My First Night in His Dungeon

By Tehanu Drake

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I've never had, what you would call, a normal relationship with anyone. It has always been about sex, and not for my pleasure, but for theirs. Because of this, I fantasize a lot and my thoughts are about everything from romantic, gentle love making to painful torture. At first I didn't know kind of story to share with you. But, as I thought about it, I realized I always get off reading bondage stories, so here's mine ....

I am at home, feeling lonely, so I go online to see if some of my friends are there. I end up in a different searching the Net and find myself in The Blowout Chat Room I don't normally chat but I start talking to a guy who comes on strong and asks me all sorts of questions:

"Do you like to be in control?"

"Have you ever been tied up during sex?"

"would you like to be a slave?"

The questions came on the screen like bullets, one after the other. I apparently give the right answers and he asks me to go private. I agree to go with him and in private he starts telling me what he wants to do to me:

Tie me up and spank me till I blackout from multiple orgasms.

Torture me in various ways and watch me cum while he eats my cunt.

Take me to his dungeon and fuck me while I beg.

I get hot by his descriptions and I start fingering myself. After awhile we discover that we are in the same town and he asks me if I would like to meet. I agree and he gives me directions on how to get to his house. Not to my surprise he tells me to come naked except for black web stockings and high heels. I agree, but put on an overcoat before I get in my car and drive to his home. I stop at a closed gate and speak into the speaker, much like a drive through at McDonald's, and the gate slowly opens. I drive through and it closes while I go up the curved driveway to a large house. I think for a few minutes about whether I really want to continue but my pussy was so hot and I decided, "fuck it!."

I take off my coat, step out of the car, walk to the door and ring the doorbell. Someone looks through the window beside the door and sees me standing there. They smile but don't open the door. They let me wait outside for several minutes before the opens. By that time I am more than a bit annoyed, standing there with nothing on but the web stockings and heels. I'm really pissed off when the man asks me, what do I want.

"You know fucking well what I want, I say. "I want you to take me.

The man grins and invites me inside. I enter the house and I stand in front of him looking down and he walks around me inspecting my nude body. He touches my nipples, pinching them hard. He roughly shoves three fingers in my cunt as he fingers me, feeling my wetness. He then moves around behind me and orders me to bend over and grab my ankles. I obey him. As I bend over and expose my ass to him, he pushes a finger in my hole, musing, I believe, as he feels how tight my virgin ass is. He asks me if I have ever been fucked in the ass and I say I haven't. He tells me to follow him and leads me into the living room where I am left waiting. A few moments later he comes back carrying some leather straps and various things that I have never seen before. He pulls my arms behind my back and ties them together at the wrists and at the elbows. He then proceeds to push me to my knees and tie my ankles to my wrists, forcing me to bend slightly back. He shoves a ball gag in my mouth and secures it behind my head.

For the first time I'm wondering what the fuck I'm doing here when he pushes me so I fall forward on my stomach. He leaves me there for awhile as I ponder my plight.

When he returns he has some more toys but I can't see what kind. He starts talking, telling me what he is going to do and how he's going to do it. All the while he prepares the toys, lying them on the table one at a time. I'm afraid but I almost cum from just hearing about it.

Now, he stands in front of me. All I can see are his shoes as I hear something smacking above me. I whimper from fear and excitement as he moves behind me. Seconds later I feel the first painful blow from the leather covered paddle on side of my ass. The gag muffles my scream of pain as I try moving my hands to cover the spot where the paddle landed. He laughs as he spanks the other cheek and I move my hands back and forth as he laughs and continues striking my ass cheeks. I squirm and struggle with the restraints to no avail. Just as I am about to cum, he stops.

He covers my eyes with a blindfold and whispers that I should lie still, or else. I feel him untie my hands and re-secure them in a pair of thigh cuffs, which hold my wrists to my thighs. He takes off my heels and I feel him slipping my stockings down my legs and off the ends of my toes. He puts on a leather collar with metal chains, unties the other ropes and I hear the clinking as he pulls on the chain leash to get me on my knees. I feel his hands roughly unclip the ball gag and remove the rubber gag from my mouth. I hear the metallic sound as he unzips his pants and he tells me to open wide. I obey, and he shoves what must be a nine-inch cock into my open mouth. I gag as his prick is shoved down my throat. He starts fucking my mouth and slowly I adjust to the feeling of having a throbbing cock shoved down my throat. He pulls on the chain as my head moved forward, driving his cock into my throat. I gag as he pulls my hair as his cock slips almost to his lips, only to be pulled forward again by the leash and back again by my hair, again and again. He fucks me wildly until I feel him tense and he shoots a huge load of cum right down my throat. I try to swallow, but can't keep up and I feel it running down my chin and neck. He tells me he is displeased with me because I couldn't swallow fast enough and now he will have to punish me.

