I diddled her clit with my tongue, prolonging her orgasm.

Once we calmed down a bit, Jenn moved off of me and Amy let my softening cock slip out of her mouth with a slurp. I quickly cleaned Jenn up, stopping to share Jenn's juices with her, then kissing Amy, also. Jenn lay back on the bed, one hand idly massaging a breast, the other running between her legs. She appeared, for now, sated. Amy, on the other hand, was clearly very excited. Her nipples were standing out from her breasts and her face was flushed. I sucked and played with each nipple before sliding down to each her swollen, wet pussy.

Amy's pubic hair was fine and blond, an abrupt contrast to Jenn's coarser black hairs. I licked all around her mound before running my tongue from the back of her slit forward. She moaned and pressed my head against her pussy. I continued licking, then pulled her lips apart to probe deeper with finger and tongue. When I pressed one finger against Amy's asshole, she proved even more sensitive than Jenn; Amy gasped "Oh, Yes!" and pressed her hips downwards, inviting my finger inwards. As it was slick with her juices, the finger slid in fairly easily. I began moving my tongue in her pussy, my finger in her asshole, changing from synchrony to syncopation. Amy was groaning and moaning, her hips bucking against me, her anus contracting around my finger. When I started pushing two fingers into her pussy while licking her clit and fingering her asshole, Amy started coming, her hips bucking even more than Jenn's had. I fastened my mouth around her pussy and sucked her juices from her. As I moved to kiss her, my now-hard cock brushed along her leg.

We looked over at Jenn, who was kneading a breast with one hand and fingering herself with the other. She spread her legs wide and invited me over. Amy guided my cock until it was nestled against Jenn's swollen lips. I began moving my cock head slowly against her pussy, barely parting it. After teasing Jenn and myself, I slowly began penetrating Jenn's tight pussy. She sighed as more and more of my length disappeared. I stopped when about an inch was still outside her and started slowly pumping in and out. I couldn't maintain such a slow pace for long, however; Amy's fingers were tickling my balls and reaching between Jenn and I to rub Jenn's pussy. Our motion speeds up until our hips were bucking together in unison. My cock was fully buried in Jenn's hot, wet pussy. When I started groaning, Amy had us stop. My cock slipped out of Jenn's pussy with a wet, sucking sound. Amy then laid down, her legs spread, to receive a tongue-lashing from Jenn. She waited long enough, though, to receive my cock from behind.

I slowed down, both to prolong my impending orgasm, and to allow Amy to get really hot again. I would bury my cock completely in Jenn and then pull it out until just the head was inside her. Soon enough, though, Amy was humping her hips against Jenn's face. I reached around Jenn and pulled on her nipples as I started to pound into her faster. I could hear Jenn's muffled gasps as I sank my cock fully inside her once again. Amy had started groaning louder and louder; she must have been, like me, approaching her orgasm. I told Jenn I was about to come; she responded by bucking her ass against my hips, harder and faster than before. I was sometime pulling her hips towards mine, sometimes massaging Jenn's dangling breasts. I saw Amy start to have an orgasm, her legs closing around Jenn's head. I could feel my balls tighten against my body and knew my orgasm wasn't far away. I began pounding into Jenn faster and harder than before. As Amy's orgasm was ending, I felt Jenn's pussy clench and unclench around my cock. This was more than enough to send me over the edge and I shot my second load deep into Jenn's pussy as she spasmed around my cock.

We collapsed in a heap and lay there for a while. My dick, after a minute or two, slipped out of Jenn's pussy. Jenn moved around to clean it off, and was cleaned up, in turn, by Amy. This sight was extremely erotic; I felt stirrings in my cock, surprisingly soon. Jenn, noticing this, sucked my dick more insistently, returning it to its erect size. Amy had started fingering herself again; Jenn and I turned our attentions to Amy and soon had her excited again.

Jenn reached over to the bedside table and pulled a vibrator out of the drawer. It was fairly small, about 5 inches, but vibrated mightily. Jenn played it first across Amy's nipples, but soon turned it to Amy's pussy. As more and more of the vibrator disappeared into Amy's pussy, she started rocking her hips and moaning some. She took the vibrator from Jenn and turned over, presenting her ass to me. She whispered to me over the noise of the vibrator, "Take me there." I licked her pussy from behind, vying with the vibrator for room. Gradually, I got her ass wet with our mixed secretions.

I pressed a finger into her ass and began moving it in and out. Amy liked this and bucked her hips some. After a minute or two, I pulled my finger out and prepared to take her up the ass. Jenn took my cock in her mouth, lubricating it with her saliva.

I pressed the tip of my cock against Amy's pink, puckered asshole. It slid easily between her cheeks, especially as Jenn helped hold them apart. I began slowly pressing my cock against Amy's sphincter, feeling it begin to give. As my cock head started to pass into her asshole, I groaned at the intensity of feeling. I continued to push until the whole head was inside, then slowly, gently, began moving my cock in and out. Her rectum felt incredibly tight, and her sphincter gripped my cock like a strong hand. She began to rock her hips back and forth, moaning in pleasure as she did so. Gradually, more and more of my cock could pass into her. Finally, after probably ten minutes, I was fully inside her.

It was then that I began to pump into her. I started slowly, letting Amy choose the pace. As she roughly pulled on her nipples, she sped up the frequency of her thrusts against me. Already, I was groaning with the sensations. Jenn started plying the vibrator with renewed vigor against Amy's pussy. I could feel the vibrations on my shaft; the sensation was amazing. We started bucking against each other ever faster; soon, we were both pumping and groaning and moaning with each thrust. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer inside Amy's tight ass and began pulling all but the head of my dick out, and then pumping the full length into Amy. She shrieked with pleasure each time I did this and pushed her ass even more insistently against my hips.

Finally, I could take it no longer and exploded inside Amy's ass. My third ejaculate was considerably less than my first, but my cock still throbbed insistently. As my dick pumped inside her, Amy launched into a massive orgasm of her own. It seemed like every muscle in her body contracted and shook. My cock felt like it was being squeezed off at the root but continued to pulse. Finally, shuddering with aftershocks of pleasure, Amy regained her senses. I pulled out of her asshole, which remain dilated. I could see some of my sperm start to ooze out.

I went and quickly got cleaned up. When I returned, Amy had rolled over on her side and fallen asleep. Jenn and I cuddled together, next to Amy, and, finally, slept.

Obviously, I didn't get home that night. My apartment mates didn't really know when to expect me in, but I called the next morning anyway. I still see Jenn and Amy on occasion, but they are busy with job interviews and theses. The study breaks, at least, are enjoyable.