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It's happened when I was 17 years old school boy. I was as innocent as a new born and I had never touch a woman. Although I wish and dream for it, I never got the opportunity before this.

I was the second monitor of the class of forty-five students. Majid was my classmate buddy . We were not the friends, or, not so close before it happened.

Once he was absent from the class from last three days without permission, so the first monitor told me to inquire about him so I was appointed to go to his home. That was actually a real lucky thing for me, going to his home that is!

The story started from here. I get his address from the registrar's office and after the school I went to my house, had a rest, took a bath and change from the school uniform to jeans, T-shirt and joggers. His house was not so far from mine so I took my bicycle and it took me about ten minutes to be at his place. It was the pleasant evening, the sun was covered with clouds and the fresh wind was blowing. When I reached his house, I saw a he lived in a double story building. I rang the doorbell after few minutes a middle age woman, about thirty-five, opened the door.

She was wearing a Sari Indian dress, with a very small sleeve-less blouse. The dress had a deep v-neck and high waist. The black strips of her bra were visible from both sides. Her half-open breast caught my eyes.

I control myself, take my eyes from the deep and very prominent line of her breasts and ask her if Majid is at home. She nods her head and says . "No, he is not at home. Are you his friend?" I tell her that I am his class fellow and I am here to inquire about him since he has been absent from the school.

The lady asks me to come in and wait for Majid, and I decide to do so. She steps back and asks me enter, telling me that she is Majid's mother. I had never met her since it was my first time at their house so I was a little nervous. After entering she asked me to take a in the small sitting room where two sofa sets were placed in front of each other. A small center table was in between of them, the window was open but curtains were closed, blocking the sunlight. She turns on the sealing fan, opens the curtains and asked me to sit have a seat.

I sit on one sofa and she also sits in front of me on the other sofa. She leans forward, "Ohh, God, it is a very hot day. The lady took a magazine from the table, and start looking in it. I was quietly sitting there, feeling a bit nervous, thinking that she probably forgot me and was just reading a magazine. She was totally ignoring my presence and after a little while she put her legs up on the sofa and half lay down with the help of her elbow. When I saw her in this position my blood started swelling into my cock. That's because her saris leap (Pallu) has fall down and her sexy blouse was not enough to cover her big, firm and sexy breast. I start feeling nervous again because she was unaware with this view to me. I could see almost half of her breasts and they were very prominent to me, they catches my breaths, I was trying to shift my attention to somewhere else but I failed. When I noticed that she is careless about that, then I start peeping and try to have a better look, she has very big, rounded and firm breast, I start feeling sweat and warm then suddenly she looked up and caught me red handed when I was looking at her big Breasts, I tried to pretend that I had not been, but a mischievous smile on her face told me that she was not fooled. She looked my eyes on her breast and then looked down at her blouse, then quickly close the magazine and sit back straight on the sofa. But my fortune that she did not cover the blouse with saris leap (Pallu), although I was feeling guilty but her reaction shows that she doesn't mind it. I was looking at my feet, as a thief was caught red handedly, I could feel that she is looking at me, after few seconds I hear her voice, she again complains that, it is very hot today, and tries to get the air through magazine. I looked at her and she gave me a nice smile. She was sitting straight with her blouse down a little. Her tummy and big neck of blouse were showing her charm to me. While she read through her magazine, she lifted her hand and start opening the buttons of her blouse. My breath stops for few seconds as she opened two buttons and I noticed that there were only two left closed. Then she tries to stretch to get more air in and I could see her breasts push against the soft material.

I thought I was getting into trouble because now she was sitting straight and looking at me. I think she probably guessed my problem so she starts talking with me. She asks me about myself, who I am, what am I like, and what sports do I play and then she seems to examine my healthy, muscular body. I tell her that I am in school, I play on the cricket team play as a fast bowler, and I am a batsman as a tale under because I am just a hard hitter and can't concentrate on the ball. I am also on the team of body builders, which makes my body muscular and hard. For the age of seventeen I have a muscular chest and strong arms which are prominent in the tight T-shirt.

