Our First Threesome

By Daria Morgandorferr

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One night my boyfriend Clark and I were just hanging around the house when we decided to invite my friend Leah over. Now, Leah and I have been best friends for a long time, we have had sex together a few times, but the three of us have never had a threesome. We had been talking about it a lot recently and we decided to have one that night.

Leah got there and we started stripping each other and Clark. I fingered her and she ate Bill and he played with my hairy chest. Then, after we had all become (be-cum), quite aroused we all laid down and ate each other. Me eating Leah, her eating Bill and him eating me.

After we were through with dinner, so to say, I started to finger Leah and Clark started to penetrate my ass with his cock. Now, Clark has quite a big cock and his stiff prick was very hard. Leah and I had already had multiple orgasms and were dripping with cum.

I started getting very hot as I pushed two of my fingers, that were already dripping with cum, deep inside Leah's beautifully shaved pussy. It was so soft and warm. I was reaching my climax and Clark had his orgasm, pumping his hot cum into my ass. At one time we both had an orgasm. He came and so did I, and a few seconds later so did Leah.

After that, the three of us lay on our backs taking a little break from our nighttime fun. There was cum everywhere ... on our faces ... on our hands ... on our legs ... stomachs ... everywhere ... literally.

So ... we ate it off of each other ... every last drop.

Damn it was good.

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