With that he removes the blindfold and pulls on the leash as I "walk" on my knees, following him into the bedroom. From the dresser he removes a pair of red silk stockings and tells me to put them on since the color would better matcht he color of my cunt. I do as he commands and when I am finished he tells me I will be fucked doggie style. I hear him exit the room and when he returns I can feel there is someone else with him. Just as this thought runs through my mind I feel something cold on my dripping cunt and look down to see a large black dog nuzzling my pussy. I gasp and in a matter of seconds I feel the dog's tongue as it lapps at the cum dripping from my pussy. I bury my head in my hands as the dog licks and he laughs. The cold tongue moves to my ass as my hole is licked, then I feel the paws on my back and the nails scratch at my shoulders as the dog is on top of me. His doggie cock enters my cunt, thrusting wildly in and out as he fucks me doggie style. I squirm in a feeling of both disgust and pleasure. After only a few moments the dog squirts his cum in my pussy and dismounts. He starts nuzzling me again and licking his cum from my wet cunt. I then feel him mounting me again and I feel a hand pointing his cock at my virgin ass hole. I whimper and as he thrusts his cock inside my ass.

I want to scream but hold back fearing something worse might happen. The large dog pumps wildly and cums so fast I have no time to adjust to the feeling of having a cock up my ass. As he gets down, the dog is led out of the room and as I lie, helpless, as I feel the dog's cum drip from of my ass.

He returns without the dog and walks around me. I can hear a clicking sound and I realize he is taking pictures of me. He speaks to me, telling me what a slut I am, a whore who enjoys being fucked by animals, asking me if I would like to have more than one at a time. His strong voice makes me so hot I almost cum, again, but I have no way of pushing myself over the edge.

Finally, he stops taking pictures and approaches, describing to me in graphic terms what I look like, how I smell, how the dog's cum is still dripping out of my ass hole, running down my thighs. He orders me to tell him how much I liked being fucked doggie style and that I want him to shove his throbbing cock in my ass. He starts teasing me by running a vibrator in my cunt while he whispers filthy comments in my ear, and, in the middle of a word, he shoves the plastic cock deep inside my cunt. He fucks me with the dildo for a minute before he moves it from my cunt to my ass hole. I whimper as he shoves it all the way up my ass. I push my head in my hands and scream at the pain as he fucks my ass with the vibrating plastic cock, shoving it deep each time. He holds the one in my ass while he picks up another vibrator and shoves the cold object into my hot cunt. While they both vibrate he secures them inside me with a leather strap.

He tells me I have been bad, that I screamed without his permission and he will now have to punish me again. He warns me not to scream again, and, for every scream he will give me ten extra blows. He moves behind me and I feel a thick leather strap fall on my ass. I can't hold back a scream of pain as he laughs, hitting me again. I bite my lip and only groan. I manage not to scream anymore, but he spanks me good for at least half an hour with the two vibrators deep inside my two fuck-holes.

I loose count and can't remember how many times I cum.

When he is tired, he attaches the chain from my collar to the leg of his bed and tells me to curl up and go to sleep. He leaves the room and I do as he commands, lying in a catatonic pose with a vibrator deep in each of my fuck holes, vibrating together. I am like that for a good long while before I hear him in the other room, watching TV and taking on the phone.

When he comes back he asks me if I will be a good girl. All I can do is groan so he says I need to be punished some more. He pulls me roughly to the middle of the room. I can see a chair, with two dildos sticking up from it. He positions me sothat one is pointed at my ass and the other at my cunt and then pushes me down on it. I bite my lip not to give any sound and he looks pleased. He then straps my arms behind my back and my calves to the legs of the chair. He wraps lengths of rope around me, securing me to the back of the chair. When he is satisfied with the restraints he puts a pair of clamps on my nipples. The clamps are connected with a metal chain much like the one on the leach and the weight pulls on my tits. Adding to the pain he pulls the chain from side to side, stretching my sore nipples as I grit my teeth without making even a whimper.

"Open wide", he commands as I open my mouth, closing my eyes in anticipation of his stiff cock entering my lips. He rams his prick into my mouth and fucks me as he pulls on the chain. This time he doesn't cum in my mouth but pulls out and shoots his cum all over my face and breasts.

Without a word he turns and leaves me tied to the chair.

"Not a whimper nor a word", I hear as he lies down on the bed which is next to my chair. I can only dream of what he has planned as I hear his breathing turn into a snore. I went to sleep dreaming of what torture lay ahead.

And dream I did!.

1999, Mistress Dalila, not to be reprinted, reposted, or used elsewhere
without consent of the author.

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