While she sits admiring my body I feel very good and proud on my self. My body stiffens during all this conversation and I am also trying to peep at her half opened blouse and fine breasts from my corners of my eye. She sees my discomfort and capitalizes on the issue by changing her position. She holds her hands on her knees, bends down towards me and puts both breasts in plain view. "Oh, my God", I think, " ... she's trying to give me a show." I looked away so as not to stare at her breasts, her half opened blouse and the black bra cups, which are coming out of the blouse. The problem is that my eyes are stuck to her breasts. I couldn't remove my eyes from her.

My jaw seems to touch the floor as I watch her tits and I hardly hear her as she asks if I like to drink tea or juice. "I think you like the fresh milk more than anything", she says smiling and showing more of her cleavage, "don't you?" Her eyes were fleshing and she has a very meaningful smile on her face. I can understand the meaning of her fresh milk since she is teasing me as I watch of her breasts). I hesitate, trying to wet my dry lips with tongue, and she says that I have to make a choice: " ... you are a young man and you must take milk or juice."

Then she stands up, rapping her petticoat, leaving the blouse open and leans toward me. My throat becomes drier and she is killing me by ignoring her revealing dress or maybe she is doing this to me intentionally. She leaves for a few minutes and returns with two big glasses of cold milk. She approaches and bends in front of me to give me the glass as she shows me her big tits. "Oh", I think, "how can I breathe because she is so close to me, the light of the window behind me, I could see right inside her blouse. She was almost half-naked while I was peeping at her big hanging breasts in a loose black brazier and half-opened blouse. She was looking in my eyes and my eyes were stuck in her tits. I raised my hand to get the glass from her but she holds the glass tight. I am confused as she smiles and says, "Hey ... Boy I think you don't need this cold milk. From your look you are interested in the fresh milk. You want my milk!" I am so nervous and I can hardly hear her when she laughs slightly and says, " ... don't worry ... boy ... I'm just joking."

My blood is churning and I am sweating and my throat is completely dry so I pull the glass from her hand and gulp down the cold mike. My hand is trembling as she changes her position and leans back on the sofa. She has a very flattering smile on her lips. She shakes her head and waves her long hair, obviously enjoying my nervousness. I could feel a thrill in movements. Her hair has come forward and spreads all over her face, and on the blouse and she raises her hand and pulls her hair back. Once again she is open to me.

Now she seems more confidant and she starts talking with me, looking directly in my eyes. I was not expecting any thing like this as she asked me if I have a girlfriend. I tell her that I don't because I am too young and she asks if any woman has ever made me flirt. I just sit there with my jaw open, like an idiot. She seems surprised that I have never had someone of the opposite sex in my life. She said that she pitied me for not having that experience and I just listened in silent. Then she lay down on the sofa in a very sexy position. She was very relaxed and she starts talking again. I really didn't understand so I just sit there nodding my head in response. While she is talking with me she starts moving her hand on her neck. Then she moves her finger in between the deep line of her breasts. She is driving me crazy as my eyes were moving with her finger. She notices my eye movements, my red face and she smiles.

Now, she asks me how I am feeling and I have no answer for her. "Oh ... You poor boy. I have a very soft spot in my heart for you. I can see you are really thirsty. Have you ever seen or touched a girls or women's body.."

I shake my head very fast in a "NO" movement and she smiles, saying, "Ok ... tell me what would you like from me? I want to help you. What can I do for you? Don't be shy." I keep silent and just look at her face like a fool. She raises her hand toward me and asks me to come forward. I can't think any more and my heartbeat is hitting my forehead. Her hand raises and she is inviting me for something, which I always dreamed. I look at the open door and then toward her as she smiles and says, "Don't worry ... nobody will come in at this time. I'm ... We're alone in the house, and Majid will not be home for a long time. We have time for anything you want." I am shocked but anxious. She is giving me direct invitation. I stand up and step to her sofa as she moves and gives me a place to sit next to her.

I come close to her and she holds my small hands in her soft and warm hands, I feel the current passing through them into my body. She lets me sit beside her and I am looking at her face. She smiles and says, "Hey! Wakeup my little boy. You are with me. I asked you before ... What would you like to do?"

