Veronica North is a web site designer and writes wonderful adult stories freelance. She lives on the East Coast and submitted these stories . . . with more to cum . . . we hope.

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"First night on the job"

By: Veronica North

My sophomore year in college I was on a full ride academic scholarship but I had no spending money. I had to maintain a 3.87 gpa to hold on to my scholarship so that meant the less I worked, the better off I would be. A girl in my sorority named Megan secretly worked for an internet porn club doing live sex shows and suggested I get a job as a typist for the live sex chat sessions. The girls doing the shows obviously couldn't afford to type so they hired typists for $10 an hour cash, under the table.

I was a little wary but it sounded like the perfect job. Flexible hours, good pay, very little work, and to top it all off, part of my job description was watching naked women do live shows and talking dirty to men. I finally rationalized that since I was a sociology major it would be a good learning experience.

Megan put in a good word for me and I got hired on a week later doing a four hour evening shift, 3 nights a week.

My first night on the job, the autumn heat had not let up and I came to work in denim cutt-offs, a tank top and sandles. The girl I was typing for was named Mindy. She was about 22 or so, Asian, and had silky black hair that reached to her waist. My responsibilities were very simple. I chatted with the men who were watching Mindy (Her screen name was Ariel) and I controlled the little camera that was mounted on a tripod, zooming in and out on Mindy/Ariel when she prompted me.

As we waited for the show before us to finish, I took in my surroundings. The "stage" was just a spot on the floor with a plywood backdrop draped in garish fake red silk that extended over the floor. A couple cheap throw pillows were lying around on the silky material and off to the side was a metal folding chair with a card table, on which sat my keyboard, monitor, and the camera's remote control. A real first class operation, I though to myself as the naked girl writhing on the silk suddenly stood up, dildo in hand and walked to the bathroom to dress. Her typist had paused the camera and motioned for us to hurry to take our spots. I looked to me left where Mindy had been standing and she was already naked.

It seemed a simple job. Mindy stroked her pert little nipples with a 9" vibrator while I chatted with a bunch of hard up guys who claimed to be stroking themselves, cumming in their shorts, anything to get my attention and merit a response. Over time it became harder and harder to type, as I was caught up in what Mindy was doing.

She couldn't have been more than 5 feet tall but she was stuffing that 9" vibrator in her like it was nothing. I half expected it to split her in half. She had her pussy facing right at the camera and motioned for me to zoom in. Caught off guard I reached for the remote clumsily and knocked it off the card table and onto the "stage." I hurried to grab it, exposing the back of my head, neck and shoulders to the camera. A moment later all the men in the chat room were posting for the typist to join the show. Someone started a sort of text chant "Type girl! we want type girl! we want type girl!" and others were typing in all caps "Ariel, lick type girl's clit" and "Type girl, join the show, PLEASE!"

I was panicing and told Mindy what they were typing, pleading for advice.

"Better give them what they want." she said and grinned mischievously at me, daring me to obey the requests still coming up on the screen. I was frozen to my seat. My stomach and pussy seemed connected, the more my stomach rolled, the wetter I got.

Not waiting for my answer, Mindy pulled my little folding chair by the legs into the camera's view. I looked back at the monitor and saw that my face was out of view. A viewer would only see from my breasts down.

Mindy removed my sandals first and began sucking my toes, running her tongue up the bottoms of my feet and then poking its soft pink tip through my toes. Next she moved to my ankles, planting little butterfly kisses on them while twirling her fingers around her own nipples, occasionally squeezing hard. She continued her journey up my calves , spreading my knees gently when she came to them. I nearly came when she began kissing the insides of my thighs. It sent shockwaves straight to my clit.

At her urging, I stood up off the chair a little, supporting myself with my arms so she could pull off my shorts. She slid them slowly down, revealing my pubic mound, glistening with moisture. I couldn't see the monitor but I could only imagine how the audience was reacting. I thought of a great mob of men jacking off at the show we were giving and the waves of an orgasms began to wash over me. Just as it hit full force, mindy slid her tongue between my soft pink lower lips and added to the sensation. I had never come before without anyone touching me. It was truly unforgettable.

Mindy/Ariel spread my knees further apart and, kneeling before me, began sucking my clit. I slouched down in the chair, thrusting my pelvis into her face and held the back of her head, fingers tangled in that silky black hair.

She circled my clit gently with her mouth and alternately jammed her tongue in as far as she could up my pussy. The walls of my cunt closed tightly around it, as if trying to capture it for all time. She kept up the torture for a few minutes until she slid one finger inside me, circling it to apply pressure to to every inch of my pussy. What they said about women being better lovers for women hit me as very true. I always did that when masterbating but no guy had ever thought to do it, They just jammed their fingers in and out. But this felt sooooo much better. Next she slid two fingers in, continuing the rotation and licking my clit and occasionally giving it a gentle nip that made me buck so hard my ass came up off the chair.

My head was spinning with my constant sense of near orgasm. Mindy seemed to know just when to back off to keep me constantly on the edge. I was still trying to bury her face in my pussy when she drew back a little and picked up the still wet vibrator off the floor and switched it on. She used it to massage my pussy lips very slowly, around and around. Then she pushed it in the tiniest bit, touching my inner labia but carefully avoiding my clit. I was giong crazy, moving my ass all over, trying to get some contact on my clit with the vibrating toy. I'd get contact for an instant and Mindy would pull away, denying me that one more second that would send me over the edge.

She was having fun with me.

After minutes more of torture she gathered up some of the silky material from the floor and brought it to my pussy, tickling and teasing me with it. Then used some to sheath her fingers and began fucking. It felt wonderful. The wrinkles in the silk provided the more friction and volume that her fingers could. I was totally supporting myself with my arms and legs while i raised my pelvis to her hands, straining for a deeper fuck. Mindy smiled and whispered to me "You like it deep, don't you?"

I whimpered a yes, my brows knitted in frustration as I strained for more and more. I wanted a cock to fill me and take me the rest of the way.

Suddenly Mindy pulled her fingers out and replaced them with the vibrator, sheathed in silk. Again the silk added more volume and friction to drive me wild. Less than a minute had passed when I began to feel the sure signs that I was coming. It felt so good and I was so relieved that tears began streaming down my cheeks as every muscle in my body strained against the vibrator.

To this day I have never had an orgasm to compare with that one. I continued on at the club throughout my sophomore year but changed my major to psychiatry the next term. I want to be a sex therapist.

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