I look at her half-open blouse and she smiles, saying, "Ok ... little boy ... open it. It's all yours." I am in the heaven as I slowly remove my right hand from hers and raised it to her blouse. I shyly touched her black bra and I can see her hard nipples standing erect through the fabric. The clasped is in the front and I snapped it open, freeing her breasts, which slightly drop as I released the clasp. I pushed the bra aside and grab her tits. Her breasts are big and covered with freckles. Her nipples are small and well defined. They stand, jutting out at me, as she holds my hand against her warm breasts. I cup her right breast and the touch is very soft. I slowly squeeze my fingers on the nipple and she softly makes a very sexy moaning sound. She is moaning with pleasure. I look into her face, which is covered, in a pleasant smile, her eyes are closed and she presses my hand on her breasts. It is the first time when I am touching any breasts in my life. I believe they are big, tight, firm and warm breasts as my mother's are much smaller to look at.

I become mad as I lose my control. Two pinkish white big boobs are in front of me and I grab both of them in my hands. I press hard to feel them sink as a water balloon. They are good big boobs. I fall down next to her and she embraces me tightly. My pecker is very straight and is pushing against my jeans. She removes my T-shirt and while I am fumbling with getting my arms out she has opened my fly. I stand up and as she removes my pants and underwear. She reaches for my young dick immediately and grabs it quickly. My pecker immediately has grown longer than I have ever seen and it feels strange in her warm hand. She tries to squeeze my penis with her hand which make me feel strange feelings. I must be aroused to the max limit. She smiles and whispers, " ... you have a nice wee wee. Has anyone ever touched your wee wee? Oh ... you're a big boy now ... let's call it a cock or a prick." I knew what she meant but I was so nervous I couldn't answer her question, but, I am sure she knew that no one had ever felt my pecker before her. Actually, it was my first time when somebody held my penis.

I can't control myself, my penis was twitching and jerking in her hand. I move closer and reach for her lips to kiss her. I put my lips on her lips to get the first kiss of my life. She gives me a very warm response as she takes my tongue in her mouth and starts kissing me very hotly. She was very thirsty too because she sucked on my tongue. While we were kissing I raised her petticoat and put my hand on the hair between her legs. She spread her legs to give me a way to her cunt, which was dry at that time. I didn't know what to do but can not wait for any thing, I get my penis out of her hand and immediately put that to her dry pussy. She screamed and I see her eyes almost pop out of her head as her face becomes red. She raised her hip and her body arches. Her whole body becomes tight. Her breath stops for a second as I have inserted my rod into her hole completely in the very first shot. I push with all of my power. I don't know how, but it happened. My prick is very hard and it is painful for her as I drive deep into her cunt completely, to the end of his length. "Oh, it was my first shot in the pussy", I scream as she moans in ecstasy. I am completely in the deep, warm, tight, dry, pussy, I can feel the muscles of her hole grip around my penis. It is my first insert in a cunt and I have lost my innocence and you can also say ... my virginity.

I am in there and trying to get the maximum pleasure from my first shot. I am trying to go inside deep and deep in her pussy. It was my first time and while I am still in her pussy, suddenly my cum starts shooting inside her. "Oh .. my God", I think as I am discharging in her hole through my penis. My cum is shooting in her hole. My red hot rod is pumping and digging inside her pussy and I am blowing my hot white cum. She is screaming with pain or pleasure, I am not sure. Both hands are on her naked, full rounded, big, breasts. Her face is raised, her chin is up, and mouth is open. Then my cum stops. The hot rod is still hard inside her. I am finished with my first sex with one more push of my penis. After I finish cumming, I fall down on her semi-naked body, My penis is getting short in her pussy and it is wet with my own hot cum. My tension had been released and I am taking long and deep breaths. I close my eyes. When my rod shrinks to its short size in her pussy, she also becomes relaxed.

After few minutes, I came back in my senses. I am still on her body and she is looking at me and her sexy lips are smiling. Her legs are still spread and my dead and short cock is still buried in her dripping cunt. Then she says, "What did you do with me?" I smile with shame on my face. It am embarrassed that I could not make even a few shots. Then she smiles and comes close to me, and starts kissing my lips softly. I am almost finished, and an not responding to her kiss. But she continues with it and she starts moving her hand on my back slowly and softly. She kisses my eyes, face, checks and then she starts pressing my body towards her. Her big boobs are punched in my chest and my hands are around her back. She pushes me so that I sit down and she stands up from the sofa, her petticoat falls down on her legs. Now she is half-naked, her big, rounded, firm boobs were openly hanging in front of me. She has very sexy boobs, a small tummy and waist. Then she unties the to her petticoat and it falls down on her feet. The first woman I've ever seen in my life is standing completely naked in front of me. I can see the hairless pussy line in between of her silky sexy smooth hairless legs.

I am sitting and enjoying the first look at my sex partner. Then she comes close and opens my legs and sits on my unconscious penis. She puts her arms around me and starts kissing me softly. I move her hips and place my small penis on between her hips. She follows my movement without any resistance. The warmth of her ass and her kissing starts giving me the new life all together. She is moving her hands on my shoulders and my back. I also start feeling her body and I am exploring her, with my bear hands. I am pressing her breasts with one hand and squeezing her hips with other. She is making very low sexy sounds from her half-opened mouth and the sounds are making me aroused again. My cock is getting life again and raising his head slowly. She also feels it between her hips, my fucking cock is alive again in a very short time. Her hand goes down and she holds my cock.

I am holding her breasts and she is kissing my lips and says, "Ok, dear, now it is my turn. You must fuck me hard this time ... boy." I smile while she moves her face toward my penis. She takes my cock in her hand, and moves it slowly up and down, I am getting pleasure, then she opens her mouth and inserts my cock in it. She closes her lips around it and my cock is inside her mouth.

Her lips are pressing on my penis and I am aroused again. She starts sucking my cock, and moving her head up and down, she is giving me the first blow job of my life. I close my eyes and squeeze both her boobs as hard as I can as she sucks hard on my cock. She sucks me for awhile then takes my cock out of her mouth and rubs it with her hand. She is holding my rod with her hand and now the hot rod is completely ready to visit its second trip to fuck Majid's sexy mother.

I put my hand between her legs and she opens her legs and moves down slowly, to give me an easy way to reached her pussy. I insert my two fingers in her cunt. Her pussy is still wet with my cum. She screams and closes her legs tightly. My fingers are still in her cunt and I start moving them in there. After a minute she lies down on the sofa. My rod is heated red with full strength, and she is almost unconscious in my hands. I slowly lie her down on the carpet. I position her straight and then I open her legs once again. She spreads and bends them. I lift her legs and put them on my shoulders as I have seen in the fuck movies. This time I have a control on myself, so I am enjoying fucking my class fellow's sexy mother.

I put my rod on her cunt's lips and she takes the long breath and says, "Slowly, dear ... don't insert your cock all at once. I want you to last a little longer this time. Last time you fucked me too fast."

I hold her boobs in my hands and slowly insert my rod in her wet hole. I can feel her warm pussy breathing around my hard hot penis. Then I start pushing my cock into her pussy, my cock is sliding into her wet pussy inch by inch with every push. She starts pushing her bottom upside too and with my last push I can not control myself. I insert all of my red six and a half-inch hard hot cock into her hairless wet pussy. She screams slowly but she enjoys it this time. I am fucking her this time in a real sense.

My goodness, I am fucking her. My cock is coming and going, in and out of her pussy. I am pushing with a fast rhythm. She is screaming and also moving her hips up and down. We become wild after a few minutes and she is moving faster than I am. She is holding me tightly and moving from down side, trying to take the full length of my penis into her pussy. I am also trying hard to insert it gently deep inside her hole. We are both holding on to each other and were enjoying each others bodies. She is moaning sexually, her moans begin to grow louder. She is staggering right at the edge of coming.

"Oh, oooh, oooOOOHHHH...!", she screams. She is poised right at the brink of orgasm, clenching her teeth and scratching at my back. I can feel her muscles tightening. "Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come ... I'm gonna come! I'mgonnacooooOOOOMME...!", she yells as she yanks her head back and her body clutches in orgasmic spasms. Watching her come is all it took. I can feel it building up inside me and I think I might never stop. Her body becomes hard and her breath is stopped as she holds me tight.

I try to push more, but she puts her hands behind my hips and stops me. I stop and she is discharging her cum. I was still hard inside her satisfied pussy. As she lies down I start pushing her again and her eyes are closed as she is taking in low breaths. I continue with my fucking and she is laying down completely unconscious and sleeping. I am fucking a sleeping woman. But, it is my pleasure and I wish it would never end. I want to keep on fucking her for the rest of my life.

But, after the few minutes I also feel my cum building in my penis. I start fucking her so hard, and very fast, I was pushing and fucking her to get the maximum pleasure and then once again I start coming inside her pussy. This is my second ride on her in very same day. It is so perfect. I fuck her very pleasurably. She has also enjoyed being fucked.

After I finish, I open my eyes and I can see that I am all over her body, her legs are on my shoulders, she is completely bent with her knees pressing her boobs, her feet are facing the ceiling and her mouth is still open with the pain or pleasure of my insertion. My still hard cock is ready to come out of her fully opened fucking cunt. I remove my rod from her hole and my penis is wet with both of our cum. I lie down beside her. She leans up and takes my soft cock in her mouth. She is sucking the penis and licking all the cum from the rod. She does a very good job and cleans all of my cum off my penis.

After few minutes she stands up, and says that her son, Majid, might be coming home soon, so we must get dressed now. I take my jeans, underwear, T-shirt and dress quickly. She puts on her petticoat. I am sitting and looking at her while she is getting dressed. She bends down to pick up her bra and her big boobs hang in front of me. She lifts the bra and puts the cups over her breasts and asks e to clip the clasp. She is a really sexy woman she is looking great in the black bra. Since the bra is not enough to cover her boobs completely her breasts are falling out. After I clip her, I put my hand on her breasts again she laughs, slowly pressing forward against me. I fall down on sofa and she sits in my cock again. I start rubbing her breasts and she lets me squeeze them, which gives me pleasure as she knows. Since she knows that this is my first time she is very pleased.

I am again feeling aroused and my cock is getting strength. When she feels my cock in between her hips again, she tries to stand up, but, I grab her quickly and she says, "Please, dear, stop it. We don't have time any more now, my son should be home any minute. You may come later, then I will show you the real sex."

I asked when, and she smiled and said, "Ok. give me your phone number and I will call you when I have time." She kisses me on my lips and presses my cock with her hand, saying to my cock, "Don't worry my poor cock. I will let you bury yourself in my pussy again very soon." Then she picks up the blouse and finishes getting dressed as I sit watching.

When she is dressed she sits beside me and starts kissing my lips. I embrace her again and we kiss for short time. I am aroused again, so she opens my fly and gets the hard penis out from the jeans. She puts her face down on my cock and this time she does not protest and takes the cock in her mouth easily. I insert my hand in her blouse and hold the breasts. I start pressing and crushing them while she is sucking my rod. She licks my cock from top to bottom, holding my prick with one hand while she starts sucking very fast as her face is moving up and down quickly. She is also moving her hand along her mouth as she continues it very fast. Then after few minutes I start coming. When she feels that I am coming, she increases the pace of her movements and I am fucking her mouth. Suddenly I blowup in her mouth and for the third time I have a hard orgasm.

Right then the door bell rings. Just as I am cumming in her mouth, but she doesn't remove my penis. When I am spent in her mouth she stands up and straightens her blouse and dress. I put back me penis in the jeans and close the fly as the bell rings again.

She looks at me and I have become nervous again but she says not to worry. She says that she will take care of every thing so I must keep my cool as she will take care of everything. She goes out to open the door and I gain control my self. In a minute Majid appears and he welcomes me warmly and introduced me to his mother as his class fellow. She smiles and says, "Dear, son, I already met with him. He has just come and been waiting for you." Then she gives me a motherly smile. I also give her the same respect, although I was fucking her face a little while ago.

After we talked for awhile I asked permission to go home. Majid warmly asked me to visit his house again which I accepted, although I had intend to already. I said goodbye, leaving the house and taking my bicycle, Majid shook my hand. His mother come forward and kissed me on my forehead and whispered in my ear, that she will wait for me. I smiled and asked Majid to copy my telephone number in case he needs me, he can call. He goes into the home to take a pencil and paper, and comes back quickly. I look at his mother and she smiles, but we don't do anything. Majid writes down my number, which she notices too. She got my number also. Later on she tells me that Majid's father is a commercial pilot for a local airline, and travels abroad for long periods. Some times she doesn't have a sex for months. That day she was horny, all alone in the house, and when I showed up she couldn't control herself. Now she has a crush on me. I said it is my luck.

She made me promise that I won't tell anyone about our times.

I make the promise.

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